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Saturday, September 20, 2014

At the first time I know OMG from JKTGo, I didn't realize if it's really near from my house, until one of my food hunting partners told me if it's near my house. So, we went by feet from my house and found it was closed! Lah, we were so confused why the new restaurant who promotes itself now closed so fast? So we went to newly open ice cream shop near our neighborhood.

Okay, I opened OMG's Instagram and found they are closed every Monday, so we went there again at another day. Anyway, OMG is acronym for "Original Meatball Galore". Located across Superindo Meruya, beside Pinot Bakery. At the first time I knew OMG, I was wondering, why they choose their speciality in selling meatball. Soooo.......... it just made me to be more curious what kind of menu they serve.

Say hi to OMG.

There's a futuristic-look bar in the first storey touch of red and black colors. We were directed by the waiter to have a seat in second storey. What a lovely place I saw, the lounge play with red and black tones, combined with wood materials and OMG plays with typography in every side of the room.

Typography you'll look when you are going to second storey.

One of the sides of the wall. Anyway, the OMG's logo kinda reminds me of
Swedish House Mafia's famous three dots, LOL! Pardon my absurdity.

Look at this cool place!

The foods
We were so welcomed by the owners and we had a chat at that night with one of the owner. Everything was started with his love to the food especially meatball and cheese, but he saw no restaurant in Jakarta provides meatball, so OMG was established and made meatball as its speciality. OMG serves home made foods, and experiments in making good cheese-based sauces.

So, here were the foods we ordered.

OMG! Sampler. (Rp 65.000)

Wanna try many foods of OMG in a plate? So do order OMG Sampler, you will get BBQ Chicken wings, onion rings, chicken fingers, mozzarela french fries in a big plate with homemade dipping sauces (tartar and honey mustard). Okay, I tried it one by one, they looked so tempting, eh?

Clockwise : Onion ring, honey mustard cream, BBQ chicken grill, mozzarela french fries,
chicken finger, tartar sauce.

The onion ring's little bit bigger than the other restaurants usually serve, I love the thick crispy dough on the onion ring. The chicken wings tasted so yummy, again, I love how OMG made the crispy skin tasted so different with the others I ate before. I'm wondering how they can made the crispy fried dough like that, tasted good!

How about the french fries? It's such a nice idea to enjoy french fries with mozzarela cheese, I always wanna eat french fries like this way since I was a kiddo, but kinda lazy to prepare it by myself. As long as I know, there's still no restaurant serves french fries like this. The french fries' cut was big, and the mozzarela cheese was so galore, really!

Anyway, we do love the honey mustard sauce, you must try it!

The chicken finger, thick chicken slice with thick, crispy and yummy crunchy dough.

Naked Balls. (Rp 38.000)

This one is OMG's signature dish, it consists homemade meatballs, covered with sauce, served parmesan cheese and focaccia bread. You can choose what kind of gravies you like : tomato, hot sauce (level 1-10), mushroom, cream cheese, pesto, black pepper, or OMG special sauce. And we chose the last one, to find out what does it feel like.

With french fries as side dish.

One portion consists three large-sized meatballs, the texture was solid yet tender. In our opinion, the key of the taste in the dish is : the sauce. We enjoyed so much eating the meatballs with OMG Special Sauce, it's a cheese sauce combined with tomato. However, we loved the sauce so much, as they added the tomato in right amount so it didn't taste so sour, and made an unforgettable taste when the cheese melted in my mouth.

The meatball!

Anyway, you can upgrade your meatballs with fillings with only Rp 10.000, available in two options : melted cheese and hot chilli. Or you can add a side dish with only Rp 12.000, available in 4 options : mashed potato, french fries, potato cheese, and garlic butter rice.

Triple Pannacota (Rp 22.000)

The infused Italian custard made with cream, and served with homemade sauce. There are three flavors were served in here : strawberry, green tea, and chocolate. I love the texture, soft like tofu. The strawberry sauce was nice, as it tasted so original, like you're eating the real strawberry. But we thought the chocolate sauce was too sweet like the ones sold in supermarket. The green tea sauce was the best from the three sauce served. But we hoped the pannacotas were served colder and more solid, but still, we love this one. :)

Nice foods + nice place! You know, West Jakarta doesn't have many culinary center places, not like North and South Jakarta. I'm so happy anyway, now I have a cool space to chill out, eating meatballs with cheese, cheese, and cheese.... and I just walk for only 3 minutes from my house to reach it. You know, in my neighborhood, the culinary centers are located only in Pesanggrahan and Puri, so crowded when you just wanna enjoy your time there. Anyway, cheese lovers, you should come here! They will give you cheese generously LOL.

So why don't you come here, go get some new experience of dining in the first meatball house in J-town! Best of luck for OMG!

P. S. : The place has a not-so-spacious parking lot, if you don't get a parking space, you can park your car in Taman Aries near the red shop house or in Superindo-Jameson. Anyway, they will give you 20% discount during its soft opening.

It tastes just like... heaven!

OMG - Original Meatball Galore
Jl.Meruya Ilir Raya 16A, Meruya Utara
Kembangan, West Jakarta
(Across Superindo - Jameson)

T : +62 817 793 653
Hours : Mon - Thur 10.00 - 22.00/
Fri - Sat 10.00 - 24.00 /
 Sun 10.00 - 23.00
Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Price Range : Rp 24.000 - Rp 135.000


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