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Friday, August 08, 2014

Few days ago, the neighbor asked the cousin and the blogger (HAHAHA if you know what I mean who they are!) to hang out, he craved some snacks at night. The cousin was very busy so she couldn't join the snacking time, and the blogger was free as she had nothing to do. Later, the brother was super bored so he came to my room and asked his sister to hang out to buy some snacks. Later, I told the neighbor the brother was joining the late night snacking, and we went to Puri Mall.

Hot Star
First, I know Hot Star from the cousin. She was in Taiwan for 4 years finishing her high school, and has many relatives in Taiwan (well, my distance relatives too), so she's like a walking dictionary as she knows everything about Taiwan when you ask her anything about Taiwan. Well, she said Hot Star is the first hawker which sells fried chicken in Taiwan Shilin Night Market in 1992, and this one is the most famous all-over Taiwan. The most famous food that Hot Star sells is its super large boneless fried chicken.

Hot Star.

The large chicken they sell while being seasoned after fried, looks succulent.

What did we order?
First, we wanted to try the famous large fried chicken. The waiter said they couldn't cut it into pieces, so we couldn't share the big piece of chicken easily, except we would share the chicken with biting it. So here were our order.

French Fries (at right) (Rp 16.363)

The boys ordered it with some spicy seasoning. Okay, skip the french fries. No significant difference with the other french fries. Tee-hee. :P

Original Chicken Bite. (Rp 31.818)

You can order Chicken Bite if you are sharing with your friends, one portion contains about 11 pieces. Fried in the right level of crispiness, and juicy. Kinda hot at first you eat it, so better if you don't put a whole of a piece of chicken in your mouth LOL.

That crispy texture... :9

Original Chicken Bite (spicy version). (Rp 31.818)

The spicy version, I love this one! Although at the first I was like exhaling some spices from my nose LOL, as they used blackpepper as the seasoning. In comparison, I like this one than Shihlin's, Shihlin fries its chicken too dry, less juicy, too crispy and put too much seasoning (for me).

The piece of happiness at that night!

Lychee Fizzy. (Rp 15.454)

My bro ordered this one. This should be lychee with soda,but I didn't taste any soda yet the strong flavor of lychee. It may be caused by the melted ice on this lychee fizzy so I felt this one too watery.

The menu shown on LCD TVs.

The chairs and tables are available in balcony with capacity for about 10 persons (First time I saw Hot Star, I thought it had no chairs and table to sit LOL). Anyway, next time I will come back here again to buy that delicious super large chicken. And no no sharing with my bro, I'll eat it by myself MUEHEHEHEHE. *evil laugh*

Enjoy the night.

Hot Star
Puri Indah Mall
Expansion Building, Lt. 2
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Puri Indah, Jakarta

Hours : Mon - Sun 10.00 -22.00


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