The Graphic Designers To-Be's Christmas Dinner at Pepenero SCBD Jakarta

Thursday, December 25, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! I hope you're happy on this holiday season, and let the Christmas spirit will always be inside our heart. So, what's next? I'm writing about my Christmas dinner with my university classmates, hmm.... well, this post is not-too-food-review-post, as I was saying to myself I had to stop "working" at this Christmas dinner moment, enjoying myself and my food on the table, and let my mobile camera phone for a while then.... let the other camera worked.

Hmm... maybe most of you have seen this picture on my Instagram, if not, just go follow my Instagram then to keep update of my daily feed. ;)

Foto kiriman A. R. Subrata (@arsubrata) pada

We had planned this Christmas dinner a month before the D-day, started browsing every sophisticated place to celebrate this Christmas together. You know, I rarely go out to out-of-nowhere with my university friends.... so many deadlines of ass-ignments, sleepless days, acnes and zits on face, dressed shabbily everyday to university. So, we planned this and would make this dinner the most memorable one on this holiday.

PEPeNERO Cucina Italiana
Located in SCBD, Energy Building. At the first time arrived, me and other girls were confused where was the Mezzanine Floor? The answer is, go to the Ground Floor, found Starbucks, and you will see Pepenero. I think "Mezzanine Floor" is the glass bridge, since you can see Pepenero from outside is located on glass bridge.

The Pepenero itself is like a lego block *ah don't take any picture to describe this one*, imagine a wooden ship that you usually watch in TV, so... the second floor of Pepenero is like you go upstair to the ship, as the kitchen and bar are inside the hull of the ship. But we chose to seat in the first floor.

Inside Energy Building.

The bar.

So romantic place, but... this one is only taken with my mobile phone, so....... 

The lighting was set to be enjoyed by eyes, not by the mobile camera phones.

Enjoying my candlelight dinner.

Lovely cylinder lamps.

Penne Boscaiola (Rp 69.000)
Penne pasta with mushroom, peas, parma cotto ham in a creamy sauce. I requested to change it into fettucine. The fettucine was slightly undercooked for me, almost al dente. Little bit tasteless for me, so me and Cindy added some tabasco to ours, and it helped a lot. About the taste, maybe Pepenero served the authentic one, so it doesn't suit my taste pallate, especially my Indonesian taste pallate which uses many spices and chilli. But anyway, I love the cream. :)

Penne Boscaiola. (Rp 69.000)

Kinda confused with the taste of foods, some friends told me they had eaten very good tasted foods in Pepenero, but when me and friends had dinner at there, the foods we ordered were not like my friends told. Tasted Caca's dinner (forget the name) the taste were so salty, and tasted Jeho's porridge-look-alike dinner (forget the name too) was so chesse-creamy and no one could stand to finish all of the portion LOL.

Hmm, maybe we just got some "jackpot", we just accidentally didn't order the good tasted foods at that time, or maybe the foods came with authentic tastes so they didn't suit our taste pallate, I guess. Anyway, it's an alternative of having a romantic candlelight dinner (or even confess your love to a woman a.k.a NEMBAK GEBETAN DI SINI AJA SUMPAH NIH TEMPAT ROMANTIS WOY!) with affordable price, most of the main course starts from about Rp 60.000-something. Try it by yourself, kinda recommend you to try the ribs, Fanuel and Ferik said theirs were okay.

Super dark at there so need a flash light to capture the food.


A dark and cool themed photo by Fanuel, Dita and Ferik.

The boys after the shoot above LOLOLOL! Full stomack faces!

Another our official photo of Christmas dinner.

Played some lottery made from ID cards.

Open the ID card.

What we were doing?

Girls only!

Selfie time, no selfie stick (tongsis) so we just used Ferik's long hand.

The Kimtjils minus Novi, she already came back home.

Quirky poses.

Foto ala-ala gimanaaaa gitu.....

Fanuel, JA, Bella, Nata, Caca, Jeho, Dita, Novi, Cindy, Ubi, Ferik.

Hmmm dunno why, looking this photo... just like striking some poses
for nowadays popular soap opera on TV, "Ganteng Ganteng Serigala".

Once more in front of the Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas from the silly unstable graphic designers-to-be. 

Photo courtesy : Bella, Fanuel, Nata, Dita

PEPeNERO Cucina Italiana
Energy Building
Mezzanine Floor, The Glass Bridge
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53
SCBD Lot 11ACentral Jakarta

T : +62 21 5296 4006 
Hours: Mon - Sun 11.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 350.000 for two
Website | Instagram

Also serving in :
5 other branches in Jakarta 
(Kuningan, Sudirman, Kemang,
Pondok Indah, Alamanda, BSD)
+ 1 in Bali (Jimbaran)


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