BOOM BOOM! Volcano Ramen by Kazan Ramen PIK

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well, hello everyone. Contrasting with the post I made a week ago that I would do some short hiatus, I have some free days during my mid-test since the next assignment to submit is on next Wednesday. I thought a week ago I wouldn't be able to blog anything, but well, this mid-test is the easiest one on this last 3 years, no hard feelings or even sleepless night. :D

And now, let's post the new one. Last week, Tika asked the whole Geng Domba Unyu for food hunting and have some "family-time" since we hadn't met each other in full team for a long time. It'd been 4 months since our last meeting was in Christmas dinner in RoCa Artotel and SKYE. Actually Jo and Jejen were absent at that day, and Aldo brought his new "friend" #ahem to have lunch with us.

As we had a "family time", Tika said we had to have lunch in "family way", she first suggested a kinda-so-family restaurant in PIK. But since our wallets were draining for ass-ignments we change the plan to eat this ramen we noticed when we passed it. :''''')


Kazan Ramen
This place is full of red, and not too spacious if compared with the other restaurants beside it. Kazan Ramen originates from Japan, and its international branches are already in Thailand, Singapore, and Jakarta. Kazan? What's "kazan"? Actually it means volcano in Japanese, but I don't have any idea about why they named it "volcano." Before I reveal why it was named "Kazan", just take a look inside Kazan Ramen with me!

A not-so-spacious first floor, since it was divided for the tables and semi-open kitchen.

The more spacious second floor.

Details on second floor.

Found cute kites.

And they put the kites everywhere LOL.


What's different? Why "Kazan"?
RAMEN PLEASE! Too hungry at that time. So, let me tell you the story of the ramen first. We ordered their special ramens (I call them "special" since the other ramens aren't served in this way), and the waitress brought a tray and there were a bowl of rice, a stone bowl, broth in a pot, an empty bowl, and..... A RED METAL FUNNEL?

Ramen inside the stone bowl.

Then, the waitress demonstrated in front of us how to cook the ramen by ourselves. So, the first thing to do is pour the broth inside the stone bowl, she said not to touch the stone bowl since it was heated until 300' C.

The waitress poured the broth inside the stone bowl until it almost reached the top.

Put the red funnel on the stone bowl and wait until one minute.
The hourglasses are available in every table.

Look at the smoke, BOOM BOOM! It's like a volcano!
So this is the reason why it's named "Kazan."

The ramens?
SUPER HOT mwahahaha! We were confused at that time how to eat this super duper hot ramen, it was boiling in front of us (you can take a look the boiling ramen in picture below). So, the answer why an empty bowl is provided : you can eat the ramen with that bowl, not from the stone bowl. Psst, you can enjoy your ramen in different way by put your rice into the stone bowl, and the ramen turns into "zousui" or "broth rice."

Kazan Curry (Small - Rp 59.800; Large : Rp 79.800)
The noodle served is the thin one; I like this one as it's chewier than the other ramens. The pork meat is big in portion and the slice is thick. But unfortunately, the curry broth is little bit lacking in taste. Wait wait wait, I think the key of enjoying this ramen is waiting. At the first time I taste my Kazan Curry I didn't like it, it was quite bitter for me, but the more it was cooked inside the stone bowl, the curry was more tastier and finally I finished my ramen.

Kazan Curry. (Small - Rp 59.800; Large : Rp 79.800)

Kazan Shio (Small - Rp 59.800; Large : Rp 79.800)
This one is same with Kazan Curry, but the broth is different, it's savory, milky and salty. Tasted quiet good but somehow I tasted it so salty. Still, I like the consistency of the noodle. Anyway, I had an experiment with adding chilli oil and more salt soy sauce and it helped a lot.

Kazan Shoyu. (Small - Rp 59.800; Large : Rp 79.800)

  • I don't say the ramens were bad, it just didn't suit my palate. I saw a Japanese chef there so I think they serve the authentic ones. :)
  • If the broth didn't suit your palate too, like me, just have some experiment with chili oil and other additional seasonings served on your table, it will help a lot. 
  • No windows for natural lighting to take pictures, so you can sit at semi-outdoor section in entrance door for taking pictures.
  • I love the level of chewiness of the ramen noodle, and the portion is soooo BIG even I ordered the small one.
  • Service was good! They are helping a lot.
  • Serving you another new experience of enjoying ramen! *I think it's nice for your Instagram HAHA*

Thank you Kazan Ramen for the BOOM BOOM ramen served, it's so unique so we could put it on Instagram and make our friends wonder about our the photos uploaded tee-hee. Best of luck! :)

Another one that accompany to take pictures with DSLR at that day HURRAY!

Here are Geng Domba Unyu's last pictures together taken a week ago :

Agan : Huh, minus JoChrist.

Agan, Ubi, Tika, Aldo's GF, Aldo, Josh, Ijan.

Hope your Sunday as bright as the umbrellas!

Kazan Ramen
Ruko Cordoba Blok A No. 11
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

T : +62 822 9116 4643
Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 -23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 200.000 for two
Facebook | Instagram


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  1. Lama nggak mampir kemari udah banyak yg beda aja ya bi ♥

    Keren konsep restorannya ya bi, apalagi kazan ramennya ya. Berasa kayak lagi eksperimen apa gitu ada asap mengebul gitu :)


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