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Monday, January 05, 2015

First food review post on 2015! How's your days in this year? Today is my last day of Christmas and New Year holiday *sigh*, when the students from the other university are still having holiday until the mid-February. It means... you know, deadlines are coming!!!! I hope in this senior year I will be more productive. Anyway, I will tell you about a new cake shop located in the famous Pantai Indah Kapuk. This cake shop has been a trending topic for all the foodies in the town, was curious enough and I went there with my cousin, Elissa.

So, maybe all of you go to this post through my Instagram, here's the short video trailer I made for Cake A Boo review in case if you haven't watched it. You can follow my Instagram, I have a self program "1 day 1 post" so be update of my feed. :)

It was drizzling at that night, me and my cousin walked fastly under an umbrella we shared from where the car parked avoiding the rain became harder at that time. Welcomed nicely by the waiter, and even he asked us to give my wet umbrella to him so he would keep it for me, what a nice service! This cake shop truly made me excited, the interior was uber cute with the pastel colors used.

Welcome to Cake-A-Boo.

Welcomed by the story book.

Opened the story book, it is said once upon a time there was a good boy named Noel who travelled to the magical forest and suddenly he met a lion, named Miko, who gave him a golden ticket to enjoy the journey to the factory. So, let Noel brings you the journey together with him.

Hey Miko!

Take us to the factory!

Spotted this at cashier section.

Nice decoration.

Love this picture I captured, don't know why.

Seats in the corner.

Look at this colorful factory.

The lollipop look alike pipes are above my head.

Still excited to spot the cute decoration inside.

Ready to taste the delightful surprise?

Uh-huh, but not these one put on the display table.

The special thing inside Cake-A-Boo Factory, rolling cakes!!!!

The cakes
But first, let us take some drinks before eating the cakes. Refreshing the throats with a sweet iced chocolate drink with choco chip and iced peach tea. *gulp gulp*

Chocolate Drink.

Ice Peach Tea.

Volcano (Rp 35.000)
At the first time, I thought this cake is just an ordinary lava cake, you cut it and the sauce will melt everywhere. The sponge cake consists chocolate rum mousse with chocolate crumble, and strawberry sauce and erupted chocolate sauce from inside the cake. The texture was light, soft and sticky, but the chocolate taste wasn't as strong as I expected. Maybe it suits for the one who doesn't like too sweet chocolate cake.

Volcano. (Rp 35.000)

Nutty Hazel (Rp 35.000)
Consists hazelnut mousse and chocolate brulee. I like this one, the hazelnut mousse was so soft and the chocolate brulee made a perfect combination. They melted together inside my mouth, tasted light and it had balanced sweetness. Recommend you this one.

Nutty Hazel. (Rp 35.000)

I just tried two of their cakes, but if I have to make some conclusion, I would like to say they could make the Volcano cake tastes stronger, and in addition, some of my friends said some of the cakes they tasted were too sweet depending on their taste buds. But on the other hand, the place was cozy although it was quiet packed inside. Come with cute concept, and they have great service. I couldn't give an overall conclusion, so how about taste it by yourself with Noel and Miko? ;)

The last but not the least, good luck for Cake-A-Boo!

Enjoy the sweet escape.

Ruko Garden House Blok B22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

T : +62 21 2903 2922/
+62 819 3242 6451
Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : NO
Price Range: Rp 80.000 for two
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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2 comment(s)

  1. Ih gak ajak ajak ke sini. Temptinh banget sih cakenya, Drey. Btw gue pengen banget komen postingan yg catatan akhir taun. Sama persis sama yg gue rasain hihihi. Anyway, happy new year!

  2. Wow, the place looks so cozy and well-decorated. And the food looks tempting. :9
    Anyway, happy new year Audrey! Your blog is really inspiring. :)


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