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Sunday, September 20, 2015

What place pops in your head when you hear "Italian food"? For me, it's a pizza restaurant which serves pizza and other sides menu like pastas and anything else. Any other place in my mind? Hmm, I think just Italian restaurants, one with the industrial design interior and another one with the somehow-spectacular-fullofglass-interior-with-high-ceiling. But somehow they don't make me feel like in Italy - if we talk about the ambience, not the food. :/

What? What Tredici?

Tredici Ristorante
Still didn't find any Italian restaurant that feels so Italy, until I found this one! Placed in Jalan Suryo, near Lapangan Blok S, this restaurant is the answer of my random thought about Italian restaurant. Look inside! Wooden interior with white walls and combinations of miscellanous things that create a homey ambience which will make you find yourself like in a little Italy!

Anyway, if you are wondering about the restaurant's name, "Tredici" in Italian means thirteen, represents the 13 shareholders of Tredici Ristorante. Wahlao so many yah!

Wooden interior, brick wall, and..... red coat? Looks interesting.

Fireplace in the kitchen.

Wooden kitchen utensils on the wall.

The bar.

Oh, hello birdy.

Classic car.

Some favorite photos of mine.

Planned to shoot the most notable interior inside, the little garden with blue and white chairs, but there were too many people were having lunch there. Yeah... you know, it's so hard to take pictures since we might disturbed them with camera lenses pointed to themselves (but hey of course we don't take pictures of you, really).

Little garden.

The magic hands that create masterpieces in the kitchen is Mario de Carlini, from Italy, he has been in Indonesia for 18 years (no wonder he spoke Bahasa so good lah), and he's the reason of the authenticity of foods there. At that day, he demonstrated to us how to cook gnocchi, some small dumpling made from potato, and all of us had a chance to make our own gnocchi one by one. I tried so hard for many times to follow chef's instruction and SO HARD LAH COULDN'T SHAPE THE GNOCCHI LIKE HE DID. *sad*

Chef : Hmmm... not like that, just put your finger like here, and don't press it too much.
Chef : No, not like that.
Qonita : Ahay, seems like you never go to kitchen.

I thought Mario was tired of teaching me making gnocchi, failed for many times HAHA. Okay, I surrendered. :')

Mario De Carlini, the Head Chef.

The foods
So here were the really authentic foods made by Chef Mario!

Mesalina Pizza (Rp 132.000)
Consisted mozzarella cheese, red onion, emmenthal cheese, and smoked chicken. Looked authentic and tempting, the cheese was galore, but actually the taste was dominated with the homemade tomato sauce, so it may suit you who loves tomato sauce. What made it different was : this pizza was cooked with wood oven! Served in 8 slices.

Mesalina Pizza.

Savory Crepes (Rp 50.000)
Crepes with bechamel sauce, scrambled egg, and beef sausage. This crepe was not too thick nor thin, somehow the fillings combination didn't make a wow-factor when eaten, maybe it little bit didn't suit the Indonesian palate taste. But since everybody's tastebud is different, you may try this Italian crepe! Never saw a crepe looked pretty like this, right? You can order it in Tredici Brunch Menu available in Saturday and Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM.

Savory Crepes.

Mac and Cheese Parmigiana Benedict (Rp 89.000)
MY FAVORITE! Fried mac and cheese nuggets, eggplant schnitzel layered with cheese and marinara sauce, topped with poached eggs. I loved when the yolk melted when I cut them and combined with the mac and cheese nuggets, and also the galore marinara sauce.... melted perfectly in my mouth. The eggplant was good too, Chef Mario knew how to make a eggplant hater like me ate the eggplant. Served in quite big portion. Same like Savory Crepes, you can order it in Tredici Brunch Menu available in Saturday and Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM.

Mac and Cheese Parmigiana Benedict.

Torta di More
Sponge cake with mascarpone and homemade blackberry couli (YES they made the couli by themselves). What I loved in this dessert was the light and airy texture of the sponge cake! The combination with fresh mascarpone and a bit sour yet sweet taste of the blackberry made my tongue danced. FYI, this menu was made special for the food tasting session of the day and hasn't been released yet to public so you won't find this Torta di More in menu for now. But someday when you come to Tredici and the Torta di More pops in the menu, this is what you should choose for your dessert of the day. :)

Torta di More.

Staircase to another not-so-secret place
Oh lala, there was another side of Tredici to explore, went upstairs and found they had a cocktail bar! Maybe you can chillax yourself after work here since they open everyday from 5 - 11 PM. Guess the name! It's 13 Monkeys! Uh, such a bad luck number...... but monkey in some culture represents luck, soooooo..... they just pair the monkeys with 13 number to "neutralize" the bad luck LOL. The more the merrier, more monkeys more luckier.

Hola, Boots! *too much watching Dora The Explorer*

Enchanting decoration upstairs.

Mural of... monkeys! How many monkeys can you find?


Uh, where are the monkeys then?


  • Good authentic foods, combined with the unique homey interiors.
  • Priced wise.
  • Get bored after dinner? Just go upstairs to 13 Monkeys and have yourself a cocktail.
  • Yes, this is my new favorite Italian restaurant, it feels like I'm in little Italy.
  • Perfect for occasion like Christmas dinner, or romantic dinner..... *but me jomblo jadi makannya pas Christmas dinner aja deh rame-rame enaknya hikz*
  • The last but not the least, thank you Zomato for the lunch invitation. :)

Wherever the monkeys, feel the good vibes!

Tredici Ristorante
Jl. Suryo No. 42
Senopati, South Jakarta
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 400.000 for two
Website | FacebookInstagram


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