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Monday, September 01, 2014

Okay, new food review post from me. It's been a hectic week for me, I find a lot of things to do in this holiday but..... OMG I just realise that holiday will end 3 weeks later. I think I must finish all of those drafts in my blog, and start with this one.

The Stacks Burger
Located beside the famous LIN Ice Cream, pioneer of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Indonesia. It catched our eyes with its blue pastel color and radiant pink neon box, and we thought this place had to be so cute. Saw at the X-banner put outside that they sold Noodle Burger, that was why we came here.

But, just kinda lazy to add some writing as many as usual. So, let the pictures talk!

At the first time, I read it "The Stocks Burger" since the typeface was stylized like this.

Let's enter this door!

Kitchen located behind the cashier. Very similar cashier table like LIN Ice Cream's.
Order your food and pay here before sitting down.

They used rattan chair combined with pastel colored metal.

Just realised that The Stacks Burger was connected with LIN Ice Cream,
as they have a sharing outdoor place for smoking room.

A man ordering his burger.

A combination beetween metal, wood, with cement plastered, made a homey ambience.

They put some gardening equipment in smoking area LOL.

Colorful lamps.

Love the pretty yet clear look inside.

My foodie partners of the day.

A comfortable couch, feel like I can have some siesta there LOL.

What did we order?
We ordered its speciality, there are two kind of noodle burgers that we shared.

Marinated Beef Special Sour Chili Sauce. (Rp 54.000)

That patty burger!

Aim and Jason. 

Grilled Beef and BBQ Sauce. (Rp 54.000)

To be honest, there was no significant different beetween the first and the second one, as two of the burgers were beef. The only difference was only the dressing I think, the marinated one was little bit spicy but it didn't make any surprise for me. The patty was juicy and tender, and the noodle was little bit crispy outside. Nothing so special with the taste, but it's fun to eat burger in noodle version! And the price is quite worth if you eat those unique noodle burgers.


Here's the menu The Stacks Burger has, I captured it for you.

Look at this cute corner.

So, The Stacks Burger is under one group with The PapaBubble, I just found it when I saw this.

Go get some PapaBubble then.

Average taste, but The Stacks Burger such a great place for hanging out! Look at that cute place, you can enjoy having your lunch at the first restaurant in Jakarta which provides noodle burger. After enjoying your lunch, you can go get some liquid nitrogen ice cream at LIN, maybe?

Us, after the lunch.

The Stacks Burger
Jl. Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Kemang, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 7179 3774
Hours : Mon - Sun 11.00 - 22.00


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7 comment(s)

  1. Wow burgernya memang mengesankan "bertumpuk tumpuk" gitu ya mba. Hmmm sepertinya Yummy juga hiehiehiee. Nyesel tengah malam ke sini, jadi perut lapar dah melihat artikel ini. Hiks hiks huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. yah salah sendiri deh datengnya malem-malem. :P

  2. kerennnn sayang banget di banjarmasin gak ada yang kayak gini. asli gue sekarang kalau liat blog lo bawaanya lapar mulu bii -___________-"

    oya pernah dapat tawaran buat review tempat kaya begini gak?

    1. sebenernya sih gua juga penasaran, bisa ga yah kalo bikin sendiri mie burgernya? llaper yah... makan, hehehe.

      hmm pernah sih, kemaren kebetulan baru aja diminta review hehe.

  3. Untung obrolan waktu itu ga di share di sini :) wkakakw

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHHHH edan kalo sampe di-share di sini gua ga ngerti lagi jas'. :'''')))


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