Be Pow-ed by the Chicks at Chick-A-Pow Kemanggisan!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Who doesn't like any break time? Me? I do love break times!
So it means to have lunchie time!

But wait, although my university is surrounded by many restaurants and food stalls, me and friends currently get confused to choose where we have lunch, we're too bored to go to the same places everyday.

Until I remember months ago, my classmate, Iphin, said that she went to restaurant named Chick-A-Pow near the university's main building (design faculty building is separated about 300 meters from the main building) and she said the foods were great. Then, my senior uploaded the iconic ceiling of Chick-A-Pow (made me curious so much). And then weeks ago, later another acquaintance from the other class checked-in at Path + took some food pictures at Chick-A-Pow., days ago, me and friends planed about having lunch at Chick-A-Pow.
Me : Besok jadi Chick-A-Pow ga? (How about lunch at Chick-A-Pow?)
Cindy : Terserah. (Up to you)
Novi : Bole tu. (Sounds great)
Jeho : Ayo dah pergi. (Let's go)
Fanuel : YUK!!!! Pengen banget gua!!!! (OKAY! I want that so much!)

Going to Chick-A-Pow
Going there after class was over, minus Caca, she was going to Sunter to have a photo session for making her new ID card, later she would go after finished her photo session. The weather was SO DAMN HOT until we sweat too much, and feel wanna go home as fast as we can to take some showers. But, the desire to taste the foods at Chick-A-Pow were too big, so we would do anything to get ourselves at the time at Chick-A-Pow NGAHAHAHAHA! Kidding, I know it's kinda hiperbolic. :p

Chick-A-Pow was about 100 meters more from the university's main building, I thought we'd walk about 400 meters from the current positions, as we always walk about 300 meters if we wanna reach the main building. Okay, for this situation, we went with public transportation as the weather was so hot.

*confetti blows everywhere*

It is located at the main street. At the first time, I thought we could easily find the restaurant as we would find restaurant's parking lot. But nope, you only could realise if you take a look at the billboard written "Chick-A-Pow Food Trailer" at the right side of the street, at the level of roofs (direction from Kemanggisan to Tanah Abang, so if you go from Tanah Abang to Kemanggisan, it's in the left side of the street).

The facade.

The place is semi-outdoor, you can see the fence gate beside the shops in front of Chick-A-Pow. You only can park your motorcycles inside, and wondering where to park the cars if you reach this place. I suggest you can park your car at the street if there's no traffic jam. Frankly, Jalan Kemanggisan Raya is the most jammed place ever in last two years of my life, I always walk about 300 meters from the traffic light to go to university as the cars will drive slowly at some rush hours (especially the 5-7 PM when all people go back home from the office).

Suggesting you to park your cars at the university parking building (closed around 7 PM), and avoid passing Indomaret - Seven Eleven - main university building at the rush hours. Better if you go with motorcycles, I think it's so hard to find parking lot.

The chalkboard you'll find at the gate.

Novi said about the random things she found about the owners. One of the owners is her sister's boyfriend's friend's friend, and the other one of the owners is her brother's friend's friend, and...... yah whateveritsevensocomplicated. The point is, the owners are friends since high school.

The trailer.

Here's the trailer, you can order the menu at here, and you also can peep the chefs are cooking inside. Just wondering, Weren't they sweating much as they were cooking inside the metal trailer in that damn hot weather? Eh, then I found the trailer was installed with air conditioner inside, such a good idea, haha!

The chef inside.

Order here, everybody!

The famous tipography ceiling, only at Chick-A-Pow.

The photos hung, found some photos were connected to Kreavi. (the Indonesian's Behance)
We guessed the designers of Chick-A-Pow are Kreavi's people.

Forget to hide the tissue roll HAHA.

The bar.

A mural you'll find here.

At first storey, it only consists about 7 tables (for 4-6 persons). So if the first storey doesn't have any seat available, you can go upstairs and find more seats. But anyway, I found it's more interesting to sit at the first storey, so you're lucky if you can have seat at downstairs.

Be careful when you go upstairs, it has only one side railing.

At the corner.

Another best spot I recommend.

What did we order?
As I went with 4 other people, so many menu we ordered! It means more food review at Chick-A-Pow! *clapping hands*

Anyway I love the photos I captured in here, because we had lunch at the day and it means more sunlight and natural lighting for the photos. Do you realise that almost of my food reviews photos are shot at the night? I rarely go eating outside at day, except when I have classes.

Wondering if I was the one who arrange the table?
NOPE, IT WAS FANUEL HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He arranged all of these for his Instagram!!!! :))

Chicken Nacho Bites. (Rp 9.000)

The detail of the Nacho.

A cute appetizer, enjoy your nacho with chicken topping with blackpepper sauce, and green chilli + some flakes of red chilli. We love this one, you can order this one while waiting your lunch served.

Fried rice. (Rp 18.000)

This fried rice is a special menu for lunch. Love this fried rice, this one uses grainy rice so it doesn't clump. Not like the other ordinary fried rice, it's mostly like yellow rice, fried with the spices, so it serves you a unique taste.

Combo B - Cuban Cigar. (Rp 38.000)

THE MAIN FEAST!!!! Most of us ordered the chicken. You can order with or without the rice, then you can choose your favorite sauce or spices. I chose Cuban Cigar, just curious with the name, what did it feel like? The taste is quiet strong, I guess it used blackpepper and some other spice.

Combo A - Buttered Jerk. (Rp 24.000)

This one is Fanuel's, you may see this one isn't sauced with anything, but if you see it closer, you'll find the butter sauce. Well, I thought this one was like the ordinary ones, the buttered chicken and would taste nothing as the butter too watery. But, this one was so freaking yummy! The butter was thicker than the other buttered chickens I had eaten before, and wasn't too thick. Super love this one when it melts scrumptiously in my mouth. I recommend this one.

Massaman Curry Tender. (Rp 30.000)

This one is Novi's, the curry sauce was good. First I thought crispy tender wouldn't fit with curry sauce, but well, this one broke my thought, kinda love this one too.

Combo B - Sun-dried Genovese. (Rp 38.000)

This one is Jeho's. Super love this one! I tried a piece of this sun-dried Genovese, it's like mine, but the taste is more stronger. The key of the strong taste of Sun-dried Genovese is the usage of lime leaves. So the lime leaves completes the crispiness of the tender even. Scrumptious! Super recommend this one, if you like the strong taste of spices.

Anyway, Caca came later, and she ordered tenders with Tandoori Sauce, but I didn't taste and capture the photo of Caca's because she was too hungry after going back from Sunter, haha (I wasn't that selfish lah LOL). She only describe the sauce was so good and tasted so Indian. Curious enough to taste this, anyone wanna try? ;)

The big-sized chicken!

When we ordered the lunch, we thought the tenders and wings would be as small as instant chicken nuggets sold in supermarket, so me and Jeho ordered Combo B (4 tenders and 2 wings). But, we was little bit "shocked" that we found the tenders and wings were SO MUCH BIGGER THAN WE THOUGHT!!!! Whoaaaaa, even me and Jeho couldn't eat all of the tenders, so we gave our tender to Fanuel (as boys eat much more than the girls), and even Fanuel couldn't finished all of the tenders we gave HAHA.

So happy to eat here! The price range is $$ but it worths so much, quality becomes the first in here, they serve the big tenders and love the crispiness level (kalo bahasa Indo : gak cuma tepung doang). Chick-A-Pow was so generous lah! Even they serve the ice tea in metal drinking glass that my dad usually uses it for boiling water for making tea or put the juice he makes (you can see it at the photo).

Other cool things found in Chick-A-Pow!
Usually you'll find the waiters in the restaurants are well dressed. Well, here, the waiters are so swag! They were so casual : wore short denim pants, sneakers and white T-Shirt, it's just like they just wear they snapback and TA-RAAA they wanna go to have skateboard time HAHA. Anyway, I found another mural at the second storey.

Praise the one(s) who drew this, SUPER CUTE!

Anyway, after finished eating, you even can write or draw something at the second storey. yep. Every side of wall at the second storey is full of doodle.

A window frame.

Someone wrote One Direction's members HAHAHAH!

Nah, the moment when I wanna wash my hand at sink. I saw someone washed his hands easily, but then I realise I found no tap at the sink! However, Jeho told me that I just had to step on something round and shiny at the floor. TA-RAAAAA that's the water tap! She had just known that when she read the direction written above the mirror. Eh, even don't know there was any direction of the water tap, because the walls were full of quotes.

Even we found the most funniest thing that made us laughed, there was a writing above a sliding wood door besides the sinks :

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH ngocol abis ye!?

Anyway, I shot this one for you.

The ambience was nice! This place is such a nice lunch point after class. Just wondering if Chick-A-Pow were only about steps next to design faculty building, they had to be so full of people having lunch. Ehm, including me, because....



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