Should I introduce myself right now?

Who are you?
I'm Audrey Subrata, a blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 21 years old, and now majoring Visual Communication Design in an university in West Jakarta, Blogging since 2008 and still sharing all of my experiences here.

What can I call you?
Audrey for short, but you can call me simply with 'Ubi', means yam. It's from my middle name, the nickname was made by my friend, and I've been called with 'Ubi' since 2001 (HEY IT'S BEEN 14 YEARS!). I always ask all my friends to call me 'Ubi' or its variations instead of 'Audrey'. Hmm, I just want people call me easier, since "Audrey" is still one of the difficult names to say for Indonesian. I even rip my first name into "Audi" when ordering a cup of Starbucks, so the barista won't ever write my name incorrectly HAHA.
But please, don't call me with my middle name for sake. :')

Why did you make a blog?
I started writing since 2007, but thought the papers couldn't be the suitable media anymore for me since I wanted to put photos and writing together, but can't be shared to my friends. Then, in 2008, Raditya Dika released his first book 'Kambingjantan : Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh' that really inspired me to make my own diary on a super cool thing called weblog. So in the late-mid 2008 I made a blog and started filling my blog with my own experiences.

Why polaroid camera?
The first thing I fell in love with is my mommy's analog camera, it was like a magic when you press a button then you can get the pictures (but the funny trivia is, I hated when the camera bursts the flash light, so I was so scared to be captured as I would hide and closed my eyes, but thanks to the digital camera now that cures this syndrome as I can turn the flash light off LOL!).

And I believe you just live only once, there are some moments that you shouldn't miss. Polaroid camera just captures a moment when you push the shutter button, and ta-daa you've got the print out quickly, and then you can show it to everyone. I didn't choose an analog camera, because the photos won't be the print-out if you still save the photos inside the negative roll. :P

What camera do you use?
My mobile phone camera that accompanied me for 3 years in high school, the 2 megapixels N-70. My mom's digital camera Canon IXUS 100is. My mobile phone camera, the 5 megapixels Samsung S-Advance. And the newest is my DSLR camera, Canon EOS 600D with 18-55 mm kit.

Update : No longer use my S-Advance, I'm using Samsung Galaxy Nexus now with 5 megapixels camera.

Ehm, why this blog is green?
Okay don't take this question too seriously.
I'm quiet bored of seeing many blogs use white background color with simple and clean theme, and I just wanna make mine different with those. I love green color, and doctors say green is the comfortest color to be seen (especially in monitor) for a long time, so hope my blog is comfortable to be read by you for a long time. :)

(updated on 2016)
But now I'm so bored with my current blog layout design, since I even don't update the silly layout for years. Will redesign this blog later after I finish my thesis defence (it's a must!!!).

Can I advertise / sponsor / endorse / make a collaboration with you?
Sure, why not?
Contact me at : audrey.subrata@gmail.com

You're a graphic design student, can I be your client?
Yes you can! I'm a freelance graphic designer. Mostly my "photography portfolio" is on "Food Review" section, I became so diligent to retouch up my photos on that section LOL.

How about my graphic design portfolio? It's on my Behance : be.net/arsubrata.
Contains updated soon.
Or take a look on my Issuu : issuu.com/arsubrata

If you're interested, you can contact me through my e-mail : audrey.subrata@gmail.com

Can you help do some design or photoshoot for free?
NO thank you. You can ask the university students what is one of the hardest majors, they would say : DESIGN. If you read my blog, sometimes I post some story about how hard the assignments are, how expensive the price I must pay for an assignment, and too many days I spend without sleep. :)

I'm interested to your blog so much!
Then follow me by hitting the 'join' button at the sidebar, or subscribe me via e-mail. Also don't forget to leave some comments.

I met you, mmm... maybe you didn't notice me, but I want you to know
Oh hi there! FYI I'm a kinda insensitive person LOL, so pardon me. Just don't hesitate to ask anything or even say hi on : audrey.subrata@gmail.com
Feel free to do it! I won't bite. ;)

So, hope you enjoy my polaroid photo album.

Warmest regards,
Audrey "Ubi" Subrata

TWITTER : @ARSubrata | INSTAGRAM : @ARSubrata
E-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com

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