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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Headline of the day. Have you ever heard about the magical train?

Once upon a time, there are orphaned twins named Hans and Belle. They are inherited a magical train by their parents to travel around the world to collect the all things sweet! Whoever they meet at the journey, they will entertain them as their new friends with the best and finest ingedrients they have. Yeah, you! You can become friends with Hans and Belle, so meet them now at their magical train!

Here we go!

Hans and Belle
Weeks ago, me and my bro decided to go to Puri Indah Mall to buy some breakfast as there was no foods at home. When we ate together, what happen was going on, I just noticed besides the superultradelicious Din Tai Fung was crowded by many people, then I found a new cake shop just open. Fell in love in 5 seconds with the cute interior inside that I saw from far, and write it down in my checklist to visit.

Do you have a crush with this new cake shop in just 5 seconds with me when you see this?

Finally, can get myself to taste some cakes here! Yah, without my bro, but Trio Umbi. We had to wait about 20 minutes for getting seats for three of us, everything was packed inside.

All Things Sweet!

Super cute table in front of the cake shop.

Pastel colors.

The quotes that makes you gain weight too much, hahah!

Watch out, rails above your head!

What did we order?
First when you have a seat, a waiter will give you the menu, but that only lists the main course and beverages. So if you wanna order some cakes, you have to go to cakes counter and choose which one you wanna try, and the waiter will serve it on your table.

The cake corner.

So, here were our orders!

Thanks Matt for helping me capturing this photo.

Thai Ice Tea. (Rp 28.000)

Elissa + Matt gave me a question, what they were drinking. I couldn't even guess it, those drinks had same color but the other one had some white layer. And guess what? They tricked me with saying they ordered different drinks, their drinks are same, Thai Ice Tea. But the difference was Elissa had stirred it up. =___=
Won't write even about the Thai Ice Tea, yah you know, most all of the Thai Ice Tea everywhere have the same taste.

Green Apple Mojito. (Rp 28.000)

I read "green apple" words at the menu, and interested so much to try this one. This one is a very refreshing drink, like you're drinking apple juice with mint taste. Recommend you to order this.

Night Owl. (Rp 22.000)

Too cute to be eaten! This one has layers of Oreo-tasted sponge cake with vanilla cream and Oreo crumble outside. Soft and has enough sweetness level. And anyway, look at the eyes of the owl, like he begs you not to eat him. Sorry Mr. Owl, I bought you to slice you into pieces MUAHAHAH! *evil laugh*

Red Velvet. (Rp 28.000)

This one wasn't as perfect as we thought. Frankly speaking, the outside layer of the cake wasn't "fresh" anymore, as we ordered it at the closing time and the cake was displayed all day long. But still, the inside layer of the cake is still delicious. Kinda recommend you to order this one not at the closing time of the shop.

Dorian Gray. (Rp 25.000)

Dorian Gray? It just reminded me of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" story that once I read. Still wondering why it's just named Dorian Gray, a British narsistic character who has a painting of himself and doesn't age for 18 years? Taste the cake, and you'll find the taste of Earl Gray Tea at its light cream. It's like you're eating the tea itself in the form of cake in the afternoon tea session, makes this cake is so British. Recommend you this one so much, very unique.

See? Not just me who was being so lunatic to capture food photos, eh?

Even I lend this guy my DSLR camera as he thought he found nice angles to be captured LOL.

Anyway, my friend had a lunch here and she said the main menus are quiet standard, but still have reasonable prices. But the cakes are lovely, such an exception for not ordering the cakes here.

Take a tour at Hans and Belle's crib
So crowded inside, although it was 30 minutes more before the closing time of the shop. Couldn't take many pictures more as the nice spots for taking pictures are "invaded" by the people LOL. As you can see in the photos above, the interior is like you're sitting in the train, with wooden rails above your head, and see the little things are hanging to entertain their new friends.

Hans, is that you?

A classic teddy bear box.

All abroad!

What time is it? Even the clock doesn't tick for you,
the time stops so you may play in here as long as you want.

Good bye Belle! See you next time!

Hans and Belle
Puri Indah Mall, 2nd floor
Jl. Puri Agung Indah 75B
Puri Indah, West Jakarta 11610

T : +62 21 5835 2246
Hours : Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00

TWITTER : @ARSubrata | INSTAGRAM : @ARSubrata
E-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com

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