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Monday, May 05, 2014

Experimenting by making the first food review post in English. *cough*

Decided to write in English as it's been a long time I don't write and speak in English. The last post I wrote in English was this post about Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 (and actually, it's bilingual), and the last time I spoke in English was...... *drumroll* the moment after I ate weeks ago, later will tell the story with whom I met at that time.

To make it short, I'll write my food reviews in English until the next 3-4 posts. If I get no difficulties, I'll write in English consistantly. But still, in my style, I don't like writing in formal ways (kalo di bahasa Indo, istilahnya gua males banget nulis kalimat berbunga-bunga), am writing in casual way as simple as you can understand it quickly. But don't worry, will still write posts about my university life in Bahasa, and planing about making the posts under the 'travel' labels will be bilingual. So, pardon me for my broken English in some posts, still practicing, as Indonesian rarely talk in English actually. :')

Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho
I was waiting someone for meeting up at Grand Indonesia, and because of some problem, the meeting was delayed. I hadn't had lunch at that time, I just walked around to decide which restaurant I'll stay to eat, and my eyes got caught by an unique restaurant named.....

Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! or H5 for short.

Why unique? It seems like vintage American restaurants from the outside, and I peeped for about 10 seconds to see the interior inside the restaurant, and it was veryyy niceeee. As I told you once in this review post about Fook Yew, my dream was to be a interior designer. Since a little kiddo I like seeing the unique places with the amazing interiors they have, and marked Ace Hardware or Informa or what else that sells furniture and unique goods as my favorite place after the bookstore LOL. But actually, am majoring visual communication design now. Don't ask me why, I really don't know the answer haha.

Back to the topic, sooooo..... I decided to have lunch here, to see more about the interiors actually, tee-hee!

Let's eat!!!!

Ow, before I forget. When you visit the Asian restaurants, you will see the interiors are always Asian-looked. But an exception for this one, it's just out of the box. Although H5 has some western vintage concept for the interior, I just noticed that the menus are Vietnamese foods. I didn't read the neon light outside, it was written "Asian Street Food & Bar". Well, I was "fooled" with the interior.

Anyway, I love the way the ambience, where you will see how great the interior designer made the awesome place with metals, woods, colorful ratans seats, vintage things displayed, and awesome illustrations with vibrant colors. It was quiet dark inside, so I captured the pictures with high sensitivity, so forgive me for the grainy pictures.

The unique lamps.

Look at the floor, H5 makes it similar like textured pavement road.

View from my where I sat.

Love the illustration so much.

The bar inside, kinda love this spot as you can see all stuffs are shining here LOL.

What did I order?
As I only have one stomach, I didn't order many foods. At the time, I want to try some new menu that I was very curious about the taste, but as I was super confused to choose, suddenly I just miss some food that I haven't eaten for some years.

Vietnam Beef Pho. (Rp 57.000)

I know it's kinda stupid, to visit a new restaurant but you just order the food that you've known the taste. But my love to Pho (the correct reading of 'Pho' is actually : Foo) just never dies lah *lebai*. Actually the Pho was quite standard for the taste. But if I compare with the other Pho served in a restaurant, the broth was more delicious as it was little bit thicker and spicier than the other restaurant's. I ate this with the black spicy sauce (forget the name) served, and tasted much better, and left only the garnishes (which I don't like to eat). This Pho won my heart.

Thai Tea (Rp 25.000)

This one is just also my favorite, even it was the mainstream one to order, just miss the taste of Thai Tea.

When I read the menu, I found the range of the food menu is Pan-South East Asian, even you can find a menu named "Nasi Campur Aunty K", I believe lah Vietnam has no Nasi Campur haha, it's very Melayu. For your info, you will spend at least Rp 100.000 per head, but for me it's still okay as I'm just still impressed with the lovely interiors and ambience in H5.

About the service! The waiter was very nice, he explained the menus to me, recommended me some menu to try as I was still confused to choose the food, and the most important point is.... he offered me to use H5's wi-fi after I finished ordering as he saw me reading news in my smartphone. I found that so rare the waiter offers the wi-fi password at the first time you sit at the restaurant, it makes a contrary about the situation when you wanna use the wi-fi and you have to call over the waiter. Excellent service! Thanks H5! :)

Someday will go here again to try the other foods.

Illustration inside the restaurant, which one are you? :P

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  1. bii.. blog u yg tentang dosen ganteng kok uda ga ada ya? hehee
    maapp komennya ga pake bahasa inggris.. ga bisa euy hehe

    1. selow aja hahaha ga bakal dimarahin kok kalo ga bales pake inggris, ehem... karena suatu alasan, jadi sementara post-nya diumpetin, tapi sampe jangka waktu tak ditentukan hahaha.

  2. Si Ubi lama lama blognya udah kayak blog traveling dan kuliner aja nih, wkwkwk...

    1. hahaha bolelah dikit-dikit, blogger banting setir ceritanya. :p


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