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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Had some free time after mid-test. I woke up and got the foodies chat group in my LINE had so many notification message at that time, and I randomly chatted in the group that I had nothing to do as I was having holiday. Later, Ci' Wibi and Ko' Dandy asked me to join them as they would had a foodie meetup at that night. I accepted and met them in Central Park.

Hog's Breath Cafe
First time I know Hog's Breath was from Matt, who used to live in Aussie for years, he said this one is the Aussie's best steak. When it opens outlet in Indonesia, this one must be the one restaurant I should try. Established in July 1989 in North Queensland, with concept of serving the customers the unique dining experience with diverse menu. With casual dining concept and its speciality in Prime Rib Steak as signature dish, now Hog's Breath are available in over 80 outlets operating in Australia and overseas.

Welcome to Hog's Breath.

"The best a steak can get".

The saloon.

I can found a different ambience nowhere but here.

Some random details I captured inside.

So many rustic things you can see inside Hog's Breath.

Love the display.

I love the wall so much, so beautiful at night.

The foods
Met Chef Anto, the executive chef of Hog's Breath Cafe Indonesia, he's the one in charge of keeping Hog's Breath taste authenticity. He accompanied us when we were in Hog's Breath, and talked to him much, Chef Anto helped us nicely to choose the recommended menu and even delivered us the foods by himself.

Chef Anto.

So, how about start tasting the foods?

Here we go.

Smoked Pork BBQ Ribs (Half Rack - Rp 178.000)
I remembered that I once had an experience of eating BBQ ribs in other restaurant on my friend's birthday, and found the meat was hardly cut to separate it from the bones. Me and other friends even had no idea what my friend ordered for us as he was the host and we as the attendees just ate all foods he ordered by himself, that was kinda frustating for us to enjoy a portion of ribs.

But.... this BBQ Ribs just made me forgot about the previous situation I told you. The meat was tender, juicy, we proofed what Chef Anto said about the speciality of Hog's Breath's ribs, it was so easy to cut the meat from the bones, I love that so much! That was the most exciting part for me and Ci' Wibi, as we whispered each other this one was very scrumptious.

Anyway, you can get your full rack portion for Rp 298.000.

Those scrumptious ribs..... *slurp*

Key Lime Cheese Cake (Rp 55.000)
Not an ordinary cheese cake, the lime is added into this cake. The lime taste little bit overpowers the cheese itself, suits for you who doesn't like too sweet cake. Served with ice cream.

Okay, photo!

Now, change the angle.

Missisipi Mud Cake (Rp 69.000)
For once in my life, I saw my childhood dream cake. A chocolate cake, doused with chocolate and surrounded by liquid chocolate in plate. Nothing too special with the liquid chocolate for me. About the cake, it tasted like brownies, had perfect moist level, and was perfect to be eaten with ice cream.

Chocolate! :D

It has nice ambience (especially at the night), nice hospitality, and the price worths for the foods (depends on my dinner experience). For sure I will visit Hog's Breath again someday to try its famous signature Prime Rib Steak which slow cooked for 18 hours in special oven. Anyone wanna join me? :9

Anyway, they're having a promo like mentioned on thsi picture.

Thank you Hog's for serving us the best hogspitality!
The last but not the least, thank you dear Ci' Wibi and Ko' Dandy for asking me joined them at that night. And also meet Alfa, Ko Dandy's friend (and Viona from OpenRice Indonesia, but she had already gone before we finished the dinner). It was so nice to meet you all at that night.

Thank you so much guys. :)
L-R : Me, Ci' Wibi, Alfa, Ko' Dandy.

Hog's Breath Cafe : Saloon & Grill
Central Park Mall
Tribeca Park, UG floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 28
Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 29200 114 / +62 21 5698 5336
Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 24.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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  1. Hi.. Came across your blog at random, and found it interesting :) a graphic designer too huh? Anyway, for me hog's breath is one of the best steak in town IMHO.. Shall we try the prime ribs? :)


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