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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Here we go, the newest kid on the block, say hi to Food Fighters Melawai! Some of the famous booths in the "hipster market" Pasar Santa have moved to this new food court located in Blok M. We went here after celebrating one of the Domo's birthday in Thai restaurant and............. I guessed I made a wrong decision for not brought my DSLR at that time LOL! So, pardon the low quality of the pictures below.

Ready to fight?

Food Fighters
The space was smaller, but more comfortable and the air circulation was better than Pasar Santa, although both of them weren't air conditioned. This place had many cute murals with arcade game theme (that this generation would rarely see) on its concrete wall and floor, wanted to capture all of them, but since my camera phone had no iPhone's picture quality, and kinda packed inside, I couldn't shot many pictures inside. Here were some foods we tried.

Cute mural!

Mural on the floor.

Kopi Pasar, the merger of the famous ABCD Coffee and Bear & Co (then) in Pasar Santa.

Judas Kitchen
Maybe you once saw in social media a juice inside a small jerrycan, it's Judas actually. Never bought Judas in Pasar Santa actually, Afgan did and he said the juice in Food Fighters somehow became smaller in quantity. However, just try their unique refreshing mix juice in the jerrycan (to be uploaded in social media HAHA!), smoothies or their mains and side menus. They also have a weekly special drink in jerrycan that you can ask to the waiter).

Judas Kitchen.

Pak Poy Juice - Pear, Jicama, Bokchoy (Rp 35.000)

Mie Chino
Finally I had my first time eating noodle inside the box which like in American movie or arcade game LOL, it was so practice since the packaging was handy and easy to bring anywhere. Never ate Mie Chino in Pasar Santa but Afgan (once again) did, he said the taste was better when it was in Pasar Santa. Anyway girls, you should order Mie Chino since........ the seller is a handsome tall guy koko ganteng mau dong nempel sama ototnya whom perhaps you can ask him to take some pictures together with your friends. :p

Mie Chino.

Domo the birthday boy with Mie Chino.

Sloppy Bro
Ordered Sloppy Bro, and tried their menus which had speciality in their minched beef. Me and Jejen tried Kool Aid, the yummy chips accompanied with cheese sauce and galore minched beef, and Sloppy Bro, the burger with no patty... yes, with minched beef.

Papricano x Sloppy Bro, shared the same booth.

Kool Aid (Rp 15.000)

Sloppy Joe Ori. (Rp 35.000)

I counted this as dessert, and luckily Food Fighters had dessert : ZuckerWaffle! Their booth didn't stop serving the customers when I came there. Hmm, maybe you should try their unique waffle such as Sirloin Waffle, sounds interesting right?

Original Waffle with Ice Cream. (Rp 30.000)

New cool place to hang out, and it's better to come here at day so the foods aren't running out like when we came, there were some booths were closed. Oh, there was a promo when I came to Food Fighters, follow their Instagram and show 'em up, you'll get a free cotton candy. Let's "fight" with the foods then! *munch munch*

Aku Kenyang Kamu Kenyang Semua Senang,
Tapi aku jadi buncit........... gimana dong? :')

Food Fighters
Jl. Melawai IV No. 7
(next to Favehotel Melawai gate)
Blok M, South Jakarta
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 200.000 for two


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  1. Duh makanannya unik2 semua ya Bi. Favorit aku banget deh. Lapeeeer liat foto2nya jadinya D:


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