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Saturday, August 23, 2014

There's a secret hyde-ing behind this H.

My holiday seems so flat, I don't go anywhere and get myself everyday sitting in front of my laptop and doing stuffs that I couldn't do when I had classes in university. Seems fine for me, am enjoying it. Few days ago, my high school buddies "kidnapped" me to enjoy the day with them together, wearing some nice dress (usually I just go hanging out somewhere with casual shirt) and going to Kemang.

But at D-day, I couldn't awake as my sleeping rythm is error on this holiday and I got a wake up call. Such a mess, I got myself in hurry to prepare. I wore a nice outfit, but less of make up at that day HAHA. So, pardon my sleepy face and baggy eyes of mine on the next photos you'll look.

The moment I know this place first time, when I was going out with my fellas from our dinner at Gulai Tikungan Blok M (recommended hawker food!). So, when we were reaching LIN Ice Cream, we saw the beautiful greenhouse-look-alike place, and quickly fell in love.

And I was here with my friends : Jason, Aim, Cella.

The atmosphere was humid inside, although the air conditioners were turned on. The interior were the mixture of minimalist yet luxury, with the touch of paintings on the wall, and the unique giant letter. My eyes were still atrracted with what Hyde is hiding from us, it was like we were sitting in the middle of hidden enchanting garden. I'll take you to the mini tour of Hyde.

The bar, with touch of gold and silver.

The unique giant letter, seems like the mini garden.

Floral painting on the wall.

I love this corner.

The bar using blue colored rattan chairs. 

The minimalist chandelier hung at the top.
As you can see, the roof was made of glasses, and covered by the cloths to reduce the sunlight.

I love the big windows inside, sunlight easily came through.

The standing by waitress.

Who doesn't like to linger?

We do love to linger. :)
Pardon my sleepy face.

What did we order?

Strawberry Flavored Tea. (Rp 25.000)

Peach Flavored Tea. (Rp 25.000)

The teas surprised me, they came in the big size glasses. It was tea with slice of fruits in the glass, Marcella's was strawberry tea, and mine was peach tea. How lovely to see the real slices of peach inside the glass, they gave the taste of fresh fruits to the tea.

Nice to try. :)

Peppermint Tea. (Rp 25.000)

Camomile Tea. (Rp 25.000)

Nothing special with the tea. If you order the tea, you will be served with hot water in a cup and sachets (actually, it's Dilmah Tea). Just pour the tea powder from the sachet and stir it, and add some sugar if you want.

The boys, Aim caught some flu so he prefer hot tea.

Lava Cake. (Rp 55.000)

At the first time, I thought this one was just an ordinary lava cake, you cut it and the chocolate sauce melts. But really, it wasn't. They used peanut butter instead of chocolate ganache, and I felt the peanut butter melts in my mouth scrumptiously. Really, it wasn't ordinary lava cake like the others, I can name it the most favorite lava cake I ever eat.

Earl Grey Cremeux. (Rp 55.000)

Curious enough with the name, so we decided to order this one. This one was a unique dessert, cylinder-shaped, shiny, looks creamy, and even we didn't even see dessert like this before. Named "cremeux", means "creamy". Cremeux is a dessert with unique texture, it mostly like a mousse but it's more solid and colder, like pudding. Served with earl grey tea infusion, chocolate chiffon, earl grey sable cookies, white chocolate soil, chocolate decor and jelly. But seems all of those things didn't make any unity in its presentation. Recommended enough if you like to taste the new things.

The texture and details.

#handsinframe! Ergh... I think it must be #fingersinframe

I love Hyde's service. They served us nicely, and even the waiter said to us we can take more photos inside Hyde, plus the kind waiter liked to help us taking some shots of us. But we little bit disappointed, the Chocolate Soil wasn't available at the time we arrived there. Anyway, nice place to hang out, so linger here and feel the airy mini garden which is hyde-ing in Taman Kemang. :)

Have a great day!

P. S : Some photos are captured by Jason, thanks buddy for your giving me your hand!

Hyde Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Taman Kemang 1A No. 8
Kemang, South Jakarta

T : +62 21 5610 3888 /
+62 817 17 0399
BBM : 26B06DFC 
BBM Channel : C00151B0A

Hours : Mon - Thur 11.00 - 00.00 (last order 22.30) /
Fri - Sun 11.00 - 02.00 (last order 11.30)


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  1. aku nggak pernah nongkrong-nongkrong kayak gitu. di sini mah nggak ada yang mewah, yaa soalnya sih isi dompet juga nggak mzx


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