New Place for Me-Time : Mokka Coffee Cabana at Lippo Mall Puri

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hey people, how about you today? I'm so dizzy lah just wish another holiday to take a rest, taking my own me-time, sitting somewhere with a cup of coffee and relaxing. Anyway, I found a new place near my house to have that perfect me-time. Ah, really.... don't even care about assignments, I just wanna blog something now!!!! *throw everything on table*

Mokka Coffee Cabana
New kid in the block! Well, I thought the place is the first branch ever in the town, but it has already had 3 other branches in the city. You can notice it easily in Lippo Mall Puri, since less tenants open in the mall now. The interior is very spacious with high ceiling, using my favorite mixture materials like woods, cements, and warm lighting; little bit industrial but in more homey way. Such a perfect corner (ehm, it's literally located in corner) to have a perfect me-time.


View from the entrance.

Hey, looks like in Pinterest, right?

They also have a comfortable semi-outdoor place.

Coffee, maybe?

A small room located in the cafe's corner, seems like a meeting room or indoor smooking room, perhaps.

Hey, look on detail they have! A cute mural in every side of wall.

The foods
Foods to enjoy on the day, so here were mine!

Earl Grey Tea Latte (Rp 32.000)
Little bit curious with the name, so I ordered this, since Earl Grey is also my favorite tea. It's like a milkshake at the first time you saw this, but the taste of Earl Grey latte is kinda strong, little bit light yet sour. You may pour the liquid sugar if you want and try mix it with the latte, gives you a new sensation of drinking tea. Just try it by yourself, won't you? ;)

Earl Grey Tea Latte. (Rp 32.00)

Smoked Chicken Ciabatta (Rp 45.000)
It's like sandwich, the thing that makes it different with other sandwich is how they served in ciabatta bread; an Italian bread, with crusty and floury texture and little bit dry inside. The fillings are smoked chicken, mushroom, onion, and tomato. My friend once recommended this, but.... in my opinion, the portion of smoked chicken is too little compared with the mushroom, onion and tomato. If you imagined the sandwich served with generous meat, this isn't the answer. But kinda recommend you to try the ciabatta instead, I bet you never try that bread, and it's yummy!

Smoked Chicken Ciabatta. (Rp 45.000)


Spaghetti Bolognaise (Rp 55.000)
Frankly speaking, the spaghetti wasn't cooked al dente, little bit dry. The taste was kinda plain, the seasoning was lacked and even adding tomato sauce didn't help a lot. Hope they improve this one. :(

Spaghetti Bolognaise. (Rp 55.000)

Enough the writings, take a top shot then!!!!

Hectic lunch for my doctor-wanna-be cousin LOL.

I visited Mokka twice, so how about called this "THE SECOND ROUND"? :D
Here were the second round!

Mokka Cheese Burger (Rp 55.000)
Call this one a stack of happiness from Mokka! This is the most tempting menu they have in their menu book LOL. Little bit confused how to cut the burger since it is so high, the stacks of those tempting layers : egg, beef patty, and crispy chicken won't disappoint you at all, as you can see in the picture below. Recommended!

Mokka Cheese Burger. (Rp 55.000)

Thai Tea (Rp 35.000)
Looked at the menu book and saw the photo of Thai Tea so interesting, and guess what? When it came to our table, the tea was as same as in the picture : served in big glass in jar with ice cubes. Anyway, this Thai Tea is milkier and has a "deeper" taste than the other Thai tea I ever drink in other restaurant. Should try this. :)

Thai Tea. (Rp 35.000)

Catpucinno (Rp 37.000)
An ordinary cappucinno I think , but still, it has something different. Hmm, add some cats from latte on it, and see the kitties are having the bath time inside your cappucino. MIAW!

Catpucinno. (Rp 37.000)


  • Little bit lacked in spaghetti (and perhaps the pastas), but recommend you to try their sandwiches.
  • Good beverages with lot of variations enhancing your eyes.
  • But since it is located near the gate, say hello to mosquitoes at your night visit LOL, lucky I wore my full-length jeans at my night visit.
  • Wi-fi didn't work well at my second visit. :')
  • Spacious place, where all the sun light easily comes in, perfect for taking good pictures.

That's all folks, need to retouch some photos for assignment then. Actually it is the first thing I must do now, but since I'm so in bad mood and drowsy, writing is the best choice for me. Since this blog is also a personal blog since it was made in 2008, I just couldn't hide what I'm feeling right now, and it's little bit weird for writing on my own blog that I'm always okay every time I post. Really, writing is relieving all those things inside my head now. Gotta open my Photoshop now, do the editing quickly, and have some rest before going to uni again at 7 AM *sigh*. May this hard feelings vanish soon, and have some free time for my own me-time, hunting more good foods, perhaps? :)

Don't worry about me anyway, wishing you have a nice day +  Mokka you later, guys!

Mokka Coffee Cabana
Lippo Mall Puri, GF
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1 - CBD
Puri Indah, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 291 111 11
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 -22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 200.000 for two
Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Also serving in :
Pluit Village, Bintaro Exchange,
Supermall Karawaci, and Manado Town Square


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  1. Baru 2x ke moll ini, tp nga ngehh ad tempat ini...
    Makannya kyknya enak" *apa karna fotonya yg bagus yak :0*.. boleh niii bwt dicoba klo ksana.. hihi

    1. halo, tengkyu udah drop comment. hahah ada yang enak ada yang biasa aja makanannya menurut aku. :p

  2. Hi Audrey! Really enjoy reading your review. Thanks for stopping by thou. We will definitely improve our pasta menu just for you ;)

    kind regards


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