Cafe Batik Datulaya Meruya

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's like a hidden gem, you know?

I mean, at the first time I know about this place from JKTGo, I just realised there's a cafe in the area which I never heard there was a cafe before. When I saw the photo of the cafe, I just "wow-ed" at that time as the place is so nice, and I was curious enough to see it by myself. It's located in border of West Jakarta and South Tangerang, exactly it's across Tunas Muda School Meruya.

To get yourself in Cafe Batik, find "ZANE Building",
as the typeface of "Cafe Batik" is too small to be noticed.

Cafe Batik Datulaya
This cafe's design is so Indonesian, at the first time you step there, you'll feel so traditional as you can see the wooden gate. They combine stone, wood, with Indonesian decoration in everything inside. Anyway do you wonder why it's named "Cafe Batik"? Because it has special package for the guest to learn about making batik process, and after that you can bring it home. But I didn't know it when I came here, as no notification or anything else about making batik there, I just knew it from internet. Maybe you can ask it later at the number phone below if you want to.

Anyway, they have a small gallery beside the dining place, it was closed when we came there. I peeped inside and there were lot of things inside, maybe it's opened in the afternoon, maybe I'll visit it later in another day.

The corner.

I asked the waiter when did the cafe open for the first time, and he said it has opened since a year ago. Eh really???? Why this beauty place didn't exposed much? I thought it's first opened months ago. They need lot of promotion via social media I think. My recommendation, you should take a seat on second storey if the waiter allows you, I saw in Instagram the seats in second storey more beautiful than in the first storey with its Bali decoration. Still wondering, the waiter said there's an office in the second storey too, I bet their office must be so nice.

When I saw a kitchen look-alike corner, it's just like.... your own home.

The foods
When me and friends saw the menu, they serve some homey menu like nasi goreng, mie, etc. But at that time, we were not hungry and decided to order some snacks. There's Ollino booth which served home made ice cream, and I was interested to try that one and kinda tried to reveal was it true if it was a home made ice cream?

Ollino booth.

Ollino Ice Cake. (Rp 16.000)

This is mine, anyway the packaging looks so simple yet little bit traditional, isn't it? *pardon me for the random thing like this, I'm majoring graphic design... so you know? Me and friends sometime just comment everything related with design LOL.*

There are three tastes in this ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Worth to try, those tastes blended perfectly inside my mouth, and you will find the small pieces of cake inside. The texture is so soft and little bit lighter than the famous ice cream you can find in grocery store, okay I proved it's a home made one LOL.

Ollino Neapolitan, another taste of Ollino's.


Okay, to be honest, this was the first time I knew there's a snack named bitterballen, and ate that for the first time in my life, I swear my mom never introduced this one to me and my bro in our lives HAHAHAH. It's a savory snack from the Netherlands, and popular in the the Netherlands' ex-colony countries like Indonesia, or the country which influenced by Dutch such as Belgium (FYI, Belgium uses both of French and Dutch languages as its national languages, as it's located beetween those two countries).

Okay, back to the bitterballen itself. Many sources said it similarly tastes like kroket, and.... even I always forget what kroket tastes like. Meh, and the sources said its fillings was meat based, either it's made become meat gravy or thick roux. Well, sounds good to have a bitterballen at that evening, but.... was I the only one of my friends which tasted the bitterballen's roux more like mashed potato than the meat based filling? *munch munch*

Hands in frame!

View from inside.

Chicken Kungpao Rice and Tekwan. (Rp 17.000)

And we ordered again some homey foods as dinners, to be honest nothing's special from the taste, but  the portion kinda worth with the price. Okay, let me take you to my mini tour outside, as the lamps were turning on when we finished the dinner.

Hanging kerosene lamps in tree.

Look, a sky full of...... bamboo hat, tee-hee!

My most favorite photo I capture here. :)

Karambol traditional boardgame and chess in the small stage.

Aha, find a spot to take some good picture.

Have yourself a good good night.

Cafe Batik Datulaya
ZANE Building
Jl. Meruya Utara Blok 3 No. 9
West Jakarta

T : +62 21 5890 1523
Hours: Mon - Sat 09.00 - 21.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range: Rp 16.000 - Rp 50.000


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