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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

This event should have been epic since we, the Zomato foodies, in LINE chat group arranged an epic foodie meetup. Arranged this as the chat group is always active everyday (just leave the phone for 1 hour and you'll see about 300++ chat notification in the group LOL) but many of us even haven't seen each other. But many of us cancelled to come at the day, so it wasn't epic like we expected. :')

Let's start the beginning story...
I was so grateful it was held in November 22th, as another option was November 29th and I can't attend any lunch meetup since I have classes in Saturday *meh, it's so lazy you know, the classes in Saturday starts in 7 AM and ends in 3 PM*. Except for 22th, that was the last day of my mid-test and it ended in the morning.

So, I went with Marchella. We just met at that time, she is a very nice person, and I didn't even believe she had graduated from university when I saw her face LOL. As the other two reviewers at last couldn't join to go together at start point, only three of us (me, Marchella, and her sister, Levie) went to Kemang together.

Ellexito Eatery & Pastry
To go to Ellexito easily, just find McDonald Kemang, turn to McDonald Kemang's way and turn right at the first way. We used 3 mobile phones as GPS but all of the phones couldn't find the GPS signal, so we had to read the map manually, and ended in dead-end alley, so we felt so hard at the first time to find the venue *phew*.

Luckily, when we turned our way to the right one, we easily found Ellexito on the left side.

Welcome to Ellexito.

The unique typography on the glass door.

Wall with white bricks.

Behind-the-scene place.

Some pictures hanging on the wall.

Ah, really agree with this typography!

The cakes displayed.

Go to second storey, more spacious than the first storey.

Western and minimalist decorated with black as dominant color.

Met Stella Mariss, the owner, she introduced us about the recommended menu of Ellexito. The restaurant held its soft opening on June 15th, 2014. Ellexito's main concept is serving you fusion food between Western, especially Italian, and Pan-Indonesian. So it's like combining pastas with seasonings and spiciness like in Indonesian traditional food, and the desserts served are French pastry style which adapted to suit the local taste.

So, how about start the review?

The foods
Let's start the first term of tasting the foods!

Will start the review with the bird-eye angle shot.

Hmm.. wait, how about changing the angle? Looks more pretty.

Lemongrass Lime Mayo Spaghetti (Rp 48.000)
Served with mayo sauce and grilled chicken steak on top. Actually I didn't taste this one, while taking photos of food one by one, this one had gone while I finished LOL. But the ones that had chance to try this one said this one is pretty good.

Lemongrass Lime Mayo Spaghetti. (Rp 48.000)

Carbonara Fettucine (Rp 45.000)
Okay, same incident with Lemongrass Lime Mayo Spaghetti, this one had gone too while I finished taking photos there *tears*. But as you can see, this one is served with generous portion of meat, cream, and cheese.

Carbonara Fettucine. (Rp 45.000)

Okay, change the angle. *woot woot*

Green "Woku" Chilli Fettuccine (Rp 48.000)
And Thank God, the incident didn't happen to this one, as this one was mine MUAHAHAH! It's one of the fusion menu of Ellexito, combined Fettuccine with Manadonese chicken woku and Indonesian spicy taste. You can order it with mild / medium / spicy level. Spaghetti was cooked perfect for me, so creamy, nice presentation with nice green color, the meat was generous, and the taste of woku was balanced. This one is the most favorite menu here.

Green "Woku" Chilli Fettuccine. (Rp 48.000)

Cheesy Baked Rice. (Rp 38.000)
Looks so pretty yah! It's butter rice with tuna and melted cheese on top. But I think you can't share it with your friends while looking at its size.

Cheesy Baked Rice. (Rp 38.000)

Ellexito Chicken Steak (Rp 55.000)
Chicken steak with homey creamy sauce, french fries and honey citrus salad. At the first time I saw this I was wow-ed, looking at its size. The meat thickness wasn't thin like I tried in other place, the crispiness level is okay, and nothing's wrong with the taste, but for me the taste wasn't so special. I once saw a chicken steak almost as same as this one on size, but this one is nicer, compared to another one I tried.

Ellexito Chicken Steak (Rp 55.000)

Honey Citrus Salad (Rp 28.000)
Grilled chicken with honey citrus dressing. It looks like more making "grilled chicken" than "salad" as its emphasis, the grilled chicken was so generous. Thanks Chris for sharing.

Honey Citrus Salad. (Rp 28.000)


New menu from Ellexito! The menu is coming soon in months.

Okay, let's change the angle (again)!

Chicken Balinese Salsa with Garlic Butter Rice (Rp 70.000)
I love the fried rice so much, the taste of garlic was emphasized, its texture was not too dry and too fluffy. The chicken meat was tender and I super loved the spices, like making my tongue salsa-ing. Love love love this one, super recommend you this one when the menu is launching.

Chicken Balinese Salsa with Garlic Butter Rice. (Rp 70.000)

Rendang Beef Steak (Rp 70.000)
Served with onion ring and french fries. Super excited and curious with this one as I quite often eat rendang (FYI, I'm Padang-cuisine restaurateur's daughter, so I can easily order rendang whenever I want LOL!). Not like the real rendang like a block of meat you will see in Padang restaurant, the meat was minched and formed into the big dough when cooked, it could be sliced easily wherever you will cut this. The rendang taste for me wasn't too strong.

Rendang Beef Steak. (Rp 70.000)

Hainamese Spaghetti with Oriental Chicken (Rp 50.000)
Another fusion food, when West meets East! It's like you're eating hainamese rice but substituted with spaghetti. This one was cooked good and came with generous meat portion, as you can see it on picture below.

Hainamese Spaghetti. with Oriental Chicken. (Rp 59.000)

Creamy Spinach Fusili with Grilled Salmon (Rp 70.000)
Unique presentation, the fusili's green color is made from spinach. Nevertheless, the fusili was overcooked, so we prefer the salmon. :)

Creamy Spinach Fusili with Grilled Salmon. (Rp 70.000)

The cakes
My DSLR's battery runned out at that time, forgot to charge it. So I only use my mobile phone's camera, and using photos from another foodies shared in group to complete this section. Without watermark added means I'm not the owner of the photo.

Assorted cakes.

Passion (Rp 42.000)
Flourless chocolate sponge, with dark chocolate crumble, passionfruit gelee, and earl grey tea milk chocolate mousse. Wow, what a pretty cake looking on its presentation and how complicated the compositions are. Love this one as chocolate lover, if it was served chiller would be better.

Passion. (Rp 42.000)

Tiramisu Bar (Rp 35.000)
Love the soft and spongey texture, and the tiramisu was soft. All the foodies there loved this one.

Tiramisu Bar. (Rp 35.000)

Mango Yoghurt Pannacota (Rp 22.000)
Looks tempting from its presentation, but to be honest it didn't fulfill my expectation. The mango taste wasn't too sour but for me, the texture somehow too soft for me, maybe I would like this if it was served more solid.

Mango Yoghurt Pannacota. (Rp 22.000)

Unordinary Strawberry Cheesecake (Rp 35.000)
Consists cheese cream at the top layer, and strawberry cream with pistacchio. The cream was soft, and the sweet and sour were balanced. We made it as our favorite of the day.

Homemade Strawberry Caramel. (Rp 35.000) 

De' Caramelo (Rp 40.000)
Consists vanilla sponge, homemade strawberry caramel jam, caramel jelly dan vanilla mousse. The combination made an unique taste we liked.

De' Caramelo. (Rp 40.000)

Royal (Rp 37.000)
Consists almond dacquoise, crunchy praline, dan dark chocolate mousse. Royal proves itself why it should be named with "Royal". The cake was soft and moist, with light chocolate mousse, which I loved when it melted in my mouth.

Red Velvet (Rp 30.000)
Enjoyed eating the red velvet, it was moist inside. But for me, I wish the cream's taste was stronger and more crumble added.

Thirst enough?
Just ordered some refreshment after eating all of those foods.

Iced Sago Tea (Rp 22.000)
Don't have any idea why this one's named Sago, LOL. It's tea with slices of fruits inside.

Twinnings Tea (Rp 18.000)
Ellexito also serves Twinnings Tea with lot of variation, I prefer having a hot one with my favorite taste, Earl Grey. Served with ladyfinger cake, and you can refill the hot water if you want.

Twinnings Tea - Earl Grey. (Rp 18.000)

Granini Fresh Juice (Rp 16.500)
Only two tastes left when we got these one. Mine was orange, so refreshing and the juice was pulpy.

Strawberry & Orange. 

Overall the foods are nice. You can get nice ambience with creative fusion menus in Kemang Area with affordable price (as the most of all the main menu foods are priced about Rp 40.000 something), and the price really worths in size and taste. I recommend Ellexito Eatery & Pastry as your lunch or dining place if you have never been to there. :)

The last but not the least, thanks to Ms. Stella Mariss and team for the nice hospitality. And here's a selfie with the #ZFoodies : meet Maudy, Shabrina, Stacia, Chacha, Wibi, Marchella, Icha, Hafiz and Astri (minus Chris and Jessy who came back earlier).

Foto kiriman Audrey R. C. Subrata (@arsubrata) pada

Photo courtesy : ZFoodies LINE Group

Ellexito Eatery & Pastry
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 12A
Kemang, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 7179 3081
Hours: Mon - Sun 11.00 - 01.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 7.000 - Rp 70.000
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