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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I can hear the morning birds /

Light upon the branches /
And each in turn /
Sing of all God's praises /
Without words /
Without words

(Without Words - Ray Lamontagne)

When you wake up and find yourself don't wanna touch everything related to your jobs, that you just wanna feel sooooooo free, don't want to speak any words, without anything interupts the way you'll start your morning. I would like to introduce the hidden gem in West Jakarta that you should know, which I've marked the most favorite place near where I live. It's actually a coffee shop that really near to describe the lyrics above, at least, for me.

Say Something Coffee
Established since months ago, located in shophouse in Taman Aries. Actually it was quiet hard to find it at first, since the shophouse itself doesn't face the main road. But thanks to Google Maps + Waze, you can find it easily (So this what I call literally "the hidden gem" LOL!!!)

The place is so cozy here, since the space beetween a table to another is spacious. The mixture beetween grey color + wood material and chillax musics turned on make the ambience is so comfortable for work, or even relax. It's kinda different with the other coffee shops I've visited, you know, like sometimes when you visit an coffee shop with good coffees, the place itself is too packed, or vice versa. In here, I get both of the best coffee and place, since most on my visits the place was always not packed inside.

The second storey is most all of the people's favorite spot to take pictures here, since it has wide window with trees as its iconic view. And another iconic thing there beside their coffee machine is "Air Surga", what is it? Just find it by yourself when you're stopping by there. ;)

Literally "light upon the branches" LOL.

Not like the other coffee shops, Say Something only provides one, or two sliced cakes as your coffee snacks, and it doesn't sell the other comfort foods or lunch, since it's a specialty coffee shop. For the people who have strong intolerant digestion of caffeine like mine, here's where you can enjoy your coffee, the coffees are mild. So, most of all, I never get any problem after drinking coffee here.

What to drink, guys? I recommend you to try two favorite drinks of mine here, Latte (Rp 32.000) and Iced Mocha (Rp 37.000).

Iced Mocha. (Rp 37.000)

Do you feel the same way I feel when you look at my photos about how quiet and relax the situation inside Say Something Coffee? I hope so. This is what I like from Say Something Coffee, like no words needed. Just enjoy every unspoken words in every sip inside the cup, your coffee just says something in its language itself to enjoy your day. :D

Have a nice day all!

Say Something Coffee
Ruko Grand Aries Niaga Blok G1 No. 2-O
Taman Aries, Meruya
Hours: Mon-Sun 08.00 - 20.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 100.000 for two


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  1. Wah nyaman bgt tuh buat yg suka menyendiri smbl menikmati kopi


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