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Saturday, April 11, 2015

HEYHOOOO IT'S WEEKEND TIME! It's always be my favorite time, since now I'm off on Saturday (can't decide our own schedule since uni will give the students the fixed schedule) now I can sleep until afternoon for awhile. However, since nowadays is very hot and little bit windy sometimes, it makes me wanna go to beach : enjoying the breeze, the waves, playing sands, and many things to do.

Go to beach?

But it's now not holiday season, can't go to the beach anyway. -___-
However, I'm gonna introducing you to get little sensation of beach holiday near Tanjung Duren : eating seafood!

Seafood Arjuna
It so easy to come here, I just went by public car I stopped in front of my residence and it only took around 15-20 minutes without traffic to stop here. It was located in the main road so I easily recognized it. It has a semi open kitchen outside and a spacious indoor place to eat, with lots of simple but unique decorations that kinda reminds you of enjoying the seafood by the shore.

The nameboard.

Fresh fishes in fridge.

You can see how they clean the foods.

Preparing the foods.

Roasting the prawns!

The spacious indoor.

Some decorations.

Now, how about the foods?

Seafood parade!
We had a literally seafood parade, what we're gonna try first?

Sambal Arjuna (Rp 5.000 / item)
First thing first, it's not so Indonesia if you eat something without... SAMBAL! Yeap, Indonesia has lot of sambals (chili) so Arjuna provides lots of variations of sambals which YOU COULD MIX IT as you want!

Clockwise from the hand : Petis, Dabu-Dabu, Terasi, Rica-Rica, Acar Mangga, Rujak

Seafood Asem Pedes (Rp 110.000)
Soup with asem (sour) and spicy (pedes) taste, it's quiet similar like Thailand's Tom Yum Goong. Love this one, and the prawns were given generously.

The soup.

Kepiting Soka (Rp 45.000 / ounce)
Soft shell crab cooked which tasted so crispy and tender, and you'll taste the sensation of salted egg melts inside your mouth. Recommended one!

Kepiting Soka.

Udang Pacet Bakar Madu - Large (Rp 29.950 / ounce)
The large sized prawn roasted with honey, not too interesting in presentation, but this one is too damn delicious to be missed! Little bit sticky, but the taste was delicious since it's roasted perfectly with honey.

Udang Bakar Pacet Madu.

Kakap Merah Goreng Asam Pedas (Rp 22.500 / ounce)
Red snapper fish with spicy and sour seasoning, I love this fish since I just pick the meats easily without wasting time. Crispy yet tender, and love the seasoning!

Kakap Merah Goreng Asam Pedas.

Cumi Mediteranian (Rp 47.500)
Fried battered squid, it's like another squid in other restaurants, but this one, the squid is sliced bigger and crispier.

Cumi Mediteranian.

Kepiting Bakar Saus Padang - Large (Rp 34.950 / ounce)
Eating seafood isn't complete without a large crab on your table! Here's roasted crab with Padang sauce, you could eat this easily since they provided crab breaker on your table. But too be honest, I don't prefer this crab cooked with Padang sauce, the taste didn't suit my palate and I felt the sauce little bit bitter in my mouth.

Kepiting Bakar Saus Padang.

Kepiting Bakar Rempah - Large (Rp 34.950 / ounce)
However, if you still wanna eat some roasted large crab, I recommend you to order this roasted crab with spices. This one is better in my opinion if compared with Kepiting Bakar Saus Padang, more spices to make your tongue dances!

Kepiting Bakar Rempah.

Kudu-Kudu (Rp 19.900 / ounce)
I saw the chef in the kitchen cleaned the fish, but only the skin, without the meats. I didn't have any idea what they would do with the skin, since I asked them to do some activity in kitchen to be photographed, I thought they were just acting to clean the fish so they used the fish without meat. And here's the answer, the most unique presentation of seafood I ever see! Cooked with spicy sour seasoning, and some crispy flakes. Recommended!

Kudu-kudu with unique presentation, using its own skin.

Behind the skin.

Special beverages
Not much seafood restaurants serve beverages like Seafood Arjuna does, they serves some fusion drink to attract your tongue. My recommendation? Try the one named "Dead Sea."

Each Rp 28.000, R-L :
Ocean Breeze, Bloody Ocean, Fruity Mix Tea, Dead Sea.


  • Clean and spacious place, with air-conditioned room is a plus thing to enjoy your seafood.
  • So-family-place to eat.
  • Most of all the sea foods are good.
  • Serves lot of unique beverages, try their Dead Sea drink!

First time having food tasting session with foodies, lot of new experience of making your hand dirty with seafood, and then washing hands for taking pictures LOL. Besides of that, so happy to know Mark and Bianca, an expatriate (they're from The Philippines) foodie couple behind Eats Jakarta. Why was I so happy? Besides of making friends from outside Indonesia, I could speak English fluently (85% better than before, my English is totally improved HURRAY!!!!) to them at that time MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I once told you in "About" section, I noticed a problem that I rarely talked in English, and when I wanted to speak in English, I stucked in vocabularies. Meeting them truly proved my decision of writing the food reviews since 10 months ago in English is right and useful. :'''''')

What a peaceful Saturday, I decided didn't go anywhere spend the weekend outside, I just wanna sleep as long as I can, made new posts, and do the ass-ignments for the next week little by little *ketauan jomblonya HEHEHE*. Catch ya later, still have many things to do! Hope you're having a great weekend.

The last but not the least, thank you Seafood Arjuna for the food tasting session,
makes us like a real big family enjoying seafood LOL.

With fellow foodies (R-L):
Seafood Arjuna Manager, Cindy (#SOSAvenue), Me, Dandy (Designer Doyan Makan), Hiro (#SOSAvenue),
 Paulus (Soompeat), Bianca and Mark (Eats Jakarta), Leonard (#AmateurFoodgrapher).

Seafood Arjuna
Jl. Kebon Raya II No. 23
Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 566 29 31
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 -22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 250.000 for two
Facebook | Instagram


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  1. Wow keliatannya enak banget. Terutama kepiting suka ama udang bakar nya...

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