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Thursday, October 23, 2014

One fine day.

Planned going to somewhere with Thursmate a.k.a Thursday Soulmates, but we were so lazy to dress properly or even wasted money too much at that time, so we planned about hanging out with super low budget, and we went only with T-shirt and sandals, and even Aim just wore his gym outfit, loosy T-shirt and shorts like boxer HAHAHAHAH. Oh come on, this is the real us lah. (kita ini aslinya terlalu lancay lah, apalagi gua kalo kuliah HEHEHE)

Coffee Kulture
Located in one of the food center in North Jakarta, from afar, we thougth the place just like an ordinary two storeyed house, but later we noticed the place as we read the signing board. The place is small, but so homey and everything was packed inside, luckily we could have our seat there, but I couldn't take some pictures of its interior as too much people inside.

Welcome to Coffee Kulture.

And first thing first, this one is different with Koultura Coffee which located in Taman Ratu, West Jakarta. When one of my friends checked-in the location in Path, many friends guessed if we were in Koultura Coffee. Okay, nope.... they are different, and this one is located in North Jakarta.

A wall like chalkboard.

I couldn't take many pictures of the interior as everything was packed inside, and... yah you know lah maybe it's kinda annoying if you got a person brings his/her big camera and point the lens unto you (even we don't want to take a snapshot of the person, just wanna take some pictures of the interior!). Luckily we still could have a sit without waiting when we arrived there.

Let us have a seat and order what coffee you want.

The coffee shop was quiet small, but it was homey and colorful inside. The side of walls were drawn with chalk, and not like the other coffee shop which usually use the wood and neutral color palletes, the interior inside uses little touch of vibrant colors like red, purple, blue etc. The first emphasis you can see when you enter Coffee Kulture was the hanging instant photos on the mirror, you can put yours there if you want.

And let baristas make your coffees.

The smoking room was clearly separated with the non-smoking room, it was located in the back of non-smoking, and the floor was covered with synthetic grass, it's so nice like you're playing in the garden eh! Love it so much. But once again, I can't show you the interior of the smoking room, as everything-is-super-packed-inside.

The foods

Hot Classic Chocolate. (Rp 30.000)

Who doesn't love chocolate? For me, it's the most delicious taste in the world. We ordered this one, hoped it would came with a good latte art on it. But, seems the latte art which made on the chocolate can't stay too much longer than on the coffee, as you can see the latte art on the photo was so foamy and even we couldn't see it clearly. Skip about the look, and I sipped it, the taste wasn't too deep yet too sweet for me.

Matcha Latte. (Rp 32.000) 

Matcha latte is one of the favorite beverages here, you can order what kind of cute latte art on the matcha, we ordered like this one. Meh, so reminds me of my childhood lah, I love watching the movie series : TOYS STORY! This one is inspired from one of the Toys Story's character, Squeezy Toy Alien. The taste was good, not too sweet for me.


You can order some dimsum here, like we did. We love the lumpia, tasted crispy and not oily, one portion comes in 3 pieces.

Porcupine Pao. (Rp 17.500)

The cute menu from Coffee Kulture! We had been craving this one as people in social media said the filling was Nutella, thatsuperduperscrumptiouschocolatepeanutbutter. But...... the waitress said the filling was no longer Nutella, every month they change the filling of this pao, and that month the filling change into tausa (sweet red bean paste). But it was okay, we still loved tausa, and we didn't regret to order this one, the filling was generous inside.

Piggy Pao. (Rp 17.500)

The most mainstream bakpao in social media! Ehm, I'm telling the truth, right? The filling of this pao is liquid salted egg, and I bet you'll love it when you cut it into two, you can see that yellow egg melts outward, yum! I love the savoriness level of the salted egg, and it wasn't sticky inside my mouth (like the other salted eggs do to me, hiks). Better if you eat this one carefully, as the salted egg can stain your cloth.

"Holaaaaa everybodyyyy!"

Another alternative to hang out in North Jakarta, it's not located on that-super-packed Pantai Indah Kapuk, and it's so homey, although the cafe was small. The most favorite thing we like there : prices are affordable, and we could enjoy our day with cute latte arts and bakpaos!

Have a nice day.

P. S. : Thanks to Jason for helping me taking some photos.

Coffee Kulture
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya No. 37
Pluit, North Jakarta

T : +62 21 660 2234
Hours : Mon - Fri 10.00 - 23.00
Sat - Sun 11.00 - 23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 12.000 - Rp 65.000


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