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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Heyho! Hmm... dunno what to say but, now Christmas is coming. But I'm not gonna talk about Christmas dinner, because there are lot of pending food reviews post in draft folder, so let me release them one by one LOL. How about talking Chinese cuisine? 

Paradise Inn
Chinese cuisine is one of the famous cuisine in the world. Well... you know, everywhere you can meet the Chinese people worldwide because the exodus from the mainland since centuries ago (including me LOL). So, wherever you are, when eating Chinese foods, it's like "Oh, this just paradise that you can meet all over the world."

Paradise Inn aims to give you a new level of enjoying Chinese foods, brings a nostalgic themes of enjoying Chinese food in this modern time with double-boiled soups and fushion dishes, teahouse and dessert house. The concept used is making you comfortable inside the Chinese traditional inn, as you can see at the interior photos below. Based in Singapore, in here, Paradise Inn is run by Boga Group, one of the famous F&B companies in Indonesia.

Enough, let the pictures talk! :D

Welcome to Paradise Inn.

Anyone can read this?

Anyway, I love the lamps so much!

Love the interior, woods everywhere, mixed with brick material on wall.

The VIP room.

A classic-style lamp.

The mixture of modern component with earth tone color.

Even it has some art installation, at the first time I thought they were turtle,
but then just realized they were teapots.

The foods
So here were the foods I tried.

Crisp-fried Eggplant Tossed (IDR 28.000)
An appetizer by Paradise Inn, the eggplant battered and fried with chicken floss as topping. Crispy outside and soft inside, well.. anyway I don't like eating eggplant to be honest. But at the first time I ate this I didn't even knew if this was eggplant. Tasted good for me, and Paradise Inn succeeded to make me love eating eggplant for the first time. :)

Crisp-fried Eggplant Tossed (Rp 28.000)

Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved “Cai Xin” and Minced Pork (Small - Rp 48.000 / Medium - Rp 68.000)
Meh, this one was one of my favorite at that night. The tofu was soft and sauted with minced pork and mushroom sauce. Psst... tell you a secret, at the bottom of the hot plate, it was coated with egg. So, how about finding it by yourself? Just order this one.

Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved Cai Xin and Minced Pork
(Small - Rp 48.000 / Medium - Rp 68.000)

Look, how big and tempting the tofu on the hotplate.

Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock (Rp 58.000)
Hmm... never saw spinach soup with this good looking LOL. The spinach came with three different kinds of egg and various fillings. Tasted delicious and the spinach was cooked perfectly, perfect for those of you who likes eating fried or roasted foods in the opening of your dinner and eat this one when it's still hot. Yumm...

Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock (Rp 58.000)

Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce (Rp 88.000)
Pork pork pork! This one is the signature dish of Paradise Inn. The meat was soft, but little bit dry at the side where the meat was little bit thin. Served with yummy marmite sauce, the medium pieces came with the rib bones. The taste was more sweet than to savory. Recommend to eat this one while it's still hot.

Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce (Rp 88.000)

Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi (Small - Rp 88.000 / Medium - Rp 108.000)
My favorite! First time I saw this I don't have any idea what it was, because all on the plate served was all full of katsuoboshi, some flakes of dried fish which you can see in some Japanese snacks. Tried to find something under the katsuoboshi.... and well, found the medium sized prawn with mayonnaise. The prawns were fresh and crispy fried.

Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi (Small - Rp 88.000 / Medium - Rp 108.000)

Find the treasure under the katsuoboshi, LOL!

The price worths for every food you order here, the service is good, and they have nice contemporary interior which makes you feel so homey. And the foods anyway... feel like paradise! Thank you Paradise Inn and OpenRice Indonesia for the night. :)


Foto kiriman A. R. Subrata (@arsubrata) pada

Paradise Inn
Mall Puri Indah, 1st floor
 Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Puri Indah, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 5822 459 / 500 559
Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 400.000 for two
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter |  Instagram


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