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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Time for food review!!!! Lot of works to do on this short holiday, so the drafts are still pending on my dashboard. So, what restaurant will I write today? Let's check.

DILL Gourmet
Located on Plaza Indonesia's basement, the place is located exactly next to the escalator. Never went to there before, but a friend told me it was only a restaurant, so I conclude it relaunched itself with the new concept. The place is super petite (only about 35-40 seats inside), but it  seems colorful, homey and such a warm place to have a lunch there or even eat some pastries they sell.

Welcome to Dill Gourmet.

Look, it's so petite from the outside.

The colorful decoration inside.

I love this illustrated board.

Spotted real fruits for decoration.

Some details on table.

They also sell the take-away packages.

Colorful chairs.

Full of woods interior.

Woods... everywhere.

Some cake catalogs you can bring to home.

Pastries displayed.

And the tempting cakes displayed.

The foods
DILL's Chef Salad with Gochujang Dressing. (Rp 55.000)
What a colorful appetizer! Actually I don't eat salad but what I like in this salad that it gives you more sliced eggs and chicken meat. Served with Korean spicy Gochujang dressing, but how spicy it is just depends on your tongue, for me it wasn't so spicy.

DILL's Chef Salad with Gochujang dressing. (Rp 55.000)

Three Treasure Noodle Soup. (Rp 65.000)
A delicious noodle which come with generous slice of meat, I love the soup, tasted good but was little bit salty.

Three Treasure Noodle Soup. (Rp 65.000)

Miso Gindara with Potato Puree. (Rp 95.000)
I recommend you this, but if it's saltiness wasn't too strong. The gindara was moist and good overall but it was too salty, but thanks to the delicious potato puree, I bet you will like it.

Miso Gindara with Potato Pur ee. (Rp 95.000)

Chicken Confit Penne with Soto Cream. (Rp 54.000)

I love this fusion dish so much, cooked al dente with chicken confit and egg as topping, but the taste of soto wasn't strong at all, it would be perfect if the soto taste was stronger.

Chicken Confit Penne with Soto Cream. (Rp 54.000)

Nasi Goreng Maranggi. (Rp 60.000)
This one was also delicious! I love the way they used the spices to cook this nasi goreng, the satay was good too and overall I recommend you this.

Nasi Goreng Maranggi. (Rp 60.000)

Black Diamond Waffle (Rp 48.000)
The recommended dessert of Dill. Crispy waffle with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, slices of banana and almonds. Are you wondering why the waffle was black? It used squid ink to color it black, gives you another new experience of eating a waffle.

Black Diamond Waffle. (Rp 48.000)

Island Cake (Rp 50.000)
Island cake is a mango-tasted cake, the texture was little bit rough than the other sliced cakes, but suit for who likes mango cake (gotta buy this one for my mom).

Banana Nutella (Rp 50.000)
Banana Nutella? The combination beetween the fruit I don't prefer and the jam I like, actually the banana taste didn't overwhelm so I still ate this one.

Coffee Pistachio (Rp 50.000)
If I have to decide which one the most I like from the 3 sliced cakes served at that day, I would choose this one, a perfect combination of coffee and pistachio.

Island Cake. (Rp 50.000) | Coffee Pistachio Cake.  (Rp 50.000) | Banana Nutella Cake. (Rp 50.000)

Cold Pressed Juice. (Rp 35.000)

Need a refreshment? Go order some healthy cold pressed juice, available in 4 flavors : Power Booster (green apple, arugula and lime), Happy Go Lucky (passion fruit, strawberry, and red apple), Forever Young (beetroot, green apple, lime), and Energy Charger (orange, carrot, and pineapple).

Cold pressed juice.  (Rp 35.000)

Pick one of the flavours you like.


  • Don't judge a book by it's cover, it's a petite place but feel so homey and the foods are great.
  • Searching cold pressed juice, go pick some in Dill.
  • Recommend you the Black Diamond Waffle.

Let's DILL!

Thank you OpenRice Indonesia + DILL Gourmet for the food tasting.

DILL Gourmet
Plaza Indonesia, Lower Basement
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 28-30
Thamrin, Central Jakarta

T : +62 21 299 24 512

Hours: Sun-Mon 08.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 180.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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6 comment(s)

  1. YUUUMM mau banget mampir ke sana ntar Mei waktu ke Jakarta lagi XD
    eh bi, gue suka banget tone foto2 lo *o* bikin tutorial edit2nya dong *digetak*
    fot ke 4 tuh keren loh, biasanya kan ntar tengah2 boardnya kena pantulan lampu kan, tp punya lo bisa ttp bagus gitu :))

    1. eh serius ke jakarta nanti mei? kalo gua ga sibuk kita ketemuan yuk nanti. kalo soal tutorial, uda ada yang request juga, itu nanti deh kalo gua bener-bener ga sibuk. :')

      mmm kalo soal foto yang keempat, itu hoki doang, soalnya papannya warna item dan kayunya ga di-vernish glossy, jadi tjakep kan papannya. soalnya gua ga ngedit sama sekali papannya haha.

  2. Audrey, mau nanya something unrelated dong. Tiap kali review restoran terus foto2 gitu, lu biasa ngomong ke waiter-nya ga kalo lu mau foto2 dan review itu restoran di blog? /penasaran hahaha thankyou XD

    1. nggak nanya langsung aja foto hahaha, kalo ga bole foto pasti waiternya bakal samperin terus bilang ga bole foto (biasanya bilang ga bole foto pake DSLR). nah biasanya untuk antisipasi yang kayak gituan liat tempat juga, misalnya hotel.... biasanya pertama fotoin makanannya doang sih gapapa, cuma kalo interior takut ga boleh biasanya suka diem-diem aja foto snapshot gitu hehe.

      kecuali bareng foodies kayak gini, fotonya sih lebih enak karena sama-sama heboh sampe bisa naik-naik kursi, pernah waktu itu ditegur ga bole pake DSLR kita tetep foto sampe bohuat ga ditegur lagi karena rame-rame hahahah.

    2. Huahahahaha gitu tah. Gw juga biasa ga pernah nanya boleh foto ato gak langsung foto2 tapi kadang suka dilirikin waiter-nya tuh nancep di punggung gitu -____- haha anyway thanks buat jawabannya. Btw kayaknya pernah liat lu di syahdan! Cute! hahaha! Jangan marah yak :P

    3. ah iya tuh paling sebel kalo dilirikin waiter-nya! kalo sampe parah dilirikinnya jadi minder sendiri, terus fotonya jadi bawaannya mau cepet-cepet aja terus disimpen kameranya cih. -__-

      kecuali perginya sama temen-temen foodies juga yang foto-foto juga, jadi gapapa ada temennya sama-sama dipelototin jadi bodo amat bareng.

      oh ya kapan liatnya? makasi dibilang "cute" padahal kalo ke kampus selalu kucel nan berantakan. #dahakumahapaatuh :')


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