Christmas Above The Sky of Jakarta at SKYE

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So rare for Geng Domba Unyu dress properly and hung out in exquisite places, as our food hunting theme is "makan barbar". In this Christmas dinner occation, we decided to dress properly and even eating in a hotel for the first time ever.

Looking for enjoying the night at rooftop after dinner at RoCA, so first thing first we checked BART at Artotel, but didn't know why we canceled it after peeped it from elevator LOL. Nothing was wrong, but the music was too loud, and at that time we didn't want to be inside the loudness (although all of us love listening to EDM). So we decided to go to another rooftop, seeking the beauty views at night with nice ambience, perhaps with the EDM but played with less loudness....

We just..... went to the top of Jakarta.

Here we were, at SKYE.

This is the most famous sky rooftop at Jakarta, giving you a beautiful view of Jakarta city from the center of the town. Located on the 56th floor of BCA Tower and Grand Indonesia, you can go to SKYE through the special elevator which located behind Gramedia Grand Indonesia.

The elevator itself is designed very exclusive with black and purple ambience inside, it brought up us so fast until I couldn't believe we could arrived at 56th floor that fast. The elevator is set to be stop only at 3rd floor and 56th floor, kinda scared if the elevator stucks suddenly before reaching the 56th floor LOL! But luckily, we arrived safely at SKYE *thank goodness*.

The frontliner welcomed us nicely (maybe because we dressed up and it suited the attire rule), but first she asked us to show our ID card first. Yep, you must be 18 years old and up and you can sit at the outdoor lounge, I don't know why. So many rules made by SKYE to make the rooftop is very exclusive, but well, I must say it works, I felt sooooo exclusive at that night that I could enter SKYE without being rejected because of some reasons (like some people felt, if you read some reviews on internet) and joined the crowd in the most sumptuous rooftop in Jakarta.

I could see the city shined so bright.

Who cares, I'm already 20 years old and can sit on the outdoor lounge MUAHAHAHA so.... enjoy the night! Anyway, I peeped the indoor section inside and the decoration was like so South America, but didn't take the picture anyway. Also, I love the bar, located right before the outdoor section, so lovely. Anyway, at that night they played EDM deep house musics, perfect music choice at that night.

Although SKYE is located in 56th floor, it wasn't windy at that day, look at my hair LOL!
But, don't know why, in this photo I feel my face on this photo isn't myself. :s

Try to take picture with my phone but my Nexus camera is shitty when taking picture in night.
Kinda photoshopped this a lot.

Tried to capture our seats but... yeah I guess it didn't find the focus very well. 

The foods
You can go to the restaurant in indoor section if you want to eat some main dishes, the lounge itself provides desserts and drinks. The waiter will give you the electronic menu in the tab, you can see the dessert and drink lists only with touch the tab.

Nutella Cake
Sized quiet large for me, served with chocolate stick that rounds the cake itself and nuts as the topping. The chocolate cake itself was moist and I liked it, unexpectedly.... there was a layer of chocolate ice cream on bottom, chocolate in every layer! This dessert is perfect for sharing.

Nuttela Cake. (Rp 70.000)

Chocolate Souffle Cake
Served with strawberry sauce, and Bailey's ice cream. The souffle had some soft crust at the top and was moist inside, the strawberry sauce was warm when I poured it onto the souffle, I chose to eat it together with the ice cream, the taste of the Bailey's overwhelmed the ice cream and it was so good. Kinda recommend you this.

Chocolate Souffle Cake. (Rp 70.000)

Actually this dessert came in big size, well, it is served inside a glass scoop with chocolate lady fingers and crisp chocolate balls. The tiramisu itself tasted creamy yet so light, I could even finish all of this late night in the scoop without feeling so guilty, I love this one! Recommend this.


Asked the waiter the most anticipated drink of SKYE, and he will recommend you this, the signature drink of SKYE. The blue colored mocktail with slice of lemons and apples inside, at the first time you drink it the sour overwhelmed, but the after taste was little bit sweet yet refreshing. The name itself suits with the taste, that you can't quickly forget, as you sip once, you want it more.

Red Velvet
The red creamy ice blend mocktail with whipping cream on top. Yep, it's like eating red velvet in drink version, love this one too. Recommend this one.

Forget-Me-Not (Rp 50.000) + Red Velvet (Rp 50.000)

Christmas Cupid
If I'm not mistaken, this one is special drink in Christmas season. Named Christmas Cupid, this pink colored drink came with beautiful presentation, served in bordeaux wine glass. The taste (I guess) was pomegranate, as I found some pomegranate inside this drink.

Christmas Cupid.

Read some reviews from people, sometimes some people got rejected to enter SKYE, and read some inconsistency of doing the rule. Well, I would like to highlight the the second thing, Tika said to me to see the girl that sat near the pool, she used DSLR (with external flash plugged on it!), HEY I WANTED TO USE MY DSLR TOO IF SHE COULD! But I chose not to make some deal of it with the security, maybe that girl had a permition first to use her DSLR, I just wanted to relax and enjoyed the night.

Getting fade in silhouette.

Hmm, anyway, the securities on outdoor lounge (I counted them, they were four) were so nice and helpful (in spite of having unfriendly impression at the first time). They helped us a lot of taking pictures with mobile phone. Overall, nothing disappointed us at our visit. Anyway, thanks Ismaya for the unforgettable experience of enjoying exclusive (early) Christmas in altitude.

Hello from above the sky of Jakarta.
Eban, Ijan, Josh, JoChrist, Ubi, Tika, Afgan.

P. S. : You need to be 18 years old and up, and no DSLR. Don't forget the attire rule of SKYE, no sandals, no T-shirts, no shorts, dress properly and be beautiful to enjoy the night from above the sky. ;)

Photo courtesy : Afgan

Menara BCA, Lt. 56
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Thamrin, Central Jakarta

T : +62 21 2358 6996
Hours: Sun - Thur 10.00 - 01.00 /
Fri - Sat 10.00 - 02.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 50.000 - Rp 950.000
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  1. Mumpung belum terlambat, kami mengucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2015 ya.. Semoga di tahun 2015 mendatang kita semua akan diberikan kemudahan dan kesuksesan yang lebih besar lagi dari tahaun sebelumnya. (Salam kami sekeluarga di Pontianak. Kalimanan Barat)

    1. hahah takut kelewatan yah di post berikutnya lol, iya selamat tahun baru 2015 juga kang asep, amin amin amin, kang asep juga. :)

  2. Wahhh kerenn yaa..jadi kepengenn kesini..tapi no DsLR mah sama aja bohong yaa..*maklum super narsis! Hahaaha...merry christmas and happy new year anyway


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