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Saturday, July 05, 2014

HERE I AM, free from the all of those torturing yet time killer ass-ignments! I just finished the 4th term and now having a very very long holiday. Now I can sleep as long as I can, as I make it such a great revenge for all those tiring times I had in this term. Anwyay, here's the first food review post after my latest hiatus! *drum rolls*

If you go to Summarecon Mall Serpong, you will notice the neon light of a pavilion in the Downtown Walk is glowing colorfully, changing into another colors. And the second storey of the pavilion has colorful windows, so it makes an emphasis for those who walk around there. The first time I saw that glowing neon light, it made me curious so much what place was it, but doesn't care even if that is a Korean restaurant. And now, I know that's it, too cool to be true, uh?

The another ordinary neon light, this one is not glowing and changing colors all the time LOL.

Wondering, what's behind the concept of the unique neon light and the vibrant colors used in the interior? So I opened Google Translate and type "Mujigae" in Korean. Well, it means "rainbow".

To go upstairs, you will step up into the stairs full of murals.

The unique seats, it's kinda like you're sitting in the cinema.

The colorful seats with attractive colors used in the interior.

Another corner of Mujigae.

The coolest thing inside Mujigae!
You'll notice something cool on every table in here. Yes, it's the interactive pad! With the pad, you can see all of the menu, and order your foods only with your finger. Still, the pad serves you the other unique features like taking a selfie, or even requesting some Korean songs to be played at the projector screen.

The interactive pad.

Once, I came here with Eban + Afgan. They tried a feature, typing the message and the message would appear at the projector screen. When they were eating, they saw a message rolling in the projector screen while playing the Korean songs at the same time.

"#11 : Eh jomblo, sendirian aja?"
(Table #11 : Hi single people, come here alone, eh?)

Afgan : Eh liat tu, dibilang jomblo. (Eh, look at that, they said we're single)
Eban : Coba dah lu bales. (Come on, just reply the message lah)
Afgan : Ketik apa nih? *ngetik di pad* (So, what we're gonna reply?)

After they paid the bill and gonna checked out from Mujigae, finally their message appeared and rolled in the projector screen. 

"#9 : Hai jomblo!"
(Table #9 : Hi single!)

And I just realised, table #11 was beside our table, and they read our message HAHAHAHA! Luckily we had finished the dinner and went outside Mujigae LOL. So funny, eh? :))))

What did we order?
Okay, focus on the menu of the day. So here were our dinner at that night.

Toppoki (classic). (Rp 26.364)

The appetizer, toppoki or the rice cake, served with crackers. This is my first time eating toppoki, since I heard that name on my favorite Korea comic "Goong", that Princess Shin Chagyeong very loves eating toppoki in the comic LOL. The taste of Toppoki is kinda chewy with the spicy-and little bit sweet sauce.

Dolsot Bibimbap + Korean Fried Chicken. (Rp 36.364)

The boys recommended me to try their favorite menu in here, so all of us ordered the same menu at that night. It consist Bibimbap (the rice served in the hot bowl with the vegetables topping), kimchi (the fermented vegetable), gojuchang sauce, and Korean fried chicken.

The bibimbap.

As I was capturing some photos of the bibimbap, Afgan said that I had to stir the bibimbap quickly with the gojuchang sauce. The reason was at their previous visit, they ordered this one and didn't stir it up for some minutes, and got the rice become crusts as the rice was inside the hot bowl. So I quickly finished the photo session and stirred up the rice.

The stirred up rice.

The taste of the bibimbap is so hotttt at the first time, the combination of the hot-bowled rice and the red yet spicy gojuchang sauce made me stopped eating for some minutes to wait the bibimbap cooler to be eaten LOL. Even the boys were opening their mouths and took some air to make the rice cooler inside their mouth HAHAHAHA. Afgan said, "You need some double-blower inside your mouth to eat this bibimbap" LOL.

Dinner with the boys who "kidnapped" me that night, Aldo and Ijan.

When the bibimbap was cooler, I started eating it, and love the taste. The spicy, sweet sauce of gojuchang is the key of the taste of Bibimbap. The Korean fried chicken was so yummy, it was little bit sweet but came in the large portion. Kinda recommend you to order the Dolsot Bibimbap set, the portion of the set was too large for me, as I could just finished half of the portion. Girls, you can share with you girl friend this one, pay one set for two persons lah, haha.

Korean fried chicken.

Red Velvet Sea Salt. (Rp 19.091)

I ordered this unique beverage. This one is one of the Sea Salt Drink series from Mujigae, mine was Red Velvet. The taste was sweet, little bit salt and kinda creamy.

Inside the glass.

If you're interested of tasting some Korean foods, I recommend you to go here. You can see the vibrant ambience here, with the unique yet modern features they serve for you, imagine that I ate my dinner only with touching the interactive menu from the pad and enjoyed watching Running Man at the large projector screen beside me LOL. The main point of my recommendation is : the price is cheaper than the other Korean restaurants, but the price comes with the quality.

So, come to Mujigae! Maybe you can find your Korean idols become the pillowcase of your seats LOL!

Mujigae - Bibimbap & Casual Korean Food
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Downtown Walk, GF
Jl. Bulevar Gading Serpong
Serpong, South Tangerang

T : +62 21 2931 0434
Hours : Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Also at :
Cihampelas Walk
Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Summarecon Mall Bekasi 


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  1. enak ga bi? td gw liat mw buksa di supermall nih. asik deh bisa dicoba kapan2 :D

    1. enak cuy, porsinya segambreng lagi, jangan lupa rumus "beli satu buat berdua" karena ga bakal abis sendiri haha.

  2. Waduh neng pake read more dong, hehe. Kepanjangan scrol kebawahnya di main pagenya.

    1. hehe, sayanya ga suka pake read more, nanti orang males baca. :')


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