Cafe and... Study Lounge? : Cafetaria JKT By Mono Tanjung Duren

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Ahey people! From where I should start this post? Actually I found this cafe out from JKTGo, and it made me so interested to come over there since the location is in Tanjung Duren. This area is meaning a lot for me : it's easy to reach by public transportation from my house, three of my favorite shopping malls in there, my family runs a restaurant in there seven days a week, and my high school I attended is in Tanjung Duren.

Tanjung Duren has been a "special" area in my life for last years
We all know Tanjung Duren is one of the culinary spots in West Jakarta, but..... years ago, so rare to find cafes or some restaurants that suits for youngsters. I felt it so much, the most hippiest place in my high school era to visit and hang out was only Central Park Mall and...... yes-you-know-that-famous-Seven-Eleven HAHA!

And now, time flies, and the good news : the new cafes for youngsters are popping in Tanjung Duren area. I wish the cafes open years earlier so me as a high school student could sip some coffees and eating dessert after class with besties. I mean, we did, but only once or twice, and not after class. Sounds "gaul" if you're doing it after class, right? ;)

Then... what's up with Cafetaria?
Okay, back to the topic. I saw on its Instagram, the description was : All Day Cafe and...... (wait?) Study Lounge????? What kind of study lounge there? Sound's interesting so much lah, wanna see it by myself. At its first day of its soft opening, I canceled to go there by myself for having a "me time", I thought can have any "me time" that my foodie friend said it would be so packed inside.

So I came there at the second day for having "me time," and Agan asked me about our next holiday plan, so I asked him to join my "me time" at that day and arrange the plan together.


The place was not spacious as I thought, but so homey : white-painted bricks wall with mural combined with typography in some spots, cutie wood furnitures with combination of light and dark tones, sun light everywhere, warm lighting, and petite coffee station in the first floor.

Peeping the first floor from above.

Coffee station and cashier.

Cashier section with full of cute mini plants.

Second floor, with semi-outdoor section.

So, Audrey, what foods did you order?

Tell me about the foods there
Alright, alright. Since the cafe opens only since days ago and you almost find nothing on Google about the menu, let me tell you the menu served there :

  • Finger foods : Rp 23.000 - Rp 35.000
  • Cream soups : all Rp 29.000
  • Main courses : Rp 35.000 - Rp 45.000
  • Dessert : Rp 35.000
  • Beverages : Rp 25.000 - Rp 50.000

So here are the foods we ordered :

Spicy Spaghetti Meatball (Rp 45.000)
The spaghetti comes in quite big portion for me with 3 meatballs on top. The spaghetti itself cooked al dente, and the sauce has only a little bit lacking on its seasoning, only a little bit... but still love the taste. The texture of meatball is not too bland + love the meatball's balanced seasoning. But the crispy garlic bread tastes plain. Overall, finally I found a spicy spaghetti as good as this one, as the spaghetti I usually eat in restaurants mostly don't provide the spicy one (unless you made it by yourself with adding some tabasco or chilli powder LOL), Taste of the spiciness depends on your tongue, but for my tongue I wish it was spicier a bit.

Spicy Spaghetti Meatball. (Rp 45.000)

Crunchy Mushroom Rice Bowl (Rp 35.000)
Are you bored with your rice bowl with crispy chicken? Try this alternative, rice bowl served with crunchy mushroom. Oh anyway this one wasn't mine (hmm not really sure) but I think I saw two kind of mushrooms in bowl : champignon mushroom and cloud ear mushroom. The portion of mushroom is given generously, and they sauce is great!

Crunchy Mushroom Rice Bowl (Rp 35.000)

Taro Latte (Rp 27.000)
Always be my favorite, light yet yummy taste of taro inside a glass with ice. At least this one priced cheaper than the other coffee shop's LOL.

Taro Latte. (Rp 27.000)

Raspberry Rush Smoothies (Rp 35.000)
A refreshing raspberry smoothies by New Zealand Natural. I love this one! *gulp gulp*

Raspberry Rush Smoothies. (Rp 35.000)


  • Foods are yummy! Cheaper price than the other cafe is the interesting point for students especially in Tanjung Duren area.
  • They recommended me to try Milo Godzilla, 1 litre Milo drink with some addition I think, you can share it with your friends.
  • Unfortunately, wi-fi wasn't working on my first visit.
  • And I couldn't see the third story since there was an error on its electricity.
  • But still, this place is interesting, I will come again for sure with my friends.

The last but not the least, thank you dear Ian of JKTGo and team for the service. He was a nice guy and so humble, he asked me everything on my visit like... if the air conditioner wasn't cool, why I didn't eat my spaghetti for a long time, and even he asked me to reheat again my spaghetti if I want. And also, the waiters served me nicely and even they had a little chit-chat with me. 

Hey students, this is a very nice place to study I think, even though I haven't visit the study lounge yet. I wish this one open years earlier when I was a high school student, maybe I always came here after class until Ian and team got bored looking on me in there LOL. Hmmm.. still super curious with the study lounge thing, will come again soon to update about it, stay tuned! Have a nice Sunday all.

It could be #handsinframe picture, but my two hands were busy to capture this flatlay photo LOL.
At least this one should be #kickinframe.

Cafetaria By Mono
All Day Cafe and Study Lounge
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 1C
Beside Family Mart and Kungfu Tea
Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta

Hours: Mon-Sun 08.00 -23.00
T : +62 21 989 857 64

Wi-fi : YES, N/A during my visit
Debit Card : N/A during my visit
Credit Card : N/A during my visit
Price Range: Rp 150.000 for two


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  1. i have been looking for the review for this cafetaria and stumbled upon your post. you have nice photos! looking to your other posts right now.


  2. Nice review bro.. lanjutkan gan..

    West jakarta


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