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Monday, November 21, 2016

HI BACK TO BLOGGING WORLD! Been a while don't touch my blog, too many things to do for now. Do you wonder where's my greenie template? I'm just doing some construction for making my blog more minimalist-and-kinda-modern blog, although it will make this blog like kinda ordinary another white blog hmm.... but still worth to try. Anyway, gotta share my first food review after some hiatus.

Who doesn't like a little affair?
I will say that most all of you like any little affair. I do love having any social affair, and also this one. Named Social Affair, you will notice it when you are passing the shops row of Abura Soba Yamatoten (I just remember that one). You will be welcomed with some quirky illustration on the wall in front of the main door of this little sister of Senopati's famous Cacaote. Welcome, you enter a spacious white and yellow cafe, with a quirky yet intruiging pattern (or the whole graphic designers like us call supergraphic) installed on the wall, a representation of the Cacaote concept in more casual way.

What to order?
Specializing in serving you with their delicious croissants of their own bakehouse, you can start your affair with ordering your favorite croissants on the display. What do you wonder about croissants? You can choose not only ordinary butter or chocolate croissant, since they have wide range of flavors like Rum and Almond, Matcha, Bacon and Cheese, or even Martabak! A big sized croissant can fulfill my small hungry stomack on the day. Anyway I recommend you to try the Rum and Almond and Martabak Croissant when you come here. *thumbs up*

They don't limit themselves as only a bakehouse, you can also order some delicious brunch, main, pasta and rice, finger snacks; like these Pork Mac and Cheese (Rp 85.000) and Buttermilk Truffle Fries (Rp 40.000). Don't forget to order their own wide selection of coffee.

Don't forget to visit the third floor!
There is some hidden gem on the third floor of Social Affair, visit them and find the eye-pleasing all-white view of local handcrafted home and lifestyle stuffs. Here are the sneak peek, or you can visit @tertier.id for more info!

P.S. : My favorite? Visit @_duasenja stuffs on Tertier.

So tell me, who doesn't like having an affair, especially in this hipster yellow place?
Why not guys, because an affair is always exciting. Especially when I'm having an exciting affair with my odd people. ;)

Social Affair Bakehouse and Coffee
Ruko Garden House Blok B No 17-18A
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00-22.00
Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two


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2 comment(s)

  1. Wah kafenya apik bener, betah deh berlama-lama di sana. Dan croissant, duhhh cinta banget sama yang satu itu huhhu *lapar baca post ini :(
    Nice template anyway ;)

  2. Bi, ini font buat post blognya apa ya?


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