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Sunday, August 17, 2014


This post had to be in the bottom of my food and leisure draft posts, but I think this post must be published as soon as possible, as I'm not patient to tell you about this new kid on the block. Hearing about the hospital-themed restaurant in Jakarta, so me and friends went there. Named Hospitalis, not so far from Gandaria City Mall, it's located in Radio Dalam. I thought the facade of this restaurant would be so clean and full of white like a hospital. But, it was kinda like an old, abandoned and haunted hospital.. you can see it from the photo above.

Located in Jl. Ahmad Dahlan, this small road was so crowded at the time we arrived there. The parking area is not big, only about 3-4 cars can be parked. Although the restaurant was smaller than we thought, we were so excited to come inside. Everything is dominated with red and white inside, you will see the doctors and nurses are serving their patients, and the surgeons will cook for you at their operating room behind the bar. There's no separation beetween the smoking room and non-smoking room, so you will smell the smokes inside, although Hospitalis provides the seats outside. ;(

The doctor gave us the menu. After seeing the menu for some minutes, the doctor didn't come back again, so a collared man came to us and took a note for the drinks we ordered. Later, the doctor came back again to confirm our orders. Seems the restaurant needs more doctors and nurses to treat their patients.

The drawing outside, it tells you that you may call the waitress inside with "nurse".

The entrance door.

Chairs outside + a sfigmomanometer at the front table.

One of the "nurse" I captured.

Here was the operating lamp!
Oh, you got your sight blurred? Let's check it.

Ow, seems the doctors forgot to place their scalpels instead of spoons, forks and knife inside the box.

The wheelchairs.

What did we order?

Local Anesthetic. (Rp 40.000)

Aw look at this, a juice in beaker glass! It's been years I don't use any beaker glass, the last time I used it was at high school, while I'm in chemistry practicum examination. It was served with strawberry juice in syringe and....... some pills in spoon? Ow, that's fruity caviar, how cute the color is. Thought it was just an ordinary orange juice, but found some pinapple taste inside the juice, it's not too sweet yet too sour. So mix them together and I bet you'll love this refreshing drinks! Some tips from me, better to drink this one with straw, as the strawberry juice will settle at the bottom of the glass.

Vodka Shots with Jelly. (Rp 20.000)

Another unique drink we ordered. Actually we were confused how we would drink this, as you can see there was a syringe and two tiny bottles with the ices, so we were so stupid to mix them together like Local Anesthetic in the kidney-shaped bowl. I suggest not to follow our way to enjoy this drink, we forgot it was vodka, a vodka in a bottle, and it's not a good idea to mix it with cold water like us. Just drink it in a shot! Taste the jelly inside the bottle with the vodka, and spray the liquid in the syringe into your mouth. Or you may find another better way to taste this drink? Try to order this one and tell us the way you enjoy this one. :P

Mexican Blood Transfusion. (Rp 76.000)

Guess what, I thought this one was guava juice LOL! It's tequila watermelon juice, lime juice, mint, and grenadine (it makes this juice became red). You can order the mocktail version of this one if you don't like some tequila added into this one. You can set the stopper to make your glass on the stand quickly filled up with the drink. One bag is equal with 2 glasses.

Peeping the glass.

Waiting for the glass became full of blood.

In my opinion, Hospitalis should think about the separation between the smoking area and non-smoking area, that's the only important point they should care from me (nuff said). I was so impressed as it was my first time to hang out in thematic restaurant...... felt like I was in Grey's Anatomy's world (minus the McDreamy beside me LOL!). Anyway, welcome to Jakarta's food and beverage world!

So cheers for the blood we drank!

Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 31
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

T : +62 21 9782 6123
Hours: Sun - Thu 11.00 - 01.00 /
 Fri - Sat 11.00 - 02.00 


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  1. yang mexican blood tranfusion itu agak2 serem ya bi~~ udah langsung bayangin kalo itu tuh darahh.. *parnonya kumat*

    tapi keren, makin kreatif cafe2 sekarang~~

    1. namanya sih serem ci, tapi rasanya enak. :9

  2. org jmn skrg makin pinter2 aja.. haha..

    1. yep hehe, anyway you should try it, boss. :9


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