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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Before start typing this post, I just fuck my whole life. I hate this feeling. Start this random post with all of the stuffs on my head and dunno how to make the ending of the post, just ignore the generic structure for awhile. Let me start.

Currently I'm in mood to write the new post, in English. I'm just feeling that I'm stressed out, so much. So, why I said my life sucks?

These rush days I have just run me crazy. Every day I just sleep about 4 hours (without take a nap) for studying. Being about 9-10 hours on school, and get myself on exact course until 7 PM then get myself on bed at 12 AM. Then it ends on Friday, and repeats again from Monday. Sucks. Super sucks. I hate math so much, Fuck with that average scores from my tryouts, it never reaches 5/10.

I'm super stressed out. When I will get my own lazy day?

Sucks, too. Single and happy. I currently don't think to commit any relationship, I just think for now it will turn to be relationshit. Dunno if someday I'll meet a man that can make me just like deer in the headlights when seeing him. Thankies to friends, you are the best.

This is what I've always been waiting for. Friends are just the best family to escape together from the crazy days. But the sucks one is, my friends on high school are able to go when the night comes, so my weekends always ended with the ringing mobile phone from my mommy on midnight.

I just wish my weekend life can be paused, and I just forget the two sucks things up there.
As usual, lemme put some photos with my friends.


Katana inside :: Cella, John, Tika, Aim, Ubi

Aim + John hunted raw denims in here!

Feeling like standing on red carpet LOL.

Cutie pose of boys.

With my bestie.

Silly #01

Silly #02


Credit : Tika

Credit : Tika 

Credit : Tika 

Credit : Tika  

Credit : Tika  

Love the people who can make thousands of silly photos with me.


With Tika, Sushi Tei for dinner!

Canon Face Detection ::
JoChrist's face was the only one who detected. It proved you're handsome. :p

Canon Face Detection ::
Afgan's face was detected when his face as silly as this one. :))

Sushi Tei, forget the name.


Wishing you great days on your 18th birthday.




Once again took a photo on the same place.
credit : Tika

Moved to Summarecon Serpong, enjoying the full synth live music on the third spot
of Downtown Walk.

The birthday girl.

The 'KK' couple.

Loved the ambience on there.

Tried to persuade this cool guy to get used to with taking photos.

Credit : Tika

Are all of those stuffs up there the fake happiness? I dunno. I'm trying to be happy and forgetting the bad things on my minds.

I think my life sucks. I'm not perfect, my life is so sad. I think I can show to the people that I'm happy and my life is superb. Whatever, someone I know just called me that I'm a silly unstable kid. Whatever you say, it's me, I'm not a lady yet. So here are my posts, I may miss this things and stuffs when I grow up. Truly, I wish I could choose to rewind all of the happy things right now. I don't like this feeling.

Would you wish me a luck for the entire of my life?

God knows the best for me. I'm just a clay on potter's hand. Make me stronger, God. I don't like what I'm feeling right now, I'm tired for all of this shits. :(


Masih nyambung sama post di atas, gue makin stres. Gue jadi ga bisa ngatur jadwal tidur sama belajar padahal hari gini kepala sama punggung rasanya udah kebas. Besok UAS men! Gue sama sekali ga persiapan apa-apa, pembahasan soal tryout UAS aja gue selalu ga pernah bawa soal jadi soal gue kinclong dari jawaban kunci. Belom lagi matematika yang bener-bener jadi momok gue ada di awal-awal UAS lagi, hina. Gue ngeri banget ketemu matematikaaaaaaaaa. Udah kayak gini bawaannya pengen jalan mulu biar penatg gue ilang kampretos.

UAS (especially math) Y U SO ANNOYING!!!??? Dafuq.

Btw, dipikir-pikir gua konslet kenapa dah stres sama pelajaran malah odong gini jadi nulis post pake Basa Inggris ye? .____.

Okelah. WML, ARS.

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8 comment(s)

  1. Hidup tuh kayak sebuah roda, Bi...kadang kita di atas, dan kadang kita ada di bawah. Mungkin memang sekarang hidup lu seolah2 kayak lagi berada di titik terendah, tapi jangan menyerah Bi, terus aja berusaha karena suatu hari lu bakal mengenang masa2 ini dengan penuh senyum.

    Dan inget, lu ga sendiri. Masih ada temen2 lu, dan masih ada gua juga. Kapanpun lu butuh curhat, panggil aja, pasti gua dengerin, hehehe.

    Tomorrow is a blank page, just waiting to be filled with your dreams... All you have to do is be yourself and live the story of your own unique life. Be proud. Be confident. And most of all be happy.

  2. wishing you tons of luck!
    ayo belajarnya jangan diforsir2 amat bi kalo emang capek, dulu2 gue selalu ngutamain bobok siang daripada belajar *facepalm*
    sukses UANnya, abis itu puas2in deh bikin sirik gue dengan post liburan panjang lo ;)

  3. Your life is suck but Fun, girl Hahahaa...

  4. waw sangat mantap tuh poto potonya,,,,,
    seruuu abiz..

  5. wueh, asik ya bisa masuk majalah aneka yes!
    inget, suatu hari nanti blog ku pasti masuk majalah aneka no atau beragam yes. hehe

  6. Ugh... Post kamu yg ini ga bisa engga aku komenin, De'. Kunjungan balik ya :)

    Kalo ada yg berani put any negative critic on you, kamu triakin aja : "SITU OKEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!". Paling mafan emang org2 yg ngerasa dirinya pemegang segala pakem kehidupan, menganggap dirinya yg paling bener. Hhhh. Ngos2an deh. Keep on writting there Audrey :)



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