That #NgopiDiRumah Thing in Simetri Coffee Roasters Puri Kembangan

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

What do you think when you hear a "coffee shop"? You may imagine a fancy coffee shop that located in culinary center, ruko (shop house) or even shopping centers, or whatever. So, here are the things you usually do : preparing your camera, and dress properly to take pictures on the hippie spots inside the coffee shop. Am I right? I guess. :p

But what do you think when you hear #NgopiDiRumah?

Simetri Coffee Roasters
Hearing about this place from friends of mine, and found it together with a friend, and so happy to know that it was just located just two alleys from my auntie's house! It's located near Bakmi Agoan and across a dentist, the white-painted minimalist house wasn't too packed inside since we came in the morning.

Well, it's a house... I repeat once again, it's just only a house! This is such a new concept that breaks your imagination of "coffee shop" perhaps. When you go to Simetri, you may say that it is like your own home, but you can drink your own favorite coffees here.

It's not a really big house, but it does feel so homey (of course, it's a house!) when you enter it. This minimalist coffee shop has many Instagram-able spots, really! Like you can sit inside and take many pictures and feeling like a model in Kinfolk magazine, hmm. But also, they have a private room if you need to set up a meeting with your collagues.

And you know what? Perhaps this is a coffee shop in West Jakarta where I can find a coffee roaster. Cool! Is it cool to find a house which owns a coffee roaster?

The real thing to state that Simetri is your house is : not only coffee that you can find here, they also cook breakfast, like your own mother, and other foods from Asian to pastas. I ordered Egg on Toast (Rp 25.000), the toasted wheat bread with scrambled egg (you can request if you don't want the egg to be scrambled), and also Cereal Milk Latte (Rp 38.000) for breakfast.

It was such a wonderful morning to be there, enjoying morning in a so-Instagram place, and while you saw outside the window, it was just raining outside. All that you can do was just sipping your favorite latte and looked at the dropped water fell from the sky, you know that feeling, don't you? This is a real #NgopiDiRumah thing!

You know, it's a happiest thing to know a cool place now open in West Jakarta, since the cool culinary places in West aren't as many as South, Center, and North Jakarta. But if you know me well, I'm a person who is so lazy to dress up myself if I wanna go to a place where you need to be looked proper, but the place is just so near from where I live. So, you may find me in weekend morning in this place.... with bare face, not so proper... or perhaps with only wearing pajamas LOL!

Lah, why must be so proper and dressed-up when you come here, since it's just a #NgopiDiRumah? :p

Simetri Coffee Roasters
Jl. Kembang Abadi 7 Blok A13 No. 15
Puri Indah, Kembangan
Hours: Mon-Sun 08.00 - 19.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 100.000 for two


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  1. oooh pantesan di postingan ini ga ada foto dirinya, lo pas kesitu pke daster ya, bi? :))


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