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Sunday, November 08, 2015

HOLLA EVERYBODY! Finally I get myself a free time to write a new post since I'm having an internship right now. Well guys, how do you spend your weekend now? Having yourself in dessert cafes or romantic restaurant? Have no idea where to spend your weekend besides those choices? How about... beer cafe?

Yup, beer cafe! But not an ordinary beer cafe like you've known. Founded in Singapore since 1997, it specializes in classic American styled food and award winning handcrafted beers, and finally in 2014 they open their first international branch in Jakarta! This microbrewery has 13 types of homemade beers.

Located in Crystal Lagoon, beside Q-Billiard.

The Brewekz's beer quality? Don't worry lah! Since 2004 Brewerkz has received many awards of beer: eight Australian Beer awards, three Singapore Asia Beer awards, and World Beer Cup medal for best English Style IPA. CHEERS! :D

The bar.

The ambience inside was so classy America, cozy, masculine, and... hmm, let's call it sporty, since they had a basketball hoop, a pool table, and........ TVs with sport channel to watch together : This sportbar always have nobar (nonton bareng = watching sport together) event!

Wood and leather inside.

A waiter in the frame.

The foods
It's better to eat first before drink your beer right? LOL. So here were the foods at the day I visited Brewerkz.

Tapas (IDR 210.000)
Wise people said that sharing is caring. Nope I made the words, I even don't know if wise people said that HAHAHA. Well, this tapas is a perfect companion for you and your friends while having nobar together in Brewerkz, since they have lot of variants like Mac & Cheese, Calamari, Duck Quesadilla, Chicken Satay, Chicken Boxing, Chilli Cheese Fries, and Potato Skin.


Let me tell you what's my favourite : THIS CHICKEN BOXING! *drum drum*

Mac and Cheese.

Chicken Satay.

Pork Knuckle (IDR 350.000)
THIS. IS. MY. SUPER. DUPER. FAVORITE! The crunchy skin combined with the tender pork, the seasoning was perfect and I like its saltiness level, and the price very worths with the pork knuckle itself, since the portion was so big and the taste didn't lack.

Pork Knuckle (IDR 350.000)

How about the beer?
Actually, I'm not a beer lover, my knowledge about beer is BIG ZERO. But that was the reason I came to Brewerkz, since the food tasting event had a session to explain to us : HOW TO MAKE A BEER!

Show me how to make it!

Well, wouldn't explain you a looooooooooot since the actual beer making needs about 8-10 hours, and the fermentation itself needs about 2-3 days. We got a short demonstration from a frequent visitor who loved making homemade beer, he and the manager explained every detail from A to Z, from preparing the ingredients to the bottling.

Just knew at that time....... it is very possible to brew your own beer. Really I even didn't know about this before. This session really broadened up my mind about making the beer.

Here was the beer lesson.

One of the equipment needed to make beer.

I thought that every beer is all same, but it's not! For example : one of the base ingredients of making the beer is malt (usually the malt used is barley). It's like coffee, the malt should be roasted first : the more you roast them, the malt color will be darker. But the darker malt color doesn't related with the bitter level of the beer. Why? Because the bitter level is determined by the hops.... andddd you can continue it on Google HAHAH since the making is very complex I think, but it's fun to know more about making the beer.

1-2-3-4! The beers with the different roast points.

This microbrewery introduced 4 types of beer at that day: Golden Ale, India Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, and Pilsner. To close the day, I chose a glass of red, less-alcohol homemade sweet beer, that the beer-making instructor brought from his house. Enjoying the beer was never same anymore since I got about the knowledge about the beer itself.

My favorite is Raspberry Beer, how about yours?
Find it out in Brewerkz then! ;)

Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon, Lower Ground
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, South Jakarta
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 500.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Instagram


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  1. I would like to apologize due to my work load is driving me insane for the last few weeks, I had very little time to visit my friend's blog all across the nation. I am pleased to be here again Miss Audrey. Awesome article. Just one secret of mine, I never drinking beer Hahahhahahahaa

  2. Looks a very cool place. I wonder what the parents feed the baby with on your bar picture. They couldn't have fed the baby with beer, could they?


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