Penfolds Red Party : Penfolds Bin 9 Launching at SATOO Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hi, it's been a while since the last post I don't blog anymore! My schedule was very very very hectic due to speed progress of uni final project I'm doing and freelance jobs (yes, it's "plural", I'm handling more than one job) I'm juggling with, it was so hard to take a short time even only for blogging, so pardon me, I miss blogging so much. :(

Anyway, let's start with the latest, and my most favorite so far, food journey of mine.

Penfolds Red Party
Don't have any mind about what Penfolds is? Don't worry, me too, at first LOL. Penfolds is an Australian winery established in 1844 by Christopher Rawson Penfold, an English physician who emigrated to Australia, with his wife Mary Penfold. Established since 172 years ago, Penfolds marks itself as a one of oldest wineries in Australia, which has influence of the modern Australian wine industry.

Penfolds, one of the oldest wineries in Australia.

Penfolds recently held a red-themed party to celebrate the launching of Penfolds' newest variant, Penfolds Bin 9, in Satoo at Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta. The party ambience was classy yet modern, and the red vibe was clearly defined how bold Penfolds showed itself as the most iconic wine of Australia. Enough words for the opening, here are the pictures!

The party which took Satoo's pavilion.

Super love the vintage design of the notebook.

The crowd on Penfolds Red Party.
So lucky, the media / bloggers got limited reserved seats while the others had to stand at party.

Acoustic live music.

Before we were served the star of the night, all of the guests were served with the free flow Penfolds Koonunga Hills Autumn Riesling 2012 with the sweet characteristics that would suit anybody's taste palate. Enjoyed glasses of Riesling with some appetizers served by the waiters was perfect for the opening. While the Riesling started warming up the party, the party was opened by Patrick Dowling, the man with over 20 years experience in wine industry which drives himself into Penfolds Ambassador for South East Asia, which marked the launching of Bin 9 at that night.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 2012.

Patrick Dowling, Penfolds Ambassador of South East Asia.

Penfolds Bin 9 Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
So here was the star of the night, Penfolds Bin 9 Cabernet Sauvignon! The Bin 9 is sourced from the vineyards such as Langhorne Creek, Wrattonbully, Barossa, Padthaway and McLaren Vale which takes a significant portion. If I could describe it as a person, Bin 9 is like a person who has some mysterious, mature and intriguing personality. With 14.5% alcohol, the complexity of this 2012-made taste is defined by the mixture of deep and sweet taste, I could taste some toasty and oak in this dry wine.

Penfolds Bin 9.

Cheers for the star of the night.

Penfolds Bin 8 Cabernet Shiraz
So we were also served with Penfolds Bin 8 Cabernet Shiraz 2012, which I called it the Bin 9's older brother *tee-hee*. The Bin 8 is sourced from vineyards throughout South Australia, such as  Robe, Bordertown, Coonawarra, Barossa Valley and Riverland. This medium bodied red wine is a blends beetween Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The 14% alcohol-contained Bin 8 taste is more smooth, sweet and rich than the Bin 9 with more balanced fruit flavour as the emphasis when you sip it, but still the you can feel the taste of oak, which more sweeter than Bin 9. Bin 8 will suit for the one's who has more sweet taste palate.

Penfolds Bin 8.

Penfolds Bin 8.

The elegant Shiraz.

I like all the things at Penfolds Red Party. I love the nice hospitality and tasty foods served by Satoo to accompany the free flow wine (yeaaaaah I know it's free flow guys, but I know my limit so I drank only glasses LOL), and the ambience was completed with the acoustic live music

About Shangri-la?
It was such a smart yet elegant party, and Shangri-la was the best place to suit the party. I once went to Satoo at Shangri-la when my best friend held a birthday dinner there, since that, I always considered that Satoo was the best place to have ocassion and dinner. When I came back again, the feeling was still the same, the ambience, the hospitality and especially the great foods that I would never forget. This place is one of a kind in the middle of the city that you're looking for.

About the dinner at Penfolds, we were served delicious foods, nice appetizers, scrumptious meat and other foods (the salmon was da best!) and also sweet desserts (I love their desserts always!) and not to forget they paid attention even to the detail with served the unique wine ice cream which was made to complete the wine themed!

If they pay attention to the foods as detail as that, just imagine how they will pay detail attention to you when you come to Shangri-la. ;)

Superb meat to accompany the wines.

This party remarked the consistency of Penfolds in serving the values of the historic brand but still remains the relevance for the nowadays generations, and I was so glad to be one of the reds in that party. Thank you for having me to join the crowd to red the night, santé! *toast*

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Here's the last one,
Didn't forget to take a picture at the event with the others.

Cabe-cabean tarik tiga naik motor matic HAHA.
Ladies in Red, with Marisa Aryani of Basilicha and Fiona Tjokro of Lunch Getaway.


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