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Monday, October 13, 2014

A friend told me that a western cafe near my house has changed into Indonesian restaurant, I didn't realize it at the first time although I always pass that restaurant almost every day. I found it out one day after finished my class in university.

Umbul Umbul
What a unique name, but the only typeface show the restaurant's name in my opinion is little bit small. So pay attention while passing Jl. Meruya, it's located beside the gas station.

The typeface.

The place is mainly separated into two sections, the outdoor and indoor. The indoor one is use the mixture of wood and combination between black and white colors. It feels like sitting in like your own home. We were welcomed by one of the owners there, and she directed us to order the food outside.

The bar.

The so-homey corner.

Details of the room.

Where you can see what the menu of the day, and choose it.

The food
The owner that accompanied us at that night said the menu changes every day and night, just choose what do you want and the waiter will pick it them to the plate for you. While we were ordering the foods, the owner told us about the concept changing of the restaurant, she said the people around didn't notice to much when its concept was western restaurant, and they changed the concept into introducing how delicious the Indonesian food is. The market seems responsed good, she said many people who work in offices located in Meruya have their lunch there and make the favorite menus there runned out in the afternoon.

So here we go, here's my dinner.

Sate lilit. (Rp 8.000)

It's a special satay from Bali, this one uses minched chicken. The speciality of this satay is the using of lemongrass as the stick, it makes the satay has a unique taste as it's sweeter than the other ordinary satay. To good to be true, I love this satay!

Tongkol Suwir (Rp 8.000)

This minched tuna looks so spicy, eh? How spicy it is depends with how strong you can withstand with chilli LOL. For me, the level of spiciness and also the juiciness are good. And I got my Ayam Rica tender and juicy, it's little bit tasted like curry for me, the spices they used to cook Ayam Rica seep perfectly into the meat.

Ayam Rica (Rp 10.000) 

In here, I can know some menus I never see before, like sate lilit, so I think their idea to introduce the Indonesian foods to the people works well. I spent Rp 40.000 for the dinner including the drink, we think the price is good as now you can see it's very rare to find restaurant which provides foods with good portion and good taste plus the drink that you can get only under Rp 50.000, plus you can get the good ambience. I suggest they should play up some cozy musics, as when we came, it was so silent as they didn't play some musics.

Have yourself a good good night. 

Umbul Umbul Indonesian Food
Taman Aries Blok H1 / 1
Jl. Meruya Raya, Meruya Utara
Kembangan, West Jakarta

T : +62 21 586 3070
Hours : Mon - Sun 11.00 - 22.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 30.000 - Rp 50.000


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