Artsy Christmas Dinner at RoCA by Artotel Thamrin Jakarta

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joined my second Christmas Dinner with Geng Domba Unyu, and Tika chose the venue held in Artotel. Perfect! I wanted to go there at the first time I saw the place when I passed by + read the places in some food blogs, and this place is on my must-visit-place list on my life as I'm a graphic design student. Here, I will write down all of my experiences at Artotel.

Let's go.

Located in Jl. Sunda, beside Hongkong Cafe to be exact. About 300 meters before arrived, had some traffic in front of Sekolah Theresia, saw with GPS what happened and it showed some local traffic right after the turn to Jl. Sunda. We were super hungry at that time, and couldn't wait to sit in the venue.

Then, we finally arrived in front of Artotel, and that was the cause of the local traffic shown in Waze. Artotel is a small-sized hotel, and seemed many people went there too like us at that time. The parking lot is also small and has only one level basement, but there was no parking lot left at that time we arrived, even the way to go into and out from the basement were also full with cars. So, the parking officer said all of the cars parked inside Artotel used valet parking service, just give your key car to the parking officer and let them do the rest.

Welcome to Artotel.

Artotel Indonesia is an boutique hotel which inspired by art, which is the one and only hotel I knew for using the urban inspiration of applying the art to the hotel. Artotel made a collaboration with six local artists to paint its 107 rooms. Each artist designed a floor, so every floor has different urban contemporary style themed rooms, it means Artotel has 6 different themes in every floor.

As you can see, this small hotel is full of mural of giant squid with purple color domination.

You can see the first storey clearly from outside.

The lobby from above.

Need some direction?

How about going to the dining place?

Located in right section of the first storey, you can see it directly from outside. Actually, it's like eating in the lobby itself, as RoCA is just separated with some flowers so the lobby divided into two sections. But, RoCA has clear separation between the smoking and non-smoking room (the smoking room located in an alley behind the wall, will show you the photo later). Although the space isn't so spacious, but you can see how artsy the dining space is.

The seats and the ceilings.

The dining place.

Introducing you, Salt and Pepper, you can't separate them
because they have magnets on each hand.

Too hungry after trapped in traffic and heavy rain!

Orange Chicken Rice with Sweet and Sour Sauce. (Rp 52.000)
Actually I didn't try the fried rice, but Afgan said the fried rice tasted good with orange scent. Looking inside the hot plate and you will see how generous they give you the chicken meat, the sauce was great anyway.

Orange Chicken Rice with Sweet and Sour Sauce. (Rp 52.000)

Looks tempting, eh?

Beer Battered Jumbo Fish and Chips. (Rp 68.000)
Served with tartar sauce, look-like-wasabi sauce (the green one, had no any idea what it was) and lemon. To be honest, I was shocked for seeing it for the first time, it was SO JUMBO for paying only Rp 68.000 to get a portion of fish and chips! Battered with the perfect crispiness and generous french fries below the fish itself.

Beer Battered Jumbo Fish and Chips. (Rp 68.000)

Chicken Cordon Bleu. (Rp 98.000)
The most tempting one! The portion was even bigger than the Beer Battered Jumbo Fish and Chips (for me), so I expected the good taste of this. Frankly speaking, the cheese wasn't mozarella cheese. It was like from the melted cheese from the famous brand of cheddar cheese, two of my friends said they couldn't finish all of their Chicken Cordon Bleus as the taste of the cheese was too dominant and they couldn't stand of it. In spite of that, the chicken meat was battered perfectly and well seasoned.

Chicken Cordon Bleu. (Rp 98.000)

Spagetti Marinara. (Rp 72.000)
Little bit disappointed of seeing the portion at the first time, as I expected the fantastic portion after seeing Beer Battered Jumbo Fish and Chip and Chicken Cordon Bleu. But anyway, the sauce was great for me, the spagetti cooked al dente, the medium sized prawns were given generously (if compared with the other restaurants'), and the unexpected thing was... my stomack was super full after eating this one, so don't judge this spagetti marinara from its cover.

Spagetti Marinara. (Rp 72.000)

How about.....
I'm giving you a tour of Artotel?

Mural on ceiling.

Painting on the wall.

So many doodles on the glass.

Smoking area of RoCA which separated with the glass.

So many murals and typography doodles on wall.

And even more mural on the glass ceiling!

Taking a picture with the Christmas tree.

That iconic staircase of Artotel, but can't take pictures at there, too dark.

Some installation arts.

Found these on second storey.

Ijan the Oenjoe-Man!!!!!

Some quote added on the outdoor section.

Pictures together with Geng Domba Unyu (minus Janice + Aldo).

Nice venue, good foods in RoCA come with good taste and even affordable price (for having a dinner in A HOTEL!), and Artotel also has the always smiling and helpful officers who help people a lot especially in taking pictures! Recommend you to come to Artotel in day, I came there at night and kinda found a lot of difficulties in taking pictures with my camera as the venue was quiet dark, and so many photo spots (especially the staircase) are good when taken in day.

Thanks Artotel for giving us so artsy Christmas dinner experience with the best hospitality, will visit Artotel again for sure. *double thumbs up* :)

So, what's on the next post?

RoCA at Artotel
Jl. Sunda No. 3
Thamrin, Central Jakarta
(Opposite with Sarinah and 
Gereja Katholik Theresia)

T : +62 21 3192 5888
Hours: Mon - Sun 24 hours

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 300.000 for two
Website | FacebookTwitterInstagram

Also serving in :
Surabaya and Bali


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  1. Makannya gak impressive tapi hotel nya lucu ya...

    1. iya ko, tapi bolehlah... kalo mau kasi liat di socmed lagi makan di hotel nih, tapi harganya lumayan terjangkau hahaha. hotelnya lucu abis ko.


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