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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Actually I didn't quietly believe when I knew there was a newly opened cute cafe at Tanjung Duren. Yeah, you know... I used to go every weekdays to Tanjung Duren (as my high school I attended is in Tanjung Duren), and found none of the cute cafe although Tanjung Duren is one of the culinary spot in West Jakarta.

The Bailey's and Chloe was making me so curious as I got some of my friends checked-in at the social media, so me and Matt + Elle aka Trio Umbi tried to reach it.

....But damn the Foursquare check-in points, two venues labeled with "The Bailey's and Chloe" were wrong. Super hate lah when the Foursquare user made the venue but it's not made in the correct place. They made it at their house, so even though it's labeled with the restaurant's name, but GPS detects the venue in his/her house.

Ah forget it lah... I think only the Foursquare + GPS user know what I mean.
The conclusion is.... we couldn't reach The Bailey's and Chloe with GPS as it pointed to the wrong place at that day. So we went to Tsurukamedou (review is in here).

The Bailey's and Chloe
Finally can get ourselves here (well, minus Elissa, she suddenly canceled joining the dinner)!
Here's some direction to go the venue, as GPS will direct you wrongly if you use it :

At Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya, go left when you see Hepitea Story, and go straight about 100 meters until you can see the neon box of The Bailey's and Chloe at the right side, near Kedai Es Pisang Ijo Pemuda.

Now, meet Bailey and Chloe. :P

The Bailey's and Chloe has two storeys, so me and Matt sat at the first storey. The place was kinda small as the aisle to go upstairs wasn't spacious, but kinda made me freak out that the place was cute.

I don't know, but for me, sitting here is kinda like sailing to somewhere.

Peeping from where I sat.

Got a night call?

A cute rack, they had some magazines to read.

A small retro radio.

And now.... let's go upstairs.

Purple colored room with the half round sofas, and the smoking room outside.

The corner of the second storey.

Some quotes at the corner.

Recommend you to have a seat here, because you can get this above your head. :3

What did we order?
Time for snacking and collecting the fats LOL. Anyway here were our orders.

Dip Chips. (Rp 15.000)

Pick it up...

This one is potato chips served with mayonaisse and like-a-barbecue sauce. It has perfect thickness and crispiness, and I like the way they wrote "Enjoy" at the plate LOL.

Money Bag. (Rp 15.000)

This one is fried chicken mince covered with dumpling skin. Despite having a smaller portion of chicken mince that I thought, but this one is so freaking nice to eat, and this one wasn't too oily.

Thai Fried Rice. (Rp 25.000)

I ordered this one as I forgot I hadn't had dinner at home, the seasoning used in the fried rice was kinda strong, and little bit sour as it was cooked with pineapple. And, oh.. it was super hot at the first time I ate some. Didn't find the chicken mince much in this menu, but it's pretty nice to try.

Pomegranate Yoghurt. (Rp 15.000)

This one tasted so good! Kinda doubt if it was the real pomegranate, because when I stirred all those up and sipped it, it was like jelly. Recommend you to order this one.

Lime Mojito (Rp 15.000)

Nothing's special, jut like the other ordinary mojito for me. But really, I always love sipping mojito, it always tastes great for me.

Not-so-spacious place + less variations of menu. But I give plus point for the cute interiors, the separation between the smoking and non-smoking room, and the "shocking" price here as you can spend only about Rp 15.000 - Rp 30.000 for the foods and Rp 5.000 - Rp 18.000 for drinks! I thought this place's price list is about $$-$$$, but when I read the menu and got the price is just about $, I just put a "really?" face. So this place is very recommended for you. Go and have some nice chit chat with your friends here.

Enjoy the night, guys.

The Bailey's and Chloe
Tanjung Duren Utara IV No. 55A
Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta 11470

T : +62 812 1088 8081
Hours : Sun - Thu: 11:00 -23.00 /
 Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 24.00

TWITTER : @ARSubrata | INSTAGRAM : @ARSubrata

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