Trafique Coffee Senayan : Place To Stop By When Traffic Jam

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hey peeps! Maybe the place I wanna tell you today not the newest one in town, but this one must be the one of the best spot in Senayan for all of you who want to have some relax time in your hectic day, especially after office, and maybe trapped in traffic jam. Let me tell you more about this place.

Trafique Coffee
First time I knew this coffee shop was from one of my best friend, and I never realized it before if there's a coffee shop near Senayan City, it's because it doesn't have any big signage. So, you can spot this coffee shop by seeing the big house in left side (if you're from Senayan City) in Jl. Hang Tuah with brick white-colored house, yellow door, and a big number 9 signage. Anyway it's very near from Senayan City.

This yellow door, I mean.

Quotes in front of the door.

Look at the door handle! :D

When I looked inside, I just quickly fell in love with this place! The interior is mixture of white bricks, rattan and woods furniture, cement floor, big window which allows sunlight to come in, and some miscellaneous details in the corners. However, this coffee shop is one of the quietest that I've ever visited (in my opinion LOL). The sections are clear for smoking (outside) and non-smoking room. And let me tell you about how lovely the place is from these photos.

Some queue numbers

Making some coffee.

Look at the cool lamps.

Lovely corner.

Some random things I captured.

Outdoor section.

A-ha, spotted my cousin there!

What's that?

So cool eh, you can sip your coffee with listening to the musics with headsets they provide.


Okay, okay, let's talk about the foods.

Green Tea Cheese Cake
This one is the most recommended dessert in Trafique, the mix of green tea and cheese cake. Tastes so mild, the green tea doesn't overwhelm taste of cheese and vice versa. Quiet big in size, and I think you should share the slice with your friend.

Green Tea Cheese Cake.

Fish and Chips 
Not too big but not too small in size, not the great one I ever tried but still tastes good.

Fish and Chips.

Hot Lindt Chocolate
Don't like a cup of coffee? Ahay, they serve delicious hot chocolate too for accompanying your day. It's the famous Lindt Chocolate!

Hot Lindt Chocolate.

Almond Creme Brulle (Rp 40.000)
I love this : hot drink of light taste of almond combined with the thin layer of creme brulle on top.I recommend you to try this one, especially when it's raining outside.

Almond Creme Brulle. (Rp 40.000)


  • Looking for the place to study, chit chat, or even me-time? This place is the answer! I love the ambience : so calm, and the sun lights easily come to indoor section.
  • The first coffee shop I see which provides the headsets to wear! 
  • Love the green tea cheese cake, you should try!
  • Oopsie... forget to take a note about the price. I just remembered the price of my drink, I think the hot chocolate's price is as same as my almond creme brulle, the fish and chip's price is above Rp 50.000, and... the green tea cheese cake's price? Totally forget, but which I remember it's only about Rp 30.000-ish something hehe.

Okay, I've to sleep, still have a minor class tomorrow morning. Sooooooo lazy lah to go to uni nowadays, somehow my spirit to study has already gone to somewhere far far away, totally need a refreshment and new atmosphere.

Well, we have reached the end of the post.
Have a nice sleep everyone.

Trafique Coffee
Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No. 9
Senayan, South Jakarta

Hours: Mon-Sun 09.00 -21.00
T : +62 788 984 8004

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 100.000 for two
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