Hello Exams + Welcome Holiday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's been a long time i don't write some of my posts in English. now i'm trying to use English if I have enough time, or something that I will post doesn't have any conversation on it.

I'm having a week of holiday starts from Monday. *phew*
YAHOOOOOO!! I'm very happy, because finally I get some free time! 7 days. It happens because students of grade 12 is going to have final examinations until friday, and the juniors get some fortune from it. hoho. so good luck 12 graders! :D

In this holiday, I haven't any plans to do. but I'm planning the plans. maybe I will do something that I couldn't do when I didn't have any holiday.

  • meet my JHS friends from Sang Timur
  • editing some photos from my documentaries *forget that i usually edited photos, because of my business -___-'*
  • [maybe] try to edit videos from my documentaries, didn't do it because had no time
  • wake up until satisfied
And many more that I wanna do in this upcoming holiday, wish the holiday were longer.
But be thankful, God gives me some relaxing time for relaxing your mind from your busy activities.


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1 comment(s)

  1. sama ne gw juga libur hehehe anak kelas 3 yg ujian juniornya santai hehehe


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