Happy 2nd Birthday of My Blog!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello, today's my blog 2nd birthday! The precious day that i wrote my first post two years ago. Actually I forget what's the real date of my baby blog's first made day, so i just remembered the date when I post something first on this. This blog has contained many experiences of my life, about what's funny, what's stupid, what's precious etc.

There are many kinds type of stories I've shared on this blog, the new categories are in here. About the days on science class, or even this blog contains my love life stories for the first time. If i so stupidos to be in some kind of stories I have, I always try to always write what the way who I am. And until now I have never had mind to delete the posts I don't want to share again, because this is my half-of-life; portrait of my life. :)

May this little-baby-blog always grows up and accompanies me to share all my life. Stay tuned on http://audreysubrata.blogspot.com ! Cheers, Audrey.

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2 comment(s)

    Happy B'dayyy!!!
    Lo ama Priska yg bikin gue ngeblog!!! Master!!! XD


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