Havin' Some Cuppa at St. Ali Setiabudi

Friday, April 01, 2016

G'day! How's your week? I hope yours is better than mine, since I always get less sleep and always "force" myself every Tuesday to get caffeinated because I don't wanna fall asleep in my thesis consultation. It very works actually, last Tuesday I didn't sleep for about 36 hours actually, and ended on my bed when I slept like a hibernating bear ZZZZZZ. #DKVkeras

I wish I know them better since years ago!!! In 3rd term, used to stay awake every Friday night and fell asleep in class or anywhere every Saturday morning. Nowadays, I'm always wondering there are many ways to enjoy coffees : buying a canned coffee in convenience store, drinking coffee in a house coffee shop, sipping the coffee in coffee shop which the ambience is like your own bedroom, or whatever you name it. And I've found another way : enjoying coffee like Australian do.

St. Ali
For those who used to study or work in Melbourne, or even just had a holiday, whatever... most all of you must know about St. Ali. They once headed to Jakarta to have a collaboration with Common Grounds in 2014 to hold coffee classes of manual brewing. Now, this famous coffee shop in Melbourne just opened their second outlet, and its first international outlet, in Jakarta.

This place is so casual if compared with the other coffee shops in Jakarta, the semi-outdoor coffee shop is located near the entrance of Setiabudi One building 2. There are many things that you can't find in here as you can see in the other coffee shops. You can see the coffee bar itself in front of the entrance, no chill musics to pamper your ears, and no aircon, just a ceiling fan instead!

But I think it's such a cool thing to be different than the others, I just realized we can enjoying our coffees comfortably even without musics and aircon. Nothing but just a simple white room with concrete and wooden tables, fountain view from inside, and oh... don't forget the open bar so you can see the baristas making your coffees so near.

What's there?
Besides coffee, they also provide tea, juicery, chocolate and smoothies. At that day I'd drunk a cup of coffee at the day before and awoke all night, so I wouldn't order a coffee again. :')

Iced Chocolate (Rp 50.000)
Ordered my favorite beverages in every place I visited : ICED CHOCOLATE! A glass of large iced chocolate here priced Rp 50.000. However, the iced chocolate is so different with the others I've tried in the other places, the drink is not thick as the others, but the deep taste itself has some "secret ingredient" which makes it kinda spicy and not too sweet. As a chocolate lover, I love this drink!

Iced Chocolate (Rp 50.000)
It's da bomb! You should try this!

Astrid Cake by Beau (Rp 50.000)
St. Ali also serve you contemporary dishes that present the Melbourne's brunch culture and beautiful cakes from Beau, my friend ordered one slice of Beau's named Astrid, a soft textured cake with raspberry, pistachio white chocolate, and yoghurt. Yes, yoghurt! :9

Astrid by Beau. (Rp 50.000)

The price here is quiet above average, the drinks' price starts from Rp 45.000 - Rp 60.000, contempary dishes priced from Rp 35.000 - Rp 160.000 (for your note, the lowest price for a portion of salad here is Rp 90.000 tee-hee), and a slice of Beau's beautiful cake priced Rp 50.000. But I think it's comparable since the dishes portion are large for Indonesian (bule portion, I think LOL), the drinks are best, and the ambience... I think it's a place for those who wanna feel how does it feel to drink coffee in Melbourne, since St. Ali itself is a famous pioneer of specialty coffee in Melbourne.

A video posted by Audrey Subrata (@arsubrata) on

St. Ali, you definitely make me happy!
Let's have some cuppa there, mate.

Me + Jessie, captured by Mattie.
Anyway, I love my skirt which paired with my shoes. 

St. Ali Jakarta
Setiabudi One 2
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 64
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Hours: Mon-Sun 07.00 - 18.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two


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  1. Dah lama bgt ga mampir sini...
    Maap, gemukan keknya yah? Wkwkwkwk
    Gw juga pecinta minuman coklat...

    1. wah halo apa kabar. iya hehe tenang... emang semua bilang gemukan kok hahahaha, musti diet nih abis skripsi kelar.


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