Bye Bye Grade 10

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello everyone, today i received my recent report card. Mom and I went to school at 9 AM. Mom went to the hall for parents meeting and I was waiting mom. I had many chats with my friends and after the parent meeting ended, parents went downstairs and walked into their children's classroom for receiving the report card.

Mom went out from the class and brought my report card, she said that I had been on second grade in 10-2, and Tika had been on first grade in 10-2. WOW that was a very nice moment. The last moment that I felt about getting rank was on primary school, and then teachers never told the ranks anymore to the students and parents except when the graduation held. 

It was very surprising and Thank God. I never expected it before, because I had many difficulties (especially in science subjects).

The fancy blue report card.

The vouchers.

My certificate of TOEFL class, school gives vouchers for the students on the first, second and third rank on their own class. The vouchers are from the english language institute, and one student get two vouchers from different institutes.

And here's the last step that i've skipped in grade 10, bye bye grade 10. :)

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6 comment(s)

  1. btw it's called Scholarship, not vouchers =p

  2. @ matthew : oooo gitu toh, tak pikir voucher, abis fisiknya kan begitu hehe. thanks for the correction ;) *nurut aja deh sama orang ostrali haha*

  3. woww .. juara 2 toh?? hbat" .. hahahaha
    rajin" ya d IPA .. tnya gw klo ga bs .. hahahaha

  4. @ vero : tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu.. oke kapan-kapan tanya-tanya ;)

  5. hahaha jgn tnya yg susa" yeee.. hahaha ntr gw malu klo ga bs.. wkkw


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