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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Hi there, finally I've finished all of my Merapi travel series post, the things I want it to be done from years ago. Now, I'll tell you my experience of sipping a cup of coffee in a new coffee shop in my neighbourhood.

Seulawah Coffee
Well, actualy it's not a really new one, it's opened since months ago, but it's one of the youngest food and beverages shops which open in Pesanggrahan. But.. wait! It serves traditional coffee, from Aceh to be exact. You know, Aceh is one of the famous regions which produces coffee in Indonesia, especially its famous Kopi Gayo. It's such a unique concept to introduce the traditional coffees from Aceh with combining it with the industrial concept looking, and even Seulawah combines the coffee shop with....... barbershop!

Look at its neon boxes, you'll know what I mean.

When you entered Seulawah, you won't meet the door to come indoor directly. Well, I just surprised it has outdoor space, since when you look at Seulawah, it's like a full indoor cafe. The cafe's outdoor area is bigger than the indoor, when you come inside, you'll see the indoor area is separated into two section, the cafe is in right section and Kaminoke Barbershop is in the left section, as you can see the dressing tables and hairwashing stations.

A corner on outdoor area.

Industrial interior inside.

One of the corners inside.

Seulawah gives a classic touch with putting a vespa inside.

...and little bit touch of Swiss Style Design inside.

The people.

My favorite photo I captured in Seulawah.

The utensils to make the coffee.

Actually, despite having the room air-conditioned, the people inside were smoking. I thought at the first time there was a significant beetween the space for smoking and non-smoking section, you know... they have outdoor space which is bigger than the indoor one. Just let it go and as I was so impressed with Seulawah's concept, and I thought this place had to be so good.

So now, what coffee you would drink?

The drinks

Teh Tarik. (Rp 18.000)

Teh tarik? Everytime I go and order teh tarik, most of them have same taste and nothing's special, just a tea mixed with milk (or usually condensed milk). You know, it's so hard to find a teh tarik with the taste you've never tasted before. And thank God, I got that one in Seulawah! It's teh tarik just so different with the other, it's has balanced sweetness level if compared with the other super sweet ones served in other restaurants or cafes, and the most interesting one was... I thought I tasted a cinnamon inside this teh tarik. Recommended!

Kopi Sanger. (Rp 12.000)

It's like teh tarik but in coffee version, it's coffee mixed with milk. I ordered this one as I'm not such a coffee person, and I had a bad experience of tasting coffee which affected my gastritis LOL. The owner said we could choose if it was served hot or cold. I chose the cold one. Kopi Sanger is the one of the famous coffee from Aceh, it's brewed inside the socks-look-alike filter from cloth so it has no residue, and then it's shaken with milk and sugar until the foam formed on the coffee, and ready to be served. When I tried this one, the black coffee still tasted strong although it was mixed with milk and sugar, so I had to add some sugar.

Late night, I was awake all night and can't sleep, so I conclude Kopi Sanger has strong caffein. So I don't recommend you to try this one if you're not into caffein so much like me.

The only thing I don't like in Seulawah is its "smoking non-smoking room". But... yeah I have to mention Seulawah for having good tasted coffees which come with good prices, you just spend only less than Rp 20.000 to enjoy the authentic great coffees from Aceh, the prices are damn affordable, it's such the best thing to find another cool place to hang out with nice ambience and great price in West Jakarta.

What else do I order to substitute the things on the table?

And yeah, where do you find a traditional Aceh coffee comes in urban place like this? So come and have yourself sipping cups of coffee from Serambi Mekah.

I'm happy because my wallet is happy too. Thanks Seulawah Coffee!

Seulawah Coffee
Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 8
Kembangan, West Jakarta

Wi-fi : NO
Credit Card : NO
Price Range : Rp 8.000 - Rp 35.000


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