Freaky Friday and Happy Saturday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello bloggers, on this post I write in English. Why? Because my English sucks and sometimes I just want to write my post in English, for improving it. And also there aren't some conversations in Bahasa which I want to write in here, because if I write some translated conversations from Bahasa, I think that would be very cheesy.

Anyway, I will show you what I've done in last days.. with short post format.

Orchestra Practicing
I've written in this blog, that every student in my school must join for 2 big events of my school in June. I'm grouped in orchestra for celebration mass of 30 years establishment of my school, and everyday I practice playing violin with the others until 3 PM after school, and it continues until June.

The music sheets.

and also I have to join the Saturday orchestra practicing at another place.

Violin groups.

Fanie + Mei.

'Lord is My Shepherd'.

Palm Week
The Catholics are celebrating the palm week, so in my school (it's Catholic school, but I'm Christian :P) students had to bring the palm leaf on last Wednesday. But there were some students who forgot to bring the leaves.... so, my class leader, Onel, gave the solution... like this! he wrote this on whiteboard at the morning.

For sell, palm leaf. IDR 5000 / leaf.
p.s. : original stuff, non-imitation. :*

Janice brought many palm leaves, so Onel wrote that on the whiteboard.

OK, that was just an intermezzo for this post.... next!

Freaky Friday
The first day of mid-term test! drove me crazy!!!! I couldn't do physics test well, there were 5 questions and I just finished 3 questions when the teacher said to the students the answer sheets could be submitted and then students could have break time. so I did the 2 last questions quickly with heart beat so fast!!!! and..... it was over!!!!! finally...

after had orchestra practicing of the day, I was lazy to go home with angkot, and my shuttle car (apa yah bahasa inggrisnya 'mobil antar jemput'?) didn't come again at the day. So I ask Rere for going home with him, because my house is close with Rere's. He accepted but I had to accompany him to sticker seller for buying some sticker for his motorcycle.

Before we went home, Willy took some photographs with DSLR of Warna's (name of my school rehearsal in June) photographer.

Michelle + Ubi.

Afgan, Jejen, Ubi + Rere...

Plus Michelle....

Plus Michael!

Another random photo we made.

credit : 'Warna | Music and Dance AbSis' group via

The worst thing I had on Friday was..... after accompanying Rere and KS buying stickers, I went home with Rere by his motorcycle. Then, my eyes blown by the wind and my left eye got something in that. I was panic and started rubbing my left eye, I cried and started having snot.

Rere : *still talking to me* I don't know about my citizenship exam! sh*t.... I couldn't answer essay question, number 2. Do you know the answer?
me : *still rubbed my left eye* hmm... Rere, wait for a minute, my eye got something in it
Rere : *being silent, and I thought he concentrated to drive*
me : *still cried and confused about my eye*

Rere : 'Bi.....
me : yes? *I thought that he would ask me about my eye, 'is your eye alright?' etc*
Rere : What is the essay question number 2's answer?!
me : *WTF are you talking aboutttttt AAAAAAA I swear if I was insane at the moment I would close your eyes and hit your head quickly!!!*

Rere : 'Bi....... the answer please..... *still asking the answer of the exam*
me : Errr alright, the first... *explained about the answer and still rubbed eye*

we arrived at Taman Aries and he drove me to my house. I still got a problem with my left eye, and then..
Rere : 'Bi, let's have lunch at Bamboo!!! (his family's restaurant at Taman Aries) *we were passing Bamboo Restaurant*
me : Rere....... =_____=

and my eye got normal this Saturday afternoon, finally... that was s*cks because I dropped eyedrops on my eye and it didn't work. TT_____TT

Ando's Birthday
On Friday night, Ando messaged me for my attendance at his birthday party on Saturday.

who : Alfiando Bayu Siburian
when : Saturday, April 16 2011
where : Hanamasa Puri Indah Mall
dresscode : free

With the birthday boy, Ando!

Eban, Jason, Ando, Aim, Kiwi, Hendra.



Tata, Ubi, Tika.

Halim, Mike, Ando, Chelle, Fly, Tata, Willy, Tika, Ubi, Kiwi.
Thanks Ando for the lunch!

Karaoke + Camwhoring
After Ando's birthday lunch, we got bored, and decided to sing in Happy Puppy. We didn't get the large room, but our desire for karaoke was too strong! *lebai* so we booked a medium room for 8 persons.

The craziness began, we started shouted and sang together for celebrating our weekend and our full-one-week holiday! Kiwi was the star at the karaoke box, because he could sing the sad 'galau' songs and then turn into the rapper instantly. Efraim was also so.. mellow and 'galau' so he sang based by his heart condition.

How about me? Suddenly me and Tika missed the moments when there were the sweet seventeen parties which had disco-on-the-dance-floor-time, so I selected many quick-beat songs (e.g : BEP's Dirty Bit, Taio Cruz's Dynamite, etc) and made the volume bigger. The karaoke box started becoming a disco box. We missed being in dancefloor, and also being inside JoChris' car, because he always turned on the musics with fully-nice car sound system. B-)

Kiwi + Willy.

Then, before we got home, we camwhored in front of the mirror in front of toilet. :P

Like this...


Tika, Ubi, Jason, Kiwi, Flyndie, Tata, Willy.

then I went home with Tata and Efraim by Efraim's car, when I arrived home my mom said, 'Why are you cigarette-smelled?' yeaaaaa..... I and my friend weren't smoking, mommy. The karaoke box was cigarette-smelled when we came inside. ==a

and, those are my activities! And, I just make the change of my posting format for photos, I decide for not using Photoscape anymore if I can, because it decreases the photos resolution so bad.

I don't know is my English so bad for writing this post? :P
Anyway, happy holiday for the 10 and 11 graders, and good luck for 12 graders who are going to face the national exam on Monday! ;)

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2 comment(s)

  1. You're doing great in English, Audrey, keep it up!
    You can play violin? That's cool. I, myself, can't play any instrument. Stuck being a singer for life ;p

    I missed my school days so much after reading this blog. How many years has it been? Sometimes I wish I could turn back time. School is, where every days was filled with awesome-ness. Enjoy your school days to the best you can! =)

    I love karaoke, but I haven't had any time, or friends, to go karaoke with since I've come to Jakarta. *sigh*
    Karaoke room sure stinks of cigarrettes. I remember, few years ago, when I was back home after karaoke with friends, my Mom asked me the same thing like your Mom said, "Have you been smoking?" LOL. I don't smoke, even though my parents was a smoker.

    Love the way you write, keep blogging =)

    (Balesnya sok pake bahasa inggris pula, hahaha. Btw di kantor gua sekarang banyak bulenya, jadi mau ga mau gua harus bisa inggris. Bahasa inggris Tarzan tebaknya, wkwkwk)

  2. heyyyy.. sering2 aja posting pake bahasa inggris. ceritanya malah makin hidup lo! dan ngalir. btw, kegiatanmu banyak banget ya.. =..=a


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