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Friday, November 28, 2014

I once heard about Éric Kayser, but I didn't find any curious thing that made wanna try it, until Cella was sooooo craving of tasting its cakes. She asked us to go to Éric Kayser as we, on last long holiday, hadn't decided the place to hang out at that time. So, I decided to find out more about Éric Kayser.

Éric Kayser Artisan Boulanger
Who's Kayser? I didn't know anything about him so I think this photo from Éric Kayser Indonesia's Instagram will tell you about him.

We were welcomed nicely, but..... I didn't really sure if I could use my DSLR there, as a friend once told me when his uncle wanna take some picture with his DSLR inside the mall, a staff told him if he had a permition of using DSLR or not, and he was asked to pay some amount of money to use it. Ehm, so I thought I had to be so careful to take pictures, although I'd only use the photos for my blog. -__-

Asked the waitress about it, and.... I got an answer : I couldn't use my DSLR, and please ask her manager for more information and permition.


Okay, let's become the good visitor, I kept my DSLR inside my bag, and use my mobile phone instead. So pardon the grainy pictures you'll see below, as we were eating inside and couldn't get any enough lighting source.

So, welcome to Éric Kayser.

The interior inside, love the unique lamps.

Those scrumptious guilty pleasure.

The cakes
Couldn't choose quickly which cakes we had to order, all of the cakes there were so tempting!

First round started!

So, from which one we'll start this?

Macaronade. (Rp 54.545)

This one is a macaroon, but in bigger version and includes raspberries inside. I love the presentation of this macaroon, just too beautiful to be eaten. Found some difficulty to cut it into pieces at the first time, but it was so fun to feel how macaronade tasted, the sweet macaroon melted with the sour raspberry melted in mouth together.

Royal Slice. (Rp 45.455)

Whoa, this one which made me very curious how it tasted, as I super duper love chocolate and the "Royal" word included in the cake's name, what a combination! So, I was super excited to taste this one, and it worths so much to name this one "Royal Slice"! The cakes consists layers from top to bottom : shiny chocolate paste with nuts, chocolate mousse, cream chocolate, and some solid crumbles. This cake's texture is light, and creamy, the taste is deep yet sweet balanced combination. For me, the most scrumptious chocolate cake slice I've ever tasted goes to THIS! *happy*

Coffee Walnut. (Rp 45.455)

Meh, pardon the picture, it was so dark and little bit grainy and shaky. For those of you who declare yourself as coffee lover, you should try this one. Just imagine how to drink coffee in other way LOL, it's a pie crust with coffee-tasted cream with walnut on it. I ate coffee-tasted cakes for many times, and all of them tasted so bad. But thank heaven this is the good one, never taste a coffee-tasted cake like this which can make me want to order it again.

Passion Raspberry (Rp 45.455).

Another bad picture of the day. This one is pie crust with vanilla cream filling and covered with raspberry fruits. I love the vanilla cream's light texture, but most of all, the taste is same like macaronade as they are using raspberry as the main taste.

Eclair Praline. (Rp 40.909)

In here, the eclair's tastes are pistachio (the long and green one you can see on the third pictures in this post) and praline, and we chose the second one. Praline in here is a cream which made from sugar syrup and nuts, the praline's texture is moist and I think it makes a perfect combination when it's eaten with the eclair.

Poire Tartin. (Rp 45.455)

I don't like fruit cake, and never ever ate it, but I dared myself to try Kayser's fruit cake. Consists pear cream with whipping cream on the top, the pear cream was little bit warm for me when it was served. The pear cream wasn't as sour as I thought, tasted good when it melted inside my mouth, with combination of mousse and crumble layers at the bottom. Overall it's so nice for me.

Plates of happiness, woot woot!

Anyway, Éric Kayser also serves you foods like soups, salads, appetizer, and main courses, price starts from Rp 68.000. It also sells breads which you can see on the right section of the shop.


If I'm asked to give my opinion in subjective way, I'm little bit disappointed I couldn't use my camera + can't capture those nice cakes for my readers. But, to be objective, I would like to say this bakery shop is the most visit place in your life! The cakes are the most delicious I've ever eaten in my life, I swear I'm not exaggerating. The price worths with every cake you will buy.

Hmm, conclusion for myself : save up some money for buying mirrorless DSLR, LOL! :p

Flower for you.

P. S. : I promise you to update the picture if I go here again one day with the better ones, and I wish I would be able to use my DSLR maybe on my next visit, as my friend said she saw the manager said to the waitress if I should've been allowed to use my camera. Yeah I hope it was true. :)

Éric Kayser Artisan Boulanger
Plaza Senayan, 3rd floor
Jl. Asia Afrika
Senayan, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 5366 0821
Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 48.000 - Rp 398.000
Website | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Also serving in :
 100 branches in 14 countries worldwide


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  1. aneh ya restoran kalo gak boleh foto ama dslr. apa urusannya coba ya.. kan suka2 yang mau motret :P

    1. ga ngerti juga hwhw ya syudahlah ko pasrah saja. :')


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