BC's Cone PIK : Artology of... Soft Ice Cream?

Friday, May 01, 2015

Ahay! After having bowls of volcano "boom boom" ramen in Kazan Ramen, we had a dessert time! We were curious of BC's Cone, after its "Pay As You Like" promotion spread in social media, how does it taste.

Hmm, actually I'm wondering why it's named with "BC's," is BC the owner's name initial? LOL. But I think it must be like that, since my blog is also named with "AR's," which stands for my first and middle name. :P

BC's Cone.

BC's Cone
When we came, the place was so packed until we waited quiet long, and we couldn't get the best spot to take pictures inside. The place is quite small, the front section has high ceiling and giant mural of ice cream on its white brick wall, that's the most favorite spot to take photos for Instagram anyway HAHA. Every side of wall is full of mural in ice creams form, white bricks and little touch of exposed cement and woods with light tones makes the interior feels more casual. Hmm, I can't take more pictures of its interior, since it was super duper packed.

Cool murals!

Ice cream?
You know, somehow you see ice creams always come with the ordinary tastes and colors. So, that's why BC's Cone declares itself as artology of soft ice cream. Let's check how are the ice creams! :9

First thing first, you can choose the flavors you like for your ice cream :
  • Single flavor : cream soda, ovaltine, milky vanilla, strawberry candy, taro, or matcha. 
  • Twisted flavor : taro + matcha, strawberry + ovaltine, or milky vanilla + cream soda.

Artsy Cone (Plain : Rp 25.000 / With topping : Rp 28.000)
Available in four variants of topping : 
  • Shibuya or What?? : Kitkat green tea, mochi, and red bean.
  • Godzilla Super : Hershey's choco injection, almond crush, Ferrero Rocher.
  • Dreaming of Heaven : Strawberry injection, popping candy, fruit pebbles.
  • As Gold as You : Salted Caramel injection, caramel popcorn.

Wondering why Agan becomes the background? HAHA! This one is the best shot I have
since we became the avid ones for taking the pictures together, no other best spot left LOL.

Artsy Cone (Plain : Rp 25.000 / With topping : Rp 28.000)
Taro ice cream - rose cone - Godzilla Super topping
(Hershey's choco injection, almond crush, Ferrero Rocher)

Parfait Menu (Rp 32.000)
Parfait menu is available with four variant of toppings.
  • Rocky Honey : fruit pebble, choco fudge, milo powder, Ferrero Rocher.
  • One Minute to Home : popcorn, honey star, salted caramel, mini Oreo.
  • Lick It Loops : fresh strawberry slice, mochi strawberry sauce, fruit pebbles, popping candy.
  • Clap and Glazed : corn flakes, crumble oreo, rainbow mochi, and pink Pocky.

We chose taro flavor for the ice cream with Clap and Glazed as the topping. We got the blue mochi, which at the first time didn't wanna eat that because of its color anyway haha, but once we bite it, we liked it since Nutella melted from inside the mochi.

Parfait Menu (Rp 32.000)
Taro ice cream with Clap and Glazed topping.
(Corn flakes, crumble oreo, rainbow mochi, and pink Pocky)

Platter (Rp 55.000)
Our most favorite! We could taste all of the flavors in mini size, with various colors of ice cream cones and unpredictable toppings they gave. You should order this when you come to BC's Cone.

Platter. (Rp 55.000)

This is mine, : twisted ice cream of strawberry and matcha I think, mango injection,
and rose cone.

Since this post is about the ice cream, I would conclude all of those in points :

  • I love the ice cream as we can choose flavors we like and toppings more various, it's colorful! We can make some "art" by ourselves (helped by the ice cream "barista" anyway) from the ice cream. So rare I think to find the ice cream shop like this.
  • But, be hurry in capturing your ice cream, the ice cream melts kinda fast than the other premium ice creams you may usually eat. To be honest, the ice cream's texture kinda airy.
  • Taste? I prefer taro. 
  • About the cones, they are not too crispy. They three variants of cones : charcoal, rose, and bubble gum cones, which are different from their colors, but they have the same taste. If you ate the charcoal cone, make sure to clean your teeth then, haha.
  • So many murals about ice cream inside BC's Cone, you can use them as the background for taking pictures of your ice cream. But, we didn't do it, super packed inside when we visited BC's and all people crowded on the giant ice cream mural spot. -___-

That's all about our dessert adventure at that day. Anyway, wanna put some pictures of that day. :D
Catch ya' later!

A groufie we did, I like my face here HAHAHA! As the one who super rarely do some selfie,
I didn't have any good picture to put as profile pictures, so currently I change all of my profile
picture wih this one.

Agan, Tika, Ubi, Josh.

The super packed BC's Cone with people who were on waiting list outside.
I love their high ceiling at the front section.

BC's Cone
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B2 No.2
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 -23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 100.000 for two


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