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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hey, still following my newest travel series post about homestaying in Merapi? I hope you are, and I hope you're missing my food review post here. So anyway, I got an invitation to attend food tasting at brentwooD Grill, here we go.

brentwooD Grill
First I mistook if it was placed in Dharmawangsa Square, until I just realised it wasn't and I had to walk across the street because it was outside Dharmawangsa Square. You will notice the restaurant quickly at Ruko Dharmawangsa as brentwood's exterior is blue and dominated with wood. The place was quiet small seen from outside, but it was spacious when I entered in. Well, now let the pictures talk!

Welcome to Brentwood!

The very homey place, the warm lighting and wood material combination everywhere.

You can see the view outside clearly the big window.

You will find so many bottles inside set as decoration, lovely!

Going to another corner, the bottle is combined with paintings and some metal material.

At second floor.

Erdinger Champs bottles on the rack.

Favorite corner at second floor.

You will see quotes written on chalkboards in second storey.

Love the unique decorations inside.

Welcomed by the chef
brentwooD Grill was established by Chef Adriano Mazek. I never met people like him before, he opens his restaurant in evening after working in the morning. brentwooD opens everyday except Sunday as he takes a rest in the weekend. See? I believe Mr. Mazek has a great passion for living what he loves, especially serving you the great dinner with great quality.

Anyway, do you know if Mr. Mazek works as a dentist in the morning? :p

Chef Adriano Mazek.

The waiter poured the welcome drinks for us.

Bel Normande wine.


The foods served
There were so many menus to try, so I'll tell you all of those foods I munched at the day. *munch munch*


First I was impressed with the salad, it used sliced strawberry, and I never saw a salad like this before. Lovely presentation! But I'm not such a person who loves eating salad, and it came with bigger portion than other restaurants usually serve, so I didn't finish eating it all. The dressing was so sour for me, so I just ate it little bit and... done. :')

Escargot A L'Ail Et Au Echalotes. (Rp 70.000)

Another appetizer served for us, this one was people's favorite. I hoped I got a portion of escargot for myself, but we had to share two plates of the escargot with the others LOL. This one tasted SOOOO AMAZINNNNGGG you must try this one! This one was cooked little bit dry as it was seared with butter, it had perfect saltiness and savoriness level, and I love the taste of the provençale herbs.

New England Clam Chowder. (Rp 69.000)

The chowder consistency was good, and the potato cream was quiet good, but it wasn't warm when it was served. I didn't feel any clam in the soup, and I stirred the soup with spoon and found the clam was sliced too small, so it was like I didn't eat anything inside the chowder. Anyway, there are 2 breads on this menu, the first one used as bowl for chowder, and the second one is put on the plate's edge. The second bread is softer than the first one, and it tasted good.

Hokkaido Petoncles, Saffron Nage, Les Yeux Noirs, Et Petits Pois. 

The hokkaido scallops tasted good, as it was not too chewy. Love the saffron nage (the yellow sauce at picture) which completed the taste of the scallops. It came in fine dining portion, large plate and small portion, so it was too fast for me to finish eating this delicious petoncles. Me want mooooreeee...

Le Entrecôte. (Rp 200.000)

My entrecôte was medium-well one. It came in generous portion (as you can see it in the picture) served with tarragon sauce, pomme frites and walnut salad. It was juicy and tender so I had no problem of cutting it into pieces. I didn't try the pomme frites and walnut salad as I was concentrating of finishing the entrecôte LOL. I was so tired to munch the entrecôte as it was so big for me.

The juicy and tender meat, but the tarragon sauce was slightly bitter for me.

Chateaubriand Angus Steak. (Rp 195.000)

Okay, what's next? To be honest, when I saw the chateaubriand for the first time, it was like.... sushi?

All of the components seems didn't make any unity, and the mushroom terrine "fooled" me so I thought it was sushi LOL. Despite having not-so-interesting look, I prefer this one to entrecôte. This one is the sweet one, not like the entrecôte, and I'm so into this steak. This juicy medium-rare Australian angus tenderloin came also came in generous portion (but still the entrecôte was little bit bigger than this one) with red wine jus, accompanied with a yummy mushroom terrine and tomato confit.

As this one wasn't mine, Ika gave me a small portion of the leaf-wrapped ground beef (the right one in the picture), it tasted SOOOOO NICEEEEEE, it was super tender, more savory than the angus, and it just made me regret not to choose this one between two options given. She said that one I just ate was beef cheek, I wasn't so sure but I just believed what she said, tee-hee. :p

Really, don't judge the book by its cover. This one was the main star of the day, so I recommend you to try this!

Earthy Coffee Crunchy Almond.

There are three cakes in the plate. The first one, it is a bread dipped in white chocolate, you may say it is too sweet, but I like it (I'm a chocolate lover)! The second one is chocolate mousse, it's special because it's mixed with grilled coffee beans, you can taste the coffee when you eat this one. The third one is choux covered with white chocolate (again) filled with banana cream, this one was served warm. Although I don't like banana so much, this one tasted so good, the cream was soft and not too sweet. I just can say one word for the desserts : délicieux!

And... that's all folks!
The conclusion? I love brentwooD so much! I see the menu list price, it's very reasonable, and brentwooD gives you another experience to enjoy the Western food (especially French) in casual way. And the important thing to be highlighted, you'll be served by a dentist with great passion in culinary thing like I told you before! Anyway, I love the interior so much, wood's everywhere, my kinda dreamy place! :)

Chef Adri + William Tunggaldjaja (Country Manager of Zomato Indonesia).

William was sitting beside me when I had exciting conversation with Chacha, Heru and Yuke, talking about weird and nowadays less-used vocabulary like "betak" and "cipet" HAHA.
Chacha : Will, do you have Instagram? Let me follow you.
William : Nope, I just use Twitter.
Chacha : Go make an account then.

And William made an Instagram account at that time,
Me : LOL you made Instagram now! So who's be the lucky one to be first followed by you?
William : It's you! *giving his phone to me*

So, I was little bit proud at that time to receive an honor that my Instagram account is the first account he follows, LOL. *ga penting*

Shabrina Koeswologito (Community Manager of Zomato Indonesia),
me, Ferna Kinata, Heru Sugiarta, Chacha Willémse, Saezares Novandito.

Thank you so much for Zomato Indonesia for inviting me and other bloggers and foodies at BrentwooD Grill! I love meeting new people who have same interests like me, and it happened at #ZomatoFoodieMeetUp! We could know each other at that time, snaps the foods all the time, shared the best angles to do food photo shoots, had so many chit chats and everything happened there was very awesome!

Also, I wanna thank UBER Taxi Jakarta for giving the facility for me and others to be picked up by UBER's private taxi (photos are still in Chacha's phone)! I got a chance to go home with a nice and sexy black Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and it was FREE! *evil laugh*

Thank you #ZomatoFoodieMeetUp, looking forward for another meetup!
William, Heru, Shabrina, Yuke, Teppy, Chacha, Dito, Jessica, Qanita (Zomato), Ferna, Ika, Shelmi,
SoyaStacia, Selena, Step-Wibi.

brentwooD Grill Steak Bistro
Ruko Dharmawangsa Square
Jl. Dharmawangsa VI No 40 - 41
Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 7360 320 / 312
Hours : Mon-Sat 17.00 - 23.00

Wi-fi : YES
Credit Card : YES
Alcohol : YES
Price Range : Rp 50.000 - Rp 300.000


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  1. Wihh akhirnya di post jugaa :D bagus foto2nyaa and a very comprehensive review :)

    1. wah kedatangan stacia wahahaha, sayang kita ternyata ga ada foto bareng waktu itu. :')

      anyway, thanks for coming hehe.


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