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Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally, can breath some air of freedom of not touching some ass-ignments and assistances for some days! As you know, people are taking some long holiday during the upcoming national holidays at Tuesday and Thursday. Let me write another lunch diary, here we go!

A week ago, Matt asked me to accompany him to go to the T-shirt vendor together. What a coincidence! I also searched a T-shirt vendor for doing my entrepreneurship project for at the end of this term, so I didn't attend audio visual class, and went together to Karawaci. Such a nice thing having a friend that has same interests with us, Matt's been like my senior in design stuffs since years ago.

Were soooo hungry after finished the business, and we went to Benton Junction. Still thought to go to Mom Milk even, but at the time we wanna go there, a waitress gave us a brochure about lunch promo at Lady Alice Tea Room. Interested, we tried to have lunch here.

Temptations from the inside!

Have some tea? I guess nope, we were too hungry, so cakes weren't enough.

Lady Alice Tea Room
First time I know this cafe was when I hung out with my family at Gandaria City. The interior in here is bluey, flowery and it's like you step into wonderland. I bet when you hear about this cafe, you're just thinking about "Alice in Wonderland" haha.

Kinda love this bluey tipographic name style.

Clean and dreamy interior inside.

The patissier made some cakes.

Love this place, as sunlight easily came through the window glass.

What did we order?
The super hungry kiddos ordered some lunch promo by Lady Alice, and here were our lunches.

Curry rice. (Rp 40.000)

The detail.

Served like Japanese Rice Curry. But nothing special for me with the curry, kinda love the taste of the rice. The rice was buttered and  fried with garlic, but it wasn't fried rice, the rice was just like stir-fried up for a while.

Spagetti Meat Ball. (Rp 50.000)

The detail.

This spagetti was quiet standard, but the one that I love from this spagetti : the generous meat sauce. I don't like the moment when I found I ordered spagetti with less portion of meat sauce, and I didn't find it at this spagetti. Pretty nice.

The view that you can see from the outside.

Anyway, if you walk passing Lady Alice, you will see the pattisier making some special cakes that only served at Lady Alice. You may call it : Chimney Cake.

Chimney Cake or Kürtőskalács, is a popular traditional pastry from Hungarian-speaking regions. The dough of the cake is wrapped around a metal stick with cylinder that makes the cake has a hole inside. Then, the dough is rolled onto sugar and baked until the sugar melts into caramel. Traditionally, the cake is made when having a special occasion such as birthday or wedding. I could see the making of the cakes live from my seat, how tempting were the cakes when they were made. Duh, like the cakes were calling my name when I saw them, so we decided to order the chimney cakes HAHA.

So here they were! (Rp 28.000)

We ordered two kinds of topping, mine was cinnamon and Matt's was glassy sugar. The chimney cake was little bit soft outside but crispy inside. It wasn't too sweet although the dough was rolled in sugar before baked. I like the glassy sugar one than the cinnamon.

Lady Alice serves packages of chimney cakes : chimney cakes only (Rp 28.000), chimney cakes + dipping (Rp 34.000), chimney cakes + drink (Rp 48.000) and chimney cakes + drink + dipping (Rp 54.000).

You can choose you favorite chimney cake, here they are :

  • Signature : coconut, almond chocolate, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, meat floss, chocolate, rainbow, sugar, cinnamon.
  • Favorite : mix fruit, garlic, sausage.
  • Puff pastry : cheese, rum and fla, chocolate, peanut, vanilla.

Wondering enough about the dippings, eh? They are chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, cheese, and even wasabi! Curious enough to taste the wasabi dipping?

I recommend you to taste this one.

I prefer ordering some desserts and afternoon tea than having lunch here. The main menus are quiet standard and little bit pricy. But recommend you to order the unique teas served by Lady Alice, many people said the teas are so good. Oh, don't forget to taste the chimney cake, it's so delicious and only served by Lady Alice, as they are the first cafe which bring chimney cakes to Indonesia. ;)

Feel the wonderland!

P. S. : Anyway, this is the first post which the photos are captured using my Galaxy Nexus, not so bad, eh?

Lady Alice Tea Room
Jl. 2121 Boulevar Palem Raya
G#22 Benton Junction
Lippo Village, Tangerang

E :
Hours : Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

Also in : 
Gandaria City Shopping Mall, Level 2
Jl. K. H. M. Syafii Hadzani No. 8
Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta 12240
T : +62 21 2923 6376

TWITTER : @ARSubrata | INSTAGRAM : @ARSubrata

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8 comment(s)

  1. hi, thanks for sharing your food review
    berguna banget neh, kebetulan istri suka makan yang aneh2 :D

    btw kalo yg ini locationnya di Benton Juntion di Karawaci kan?
    kebetulan saya kerja di daerah Lippo, tapi tinggal di Jakarta, jadi tau2 dikit daerah Tangerang

    Salam kenal, semoga reviewnya makin banyak

    1. setelah baca kalimat "istri suka makan aneh-aneh", langsung ngebayangin istrinya suka makan beling, buahahahaha. *gak deng, bercanda hehehehe* :p

      iya ini yang di daerah karawaci seberangnya UPH, salam kenal juga, kalo berkenan monggo subscribe lewat e-mail aja ato follow blog-nya pake google biar ga ketinggalan post-post makan terbaru hehe.
      anyway, thanks for coming + drop a comment. :D

  2. Itu kuenya mengingatkan gw sama jajanan pasar yg bentuknya panjang kayak gitu, mirip bgt, tp ujungnya kerucut kyk es krim conello, isiannya kayak krim kue sus gitu. Tau kan yg mana kuenya?

    1. bisa dibayangin, tapi tapi eh tapi... kok aku ga tau yah kuenya yang mana HAHAHA.

  3. i love the interior! emang dasarnya lebih seneng tempat yang cerah gitu sih (buat foto-foto hihi), dan sesuai ama konsep tea room-nya ya.

    anw Bi, u might want to see my newest post. gak tau sih lo udah tau tempatnya atau belum, tapi affordable banget harganya dan asik buat nongkrong huehehehe

    1. iya banget lynn haha, tapi kalo gua sih lebih seneng liat yang di gandaria, soalnya booth sama tempat duduknya kepisah lorong orang buat jalan gitu, lucu. kalo yang di benton sih lantai bawahnya kecil gitu, tapi ga tau deh kayaknya yang di atas bagus.

      sip, meluncur ke te-ka-pe!

  4. Hi! Nice too see the review! Saya tau blog ini dari Lynn yang ada di atas comment ini, *sundul atas* hehe. Tempatnya kayaknya oke. Just for additional info, di Lady Tea Alice Room ini bisa dapat privillege kalau pakai Jakarta Pass. Tapi cuma berlaku di Gandaria City aja. Must visit this cafe nih! If you don't mind, bisa visit-visit punya saya di There are some reviews there. Keep blogging :D

    1. *sundul sayang si lynn*
      waoww nice info, sempet denger "jakarta pass* tapi sebenernya ga kepikiran itu apa haha. kayaknya musti punya satu nih hoho. thanks for the info.

      *meluncur ke blog-nya icha*


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