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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Was planing for having dinner with Trio Umbi a.k.a Matt and Elle! It's been a long time we don't have any dinner for three, the last dinner was at P&B Coffee Shop PIK. We planed to have dinner together at a newly opened cafe in Tanjung Duren, but damn the GPS and Foursquare, even they couldn't direct us to the cafe, all that we saw just nothing when the GPS said "You've arrived at the destination".

Elissa was super starving, she had just finished teaching Mandarin near Matt's house, and we decided to change our dinner direction to Taman Ratu. 

Saw this ramen station, and immediately parked the car to have some ramens here.

I knew this place when one of my auntie's sister (she is the one of the owners of Tsurukamedou) posted photo in Facebook and Instagram about Tsukuramedou when it held the grand opening long time ago. It has such a complicated name eh, at the first time I read then I always knew this ramen station as "Tsu-ku-ra-medou" HAHA. Even don't care what's the meaning behind that tongue-twisted name.

And then..... I know the meaning of Tsukuramedou when Elissa, said, "Eh! The meaning is house of turtle and crane"! Yah, she can speak Mandarin since kindergarten and was 4 years in Taiwan for finishing her high-school, as Japanese also use Chinese characters in their writing system, most all of the meanings are same. 

This ramen station is not too big, consists about 8-10 tables (forget the exact number), 1 table for 4 persons. Earthy materials are the emphasis of the interior, the woods material inside are made with minimalist style. You can see how your ramen is made at the semi-open kitchen at the back corner. I believe Tsurukamedou is just using the Zen's "less is more". Anyway, Tsurukamedous is originally from Japan, this ramen station is the first and the only branch in Indonesia.

Matt, our "big bro", and his iPad, his iconic pose in this blog HAHA.

They had many Japanese comic magazines!

Reading the comic magazine while waiting my ramen.
*OMG my baggy eyes! Working for my assignments too much + less sleep*

What did we order?
So many mouthwatering and tempting menus, and we ordered these.

Tonkotsu Sishen Ramen. (Rp 45.000)

This one was mine, I love the broth, it was savory and milky, I heard that the broth was made from the slow-cooked pork bones until about 16 hours. Not too oily is another point of this broth, and I thought I made the right decision for choosing the spicier one (Sishen), as the taste was richier and spicier.

So what's the first point you think when you hear "ramen"? I bet you're imagining the thick noodles like the other restaurants'. Well, it's an exception in here, Tsurukamedou used the thin noodles, made this ramen is so Hakata-styled. Easier to handle with chopsticks, eh?

I must tell you the most important point about this ramen, the chasius were sliced thicker than the other restaurants'! *yeay* You know? Couldn't eat this ramen slowly, I found I made some drops of broth at my T-shirt after I finished eating.

Love this one!

Tonkotsu Ramen. (Rp 45.000)

Tonkotsu Ramen was Elissa's, it was the other version of my ramen which wasn't as hot as mine. The taste was milder than mine, but still I prefer the Shisen although it wasn't as spicy as I thought. You can look at the half-cut egg, love the way they cooked it half-done (I don't like well-done cooked egg yolk), the tamago was so tempting!

Chasiu MUAHAHAH!!!! :p
Don't worry, they still have the tori (chicken) ramen version for those who don't eat pork.

Buta Grilled Gyoza. (Rp 32.000)

You can custom the gyoza, the options are buta (pork), tori (chicken) or ebi (prawn) + you can choose the grilled or fried ones. We chose buta grilled gyoza, and it tasted so good, they grilled it perfectly.

Surprise from Tsurukamedou! The waitress gave us dessert after we finished eating, and it was FREE! *clapping hands*

Dessert time!

Introducing you their new menu
They have new promotion for their new menu, Shio Ramen and Buta Chasiu Gohan. For Shio Ramen, the normal price is Rp 45.000 and  Rp 32.000, but for the introducing price you can get it with special price only at Monday until Friday:

  • Shio Ramen : Rp 36.000 (at 11.00 - 17.00) / Rp 38.250 (at 17.00 - closing)
  • Buta Chasiu Gohan : Rp 25.600 (at 11.00 - 17.00) / Rp 27.200 (at 17.00 - closing)

This promo included free Ocha, with the credit card minimum payment Rp 100.000 at weekdays / Rp 200.000 at weekend, and it ends at the next announcement from Tsurukamedou.

Just a random thing I wanna tell you
When we were eating, Matt said to us that the men sat next to us were Japanese, as he noticed the men were speaking in Japanese. Eh? Really? I even didn't notice they were Japanese, thought they were Chinese like us. I bet Matt could hear what they were talking about as he learned Japanese. :p

Matt said, "It's so rare to find Japanese expatriats eating next to you when you're eating in West Jakarta". Not so rare lah for me, sometimes I have dinner together with my church friend (my church is in West Jakarta) and the Yukimachi sisters + Pandana brothers, ones of my church friends, have dinner next to me HAHAHA!

Just kidding. Well, we mean, even the Japanese (the men) themselves eat in here to seek the great and authentic tastes of Tsurukamedou's ramens.

Our satisfied faces, you just don't see our muffin top stomacks after eating LOL!

Jl. Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok A2 No. 8A
Taman Ratu, Greenville
Duri Kepa, West Jakarta

T : +6221  5694 0712
Hours : Mon - Sat 11.00 - 22.00 / Sun 10.30 - 22.00
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

E-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com

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