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Friday, February 05, 2016

HOLLAAAA I'M COMING BACK GUYS! Finally can do what I love, it's such a feeling when you for 4-5 months (almost) didn't post anything on blog and you got used to with it, and now should force myself to write again. But I think I will adapt quickly to write regularly again.

To make it short, lemme introduce you a new homey spot in Gandaria, It's No Ka Oi! :D

No Ka Oi
No Ka Oi? Sounds unfamiliar uh? It means "Number One" in Hawaiian language. Yes, the restaurant offers you some homey and tropical ambience inside since the restaurant itself inspired with Hawaii. Talked to Chris Halim, the owner, Hawaii was one of the memorable places when he was in US and becomes the biggest inspiration of No Ka Oi.

I felt so homey when entered this one storey building, and very attracted with the long self-painted wall (yes, their team painted it together!) which had a very Instagram-able spot LOL. Soon, they will provide an outdoor smoking section, and.... an indoor smoking room with beach theme! Sounds cool, right?

It's Kau Kau Time!
So, here were my lunch in bloggers' Kau Kau Time.

Cajun Chicken Salad (Rp 35.000)
A colorful salad consists grilled cajun spiced on chicken bed of diced apples, raisins, and greens. Meh, I didn't eat the salad, but I loved this salad since I only ate the chicken and it gave generous slices LOL.

Musubi (Rp 50.000)
Sized wise spam, hashbrown, poached egg, spinach, beef ham, and wrapped with nori seaweed. This one was one of the savory snacks of the day, perfectly completed with the melting poached egg, yummmm!

Blackened Dory (Rp 50.000)
My favorite! Browned dory fish with black herbs served generous mash potato and spinach. I thought the red oil would make the dory tasted spicy, but actually it didn't. But somehow it was little bit salty for my taste bud.

Salmon Mango Salsa
Another favorite of mine, cooked salmon with some black soya sauce served with mash potato. The size was bigger than Blackened Dory, I love this one too, you should try this.

Red Velvet Fritter (Rp 28.000 )
An unique dessert, have you ever tried red velvet cake? I bet you have, but you have never tried the fried red velvet cake, haven't you? At the first moment I saw this cake, it looked like tahu goreng HAHA. But not bad toh, new sensation of eating the famous red velvet cake in a new way. Anyway, this is also Instagram-able to make your friends curious. :p

Sliced Banana Pie (Rp 38.000)
Pie with in toffee sauce and nut crumbs served with coconut ice cream. I thought it was a solid pie, but when I sliced it, the sauce melted. Just try it, The fillings tasted so yummyyyy when the banana taste melted inside your mouth with the toffee sauce! Served with coconut ice cream.

Hawker's Toast (Rp 25.000)
Thick slices of toasted sweet bread drizzled with palm sugar syrup and served with coconut ice cream. I thought it was just only an ordinary toasted bread, but the bread was soft and I liked it, I wish they served the bread more than one slice. :)

Quirky restroom of No Ka Oi
Another surprise from No Ka Oi! Guess what? Go to the restroom and you will find the wall full of doodles, written with the chalk. Go inside the room, close the door, and you will find the chalks right behind the door. Just doodle!

With @foodirectory and @makansampaikenyang

Nice place to chill out with tropical ambience and good foods, and also they have good sense of humour, as you can see in their restroom LOL! When in doubt, go to No Ka Oi! Mahalo (thank you) for the nice hospitality. :)

No Ka Oi
Jl. Gandaria Raya No. 67
Gandaria, South Jakarta
(Across Ikan Tude Manado/
Next to 1/15 Coffee)
Hours: Mon-Sun 09.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Price Range: Rp 150.000 for two


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  1. omaigaatt ini tempat yang selama ini gw tunggu2 dalam hidup gw, cafe yang ada tempat smoking indoor bertema pantai.


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